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H1-B Critics Outline Program Flaws
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/30/2012   (39) comments
Opponents of US H1-B visas say the program has been exploited to bring in workers that are paid less than their US counterparts and displaces qualified American workers.
Foxconn TV: Watch This Space
Tam Harbert  
3/30/2012   (10) comments
By securing its own supply of LCD panels, which account for 70 percent of an LCD TV’s cost and 90 percent of its display performance, Foxconn (aka Hon Hai) made itself a one-stop shop for manufacturers.
Key Violations at Foxconn's Apple Plants
Bolaji Ojo  
3/30/2012   (20) comments
Here are the key findings of a review into facilities at Foxconn, the world's biggest EMS provider and Apple contract manufacturer.
2013 H1-B Visa Cap Remains the Same
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/29/2012   (11) comments
Within the past few years, high unemployment rates have prompted criticism of the visa program, which allows as many as 65,000 foreign workers to be hired.
Capability Trumps Capacity in EMS Industry
iSuppli EMS, ODM Insights  
3/29/2012   (9) comments
So far this decade, the product mix has shifted slightly as more industrial products have started to flow through the EMS industry. In parallel with this shift, there has been a rise in focus on enhancing capabilities.
Midsized Manufacturers Upbeat About 2012
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/28/2012   (7) comments
Uncertainty about the financial strength of the European Union is tempering executives' optimism: 90 percent of CFOs cite the European fiscal situation as their top concern.
Nokia Designs First Windows 8 Tablet
Susan Fourtané  
3/28/2012   (54) comments
If Nokia's tablet hits its intended mark, it would be a key turning point in the competition against the iPad.
UPS Strengthens Its EU Presence
Logical Link  
3/27/2012   (19) comments
UPS is gaining a bigger slice of the European express delivery market and is bulking up existing operations in fast-growing Latin American and Asia Pacific countries, namely Brazil and China.
Design Success Starts With Usage Consideration
Sanjay Gupta  
3/27/2012   (13) comments
A successful product launch requires knowing how and where a product would be used right from the design stage.
Foxconn Shores Up Display Supplies
News of the Day  
3/27/2012   (8) comments
Foxconn parent Hon Hai will invest more than $800 million in Sharp, making it Sharp's largest shareholder. Sharp is a leading supplier of Apple's Retina displays.
Aussies Cut Huawei Off $38B Broadband Project
News of the Day  
3/26/2012   (21) comments
Australia says it won't allow Huawei to bid for a $38 billion broadband connection project because of national security concerns
How Are Your Contractors Doing With Human Quality Control?
3/26/2012   (12) comments
Are consumers ready to pay more, and will an OEM be willing to accept a lower sales margin, to help guarantee better treatment for workers?
Shipping Now: 'Conflict-Free' Parts
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/26/2012   (11) comments
AVX and Motorola Solutions have cooperated on a project that helps companies meet the requirements of the Dodd-Frank "conflict-free" minerals law.
Inventory Liquidation: You Can Be a Hero!
World Micro Scope  
3/26/2012   (12) comments
Excess material is always going to be a part of business. But you can turn it into a proactive business process.
Spend Analysis: Why Are You Still Waiting?
Paul Martyn  
3/26/2012   (4) comments
Adopting a holistic approach to spend analysis in procurement is a viable strategy for maximizing performance throughout the organization.
Facebook Fires Back
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/23/2012   (42) comments
This may be the first volley in Facebook's war to protect users' privacy.
The Lure & Perils of Mobile Money Platforms
Logical Link  
3/22/2012   (37) comments
Kenyans use wireless devices to conduct financial transactions, but why hasn't it gained traction in developed economies and elsewhere?
Understanding the Chinese Consumer
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/22/2012   (24) comments
International companies have focused on employing Chinese citizens; now, they should pay more attention to selling to them.
Apple May Launch the Next iPhone in China
Bolaji Ojo  
3/22/2012   (46) comments
China is now the world's leading market for smartphones, so what stops companies like Apple from launching products there first?
TTI-Sager: A Good Fit at First Glance
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/21/2012   (10) comments
TTI and Sager have similar offerings and cultures. Both companies have carved out a strong niche in IP&E products and have a history of being run by their founders.
A Second Look at Item-Level Tagging
Sohaib Masood  
3/21/2012   (30) comments
RFID tagging, as used in the apparel industry, can be tapped by manufacturers in the electronics industry to improve the supply chain.
Whitman Fires First Salvo in HP Turnaround
News of the Day  
3/21/2012   (7) comments
HP will merge its printer and PC units to cut supply chain and procurement costs. Will these changes help turn the company around?
Slow Motion Recovery Follows Thai Floods
Nora Gibbs  
3/21/2012   (3) comments
Manufacturers stung by the 2011 flooding in Thailand are diversifying operations, but a full recovery is unlikely until the fourth quarter.
Post-Quake Japan Should Aim Beyond Chips
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/20/2012   (5) comments
A research firm doesn't believe Japan can regain its dominance in semiconductor manufacturing. A better question is whether it should try.
