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iPhone vs. iFone: Apple Loses Appeal in Mexico
Susan Fourtané  
3/29/2013   (87) comments
Apple demanded iFone stop using its brand name as the similarity in phonetics could confuse consumers. It didn't work out for the consumer electronics giant.
Making the Right Transportation Modal Decision
Wade McDaniel  
3/29/2013   (11) comments
Truck or rail? Air or sea? The mode of transport can offer competitive advantage for organizations to increase profit margins through carefully optimizing their mode selection.
Everyone Has Some Bad Electronic Component Pricing
Ken Bradley  
3/29/2013   (4) comments
You'd be outraged to learn you paid 10% more on a car than you should have; some components buyers are paying double what they should.
Infographic: Tablets' Coming Impact
Brian Fuller  
3/29/2013   (28) comments
The rise of mobile tablets has already altered the supply-chain landscape, but more change is on the way.
Increasing Costs, Complexity Afflict High-Tech Supply Chain
At the Source  
3/28/2013   (6) comments
Great tools and technologies are constraining executives' ability to design effective supply networks.
Improve Your Personal Supply Chain
Career Engineering  
3/28/2013   (20) comments
You can do it easily by adding a little "spice" to your job.
My All-Time Dream Lovers. Who Are Yours?
The Sanity Clause  
3/28/2013   (11) comments
Take this water-cooler diversion: Who are your top beauties, male or female?
Infographic: How to Improve Supply Chain Management
Brian Fuller  
3/28/2013   (4) comments
The next big thing in supply-chain optimization is wireless.
Boeing Dreamliner: Case Study for Design & Supply Chain
Brian Fuller  
3/27/2013   (7) comments
How do you manage a supply-chain crisis? Marshal your forces, identify the problem, and implement the fix. Point fingers later.
The Perils of Cyberwar Rhetoric
B. Cameron Gain  
3/27/2013   (3) comments
Rattling the sabers more vigorously over alleged Chinese hacking could backfire on US companies.
Can You Fall in Love With the BlackBerry Z10?
At the Source  
3/27/2013   (10) comments
BlackBerry is pinning its hopes on the success of its latest smartphone, the Z10, but if consumers don't bite, a reckoning may arise.
Buyer Beware: Identifying Types of Counterfeit Components
Steve Martin  
3/27/2013   (1) comment
The responsibility for identifying counterfeit parts falls on the buyer, so forewarned is forearmed.
Apple-Samsung Duopoly: Great for Consumers, Lousy for Business
Brian Fuller  
3/26/2013   (11) comments
Do we grin and bear it when two companies control 80 percent of a segment's profits?
Supply Chain's Secret Weapon for Innovation
Logical Link  
3/26/2013   (5) comments
Maybe the solution doesn't lie in new software or bigger teams of people.
Why Supply Chain Needs Better Analytics Tools
At the Source  
3/26/2013   (4) comments
The network hungers for sophisticated technology that can improve collaboration among suppliers and partners, provide greater transparency, and drive greater efficiency.
Purchasing Best-Practices for Tough Times
Ken Bradley  
3/25/2013   Post a comment
Companies in these times often cut programs outright or use staffing tactics that hurt essential practices. It doesn't have to be that way.
How to Do On-Shoring Right
Brian Fuller  
3/25/2013   (9) comments
When you play in the surveillance-camera market, it pays to offshore your electronics manufacturing... unless you're an up-and-coming Canadian firm.
Software Supply Chain's Soft Underbelly
Tam Harbert  
3/25/2013   (15) comments
To protect against hacks, corporations need to institute a formal IT supply chain risk-management program.
Infographic: Skills Gap Felt Globally
Brian Fuller  
3/25/2013   (11) comments
The skills gap is felt most painfully in IT jobs and is especially damaging to productivity and growth in the BRIC counties.
India’s Manufacturing Revolution Has Just Begun
Susan Fourtané  
3/22/2013   (33) comments
Gandhi had it right: Accomplishment comes with a beginning, a struggle, and a victory.
IT Needs More Careful Sourcing
Tam Harbert  
3/22/2013   (14) comments
The Chinese are breaking the rules. So is the US. That doesn't mean you don't need to be vigilant about your supply chain security.
Supply Chain Implications From CES, MWC & SXSW
Supply Chain Intelligence  
3/22/2013   (3) comments
The biggest news from the first quarter of 2013 is not a single, hot device, chip, or architecture. It's the Internet of Things.
ST-Ericsson Break-Up Fallout
Logical Link  
3/22/2013   (12) comments
The ST-Ericsson joint venture is dead, but what does it mean for the remaining technology and employees? What happens to the supply chain?
Supply & Design Chain Innovation Future Is Bright
Brian Fuller  
3/22/2013   (6) comments
Ignore what you read in the papers: Electronics innovation is rocking, says a panel of supply-chain experts.
Government's Supply Chain Management: Legislate It
Logical Link  
3/21/2013   (3) comments
New multinational trade agreements show how serious governments are getting about the supply chain.