India's Promises & Drawbacks
Bolaji Ojo  
3/20/2012   (11) comments
India can play a bigger role in the high-tech industry, but it needs to do a lot of legal and procedural housecleaning and improve infrastructure.
The Post Mortem That Heals
3/20/2012   (2) comments
A post mortem examination of a design or manufacturing project offers the opportunity to identify errors and ensure they are not repeated.
FAA to Review Use of Electronics
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/19/2012   (19) comments
The last time the FAA reviewed the use of electronic devices during takeoff and landing was 2006.
Apple to US: Your Tax Law Sucks
Bolaji Ojo  
3/19/2012   (23) comments
Apple will pay dividends, but most of its cash will stay overseas, because repatriating it would result in excessive tax obligations.
Apple to Discuss $100B Cash Hoard
News of the Day  
3/19/2012   (11) comments
Apple has scheduled a conference call for Monday morning to announce what the company plans to do with its huge cash hoard.
Global Positioning: Expanding Into India
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/16/2012   (21) comments
As a market, India is considered the next China. And getting products into the consumers' hands carries many of the same logistical challenges.
Reducing Risk Through Supplier Quality Audits
3/16/2012   (9) comments
In an outsourced supply chain, there are necessary dependencies with outside firms that, if not managed properly, expose your company to added risks. Here's how to avoid them.
Apple Watch: Blame the Displays
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/15/2012   (13) comments
Apple's new iPad goes on sale tomorrow. Rather than underestimating demand, it appears Apple underestimated its suppliers' production capacity.
The SCAR Design Engineers Must Have
3/14/2012   (12) comments
Errors are normal in the electronics production environment, but by taking necessary corrective measures, we can ensure they don't reoccur.
Mineral Dispute Keeps Factories in China
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/14/2012   (6) comments
Efforts to curb REE quotas could have an unintended effect: forcing factories to locate in China to source the minerals economically.
Leave the Driving... to Your Car
Bruce Rayner  
3/14/2012   (22) comments
Autonomous vehicles – cars that drive themselves – aren't that far off, experts say.
Don't Blame China for Rare Earth Crisis
Bolaji Ojo  
3/14/2012   (24) comments
The EU, Japan, and the US have taken China before the WTO over its policies on rare earths, but is China alone to blame for this mess?
I Want My IntelTV?
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/13/2012   (11) comments
Intel reportedly is throwing its hat into the TV ring. Will you tune in to IntelTV?
Looking Ahead: 2020 Electronics Landscape
Bolaji Ojo  
3/13/2012   (5) comments
What will the electronics market look like by 2020, and which products will dominate the industry landscape? Help answer the questions.
Counterfeiting: The Battle Is On
3/13/2012   (19) comments
The counterfeiting of electronics parts is escalating into an endless battle due to the numerous technical, safety, legal, and human angles.
Lessons From Apple & Pi
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/12/2012   (23) comments
Two times in as many weeks, unprecedented demand resulted in sellouts. But only one company has a legitimate reason for missing the mark.
Channel Partners Should Help, Not Hinder
Dr. Cagri Tanriover  
3/12/2012   (8) comments
Many suppliers use distributors as the first point of contact for a customer. This system is efficient, but it could mask problems within the channel.
Apple Watch: When Failure Equals Success
Bolaji Ojo  
3/12/2012   (16) comments
Apple's new iPad has sold out because supply was exhausted. This is a supply chain failure, but Apple is being rewarded with higher valuation.
Ericsson's Long View: A Networked Society
Logical Link  
3/12/2012   (2) comments
The dream of an interconnected world hangs on the ability of network service providers to support heavy Web usage. Are they ready?
Finally, Useful Automotive Electronics
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/9/2012   (32) comments
Volvo has come up with the industry's first pedestrian airbag.
REACH, RoHS, EOL, PCN Resources & Services, Part 1
3/8/2012   (8) comments
EEContent offers OEMs and suppliers a cost-effective way to stay on top of new environmental, end-of-life, and other compliance regulations.
5 Steps to Creating Vibrant Procurement System
Miguel Valdés Faura  
3/8/2012   (2) comments
Here are five critical steps to consider when setting up a procurement and purchase order management system
Flash Over Function Hurts Ford
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/7/2012   (16) comments
Ford is rolling out a major repair to its MyFordTouch dashboard system when it should be celebrating instead.
There's More to Consumer Electronics Than Apple & the iPad
Bolaji Ojo  
3/7/2012   (25) comments
Apple's iPad is big news, but electronics market has other products that can drive huge sales growth if we only pay attention to them.
Applicants: Please Provide Facebook Password
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/6/2012   (58) comments
Several organizations, including colleges and a state prison system, are requring applicants to provide access to their Facebook pages. This could put a real damper on social media.
When Apple Investors Go for the Exit
Bolaji Ojo  
3/6/2012   (20) comments
Apple's stocks are sharply lower as investors spooked by global economic woes rake in their gains. Will they dive back in or stay out?
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