7 Ways to Improve Job Security
Career Engineering  
3/21/2013   (17) comments
Job security isn't a given today, but by being adaptable and smart, you can improve your longevity. Here are some ways.
America: Rich? Broke? Or Maybe Just 'House-Poor'
The Sanity Clause  
3/21/2013   (13) comments
Both the federal government and the average family survive, thrive, and serve the greater good by embracing the concept of a substantial and prolonged deficit.
Infographic: Pricing, Inventory & Lead Time in the Electronics Industry
Brian Fuller  
3/21/2013   (6) comments
A graphical look at electronics supply-and-demand trends from 2011 to 2012.
Semiconductor Supply Chain Unprepared for Mobile Device Demand
Mattias Lewrén  
3/20/2013   (5) comments
Supply chains for desktop PCs and industrial equipment have been relatively stable and predictable. With mobile devices, it's a whole different ballgame.
Semiconductor, Electronics Outlook Murky So Far in 2013
Brian Fuller  
3/20/2013   (3) comments
2013 is supposed to be a year of moderate growth for the electronics industry. It's not starting out that way.
What Engineers Must Know About the Supply Chain, Part 2
Ken Bradley  
3/20/2013   (6) comments
Here are six key things design engineers need to know to improve their supply and design chains and work better with procurement.
DropTag: A Logistics Dream Come True
3/20/2013   (1) comment
It's been almost impossible to pinpoint product damage during shipment – until now.
Q&A: Conflict Minerals – Define Your Policy, Start Now
Gerry Fay  
3/19/2013   (5) comments
Start slowly and carefully to prepare for the conflicts materials deadline, but start now. Start by empowering yourself with information about the issues.
Infographic: Supply Chain Leadership's Consequences
Brian Fuller  
3/19/2013   (9) comments
Supply chain leaders garner more revenue and higher profits than followers or laggards, according to a survey.
Connected People Meet the Connected Car
Logical Link  
3/19/2013   (22) comments
Technologists are making our world even more connected by bringing our cars into the networking mix, but there's much work to be done.
What Engineers Must Know About the Supply Chain, Part 1
Ken Bradley  
3/18/2013   (9) comments
Why do we let electronics designers (experts in volts, amps, and nanometers) have such a strong influence on supply chain design (cost, agility, and risk)?
Tallying the Cost of Compliance
Anna Young  
3/18/2013   (14) comments
The new government rules and regulations may prove to be a double-edged sword: achieving some positive goals but costing organizations a great amount of money and work and, perhaps, lost sales as well.
When the Innovation Train Derails
Brian Fuller  
3/15/2013   (24) comments
Is Apple's innovation pipeline dead or just gearing up before the new-product introduction rush?
Upcoming Regulatory Milestones in the Electronics Supply Chain
At the Source  
3/15/2013   (2) comments
New laws and tighter restrictions will force manufacturers to eliminate some of the materials they now use, especially in electronic products.
Electronics Demand Forecasting Blind Side
Brian Fuller  
3/15/2013   (7) comments
Are you satisfied with your company's forecasting capabilities? Apparently not.
Manufacturing Tablets for Kids & Education
Susan Fourtané  
3/15/2013   (78) comments
We know tablets for adults are roiling the supply chain, but what's the impact of the growing popularity of children's tablets?
Healthcare IT Leaders Need More Technology
At the Source  
3/14/2013   (31) comments
Healthcare organizations will spend millions of dollars in 2013 on hardware, software, and IT staffing services. Just where it will be spent is the $64,000 question.
Infographic: Japan Earthquake, 2 Years On
Brian Fuller  
3/14/2013   (6) comments
The 2011 Japan earthquake had enormous and immediate supply-chain consequences. What's it look like two years later?
Solving the Hiring Mystery
Career Engineering  
3/14/2013   (6) comments
Managers normally don't spent much time hiring, so the process can be mysterious and fraught with pitfalls. These hiring and interviewing tips will help you navigate toward success.
Tickets to Mars, Starting at Only $500,000!
The Sanity Clause  
3/14/2013   (6) comments
The big red planet looms large in the imagination and big government can help.
Apple's Supply Chain Pain
Brian Fuller  
3/13/2013   (17) comments
All sorts of rumors are flying around the consumer electronics giant. Is it a supply-chain problem or a demand issue?
Nokia Forges On With Low-Cost Asha 310
Susan Fourtané  
3/13/2013   (31) comments
A modestly priced, multiband phone offers insights into design thinking at the Finnish manufacturer.
Big-Data, Mobile Data: Can You Make Money off It?
Logical Link  
3/12/2013   (4) comments
Data is growing to a magnitude that could paralyze businesses if not whipped into some semblance of control; monetization is another question.
Infographic: Conflict Minerals Trail
Brian Fuller  
3/12/2013   (1) comment
Manufacturers have a year to disclose conflict minerals used to the government. Here's a graphical look at the situation.
Dead Pigs & Horsemeat: A Supply Chain Wake-Up Call
Brian Fuller  
3/11/2013   (5) comments
A industry survey reflects a unsettling fact: Few companies or regulators appreciate the importance of the supply chain.
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