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TI-NSC Merger a Positive for the Channel
Barbara Jorgensen  
4/29/2011   (7) comments
Whenever there is a merger or acquisition among component makers, there inevitably is uncertainty within the supply chain
Hardware Trumps Software, Sort of
Bolaji Ojo  
4/29/2011   (24) comments
Software is supposed to be more lucrative and faster-growing than hardware, so why is Apple outpacing Microsoft?
Is a Return to 'Made-in-the-USA' Possible?
Eric H. Miscoll  
4/29/2011   (29) comments
With the right incentives and the political will, it is possible for electronics manufacturing to thrive once again in the United States
More Small Businesses Are Using Smartphones & Tablets
Barbara Jorgensen  
4/28/2011   (25) comments
Thirty-seven percent of SMB owners have used a smartphone or a PDA in the past year, an increase of 10 percent over 2010.
What Do You Think of Event Sponsorships?
Al Maag  
4/28/2011   (24) comments
Avnet is happy to sponsor the LPGA for the first time. I am wondering, though, how companies gauge the return on such investments
Smartphones Find Niche in Supply Chain Management
Tam Harbert  
4/28/2011   (18) comments
Smartphones are being used in supply chain management to monitor shipment and could become a staple operational tool in coming years
Japan Update: Auto OEMs Hit by Shortages
Bolaji Ojo  
4/27/2011   (11) comments
Japan's automakers are facing severe supply chain constraints and financial stress as a rating agency downgrades their corporate bonds
When Your Parts Become Just a Memory
Barbara Jorgensen  
4/27/2011   (11) comments
SRAM isn't quite dead yet, but suppliers have been pulling out of that market for some time
Plant Security Should Not Be a Planning Afterthought
Logical Link  
4/27/2011   (9) comments
A researcher identifies problems in manufacturing floor security, with most companies unaware of and unprepared for looming risks
LED Lighting: Market Changer or Mere Green Badge?
Malcolm Penn  
4/27/2011   (21) comments
LED power management is a problem, but manufacturers hope buyers find them compelling beyond just being environmentally friendly
Inflation Concerns Rise Among Manufacturers
Barbara Jorgensen  
4/27/2011   (12) comments
A second manufacturing survey in almost as many weeks has warned that increasing commodity prices are dampening growth prospects
Nokia Details First Steps in Road to Recovery
Bolaji Ojo  
4/27/2011   (15) comments
Nokia plans to lay off 4,000 employees and outsource development work on its Symbian operating system as part of its reorganization plans
Toshiba Debuts 2D/3D Laptop Enigma
Marc Herman  
4/26/2011   (8) comments
Toshiba's 2D-3D laptop is one of those products that make you wonder who signs off on some high-tech projects at OEMs
Will Nokia Rise Again?
Bolaji Ojo  
4/26/2011   (26) comments
Nokia lost ground against competitors in the smartphone sector, and there are signs it may never fully regain its edge in mobile handsets
Making Sense of the Tools of the Trade
Barbara Jorgensen  
4/26/2011   (6) comments
Design and purchasing tools are having a tough time keeping up with the amount of data that's attached to any given component
As Myths Fade, the Cloud Beckons
Scott Koegler  
4/25/2011   (13) comments
Software as a service or Cloud-based supply chain resource management is becoming more attractive as companies overcome their security fears
The Limits of Money
Bolaji Ojo  
4/25/2011   (28) comments
Even Apple, the world's richest technology company, cannot guarantee its own components and manufacturing needs
LED System Design: You Get What You Pay For
Solid State Revolution  
4/25/2011   (13) comments
A poorly designed system, or too many compromises on cost, can cause LEDs to underperform relative to expectations
Tech Startups Optimistic About Hiring
Barbara Jorgensen  
4/22/2011   (26) comments
Nationwide, 83 percent of tech startups plan to hire this year, up significantly from those that reported plans to hire in 2010
Celestica Diversifies With Brooks
Barbara Jorgensen  
4/21/2011   (3) comments
Brooks is Celestica's third acquisition since the beginning of 2010. Prior to last year, the company's last acquisition was in 2005
Should India Get Into Semiconductor Manufacturing?
Toms Jacob  
4/21/2011   (45) comments
India wants to set up semiconductor fabrication facilities to compete with global players, but there are major obstacles in the way
10 Takeaways From Intel's Q1 Results
Bolaji Ojo  
4/20/2011   (19) comments
Intel beat estimates in the first quarter on better-than-expected performance in the data market. Here are key points from its results
How Purchasers Can Increase Productivity
Barbara Jorgensen  
4/20/2011   (5) comments
Buyers have to account for every cent they spend, where they spend it, and whether they are getting the best value for the expenditure
Increased Chip Production on China's Mind
At the Source  
4/20/2011   (14) comments
China wants a bigger piece of the semiconductor pie and is moving to accelerate domestic IC production with critical government support
Seagate Roars Back With Samsung HDD Purchase
Bolaji Ojo  
4/19/2011   (9) comments
Seagate has agreed to buy the hard disk drive business of Samsung for $1.38 billion, giving itself a much needed boost as the competition heats up
Unbridled Outsourcing Breeds Supply Insecurity
Malcolm Penn  
4/19/2011   (2) comments
The electronics supply chain is under enormous stress because OEMs have taken outsourcing to a level it should never have reached
Managing Supply Chain Risks With a Business Continuity Plan
Change in the Chain  
4/19/2011   (4) comments
Does your company have a business continuity plan in the event of an unexpected disaster? Here are a few suggestions to implementing one
Improving Efficiency in the Supply Chain
Barbara Jorgensen  
4/19/2011   (9) comments
In the electronics supply chain, each successive change you make costs an order of magnitude more than if you made that change in the previous stage
Quit Worrying About China's 'Overheating' Economy
Marc Herman  
4/19/2011   (7) comments
China's economy is growing faster than the government wants, sparking inflationary concerns but the impact on industry is still limited
What a Cut in US Credit Rating Might Do to Business
Bolaji Ojo  
4/18/2011   (14) comments
S&P's has put the US government on notice it may lose its top credit rating unless politicians agree on a plan to cut deficits and debts
Automated Code Testing of Third-Party Software
Andy Chou  
4/18/2011   (13) comments
Software are now seen as a part of the OEM's brand, so it's important that quality verification be conducted through automated code testing
Global Mega-Trends & Implications for High-Tech, Part 2
Bolaji Ojo  
4/18/2011   (11) comments
Mega-trends impacting businesses are building up, and new ones are getting ready to emerge under them. Here's the last set in the series
New E-Waste Recycling Initiative Lacks Conviction
Laurie Sullivan  
4/18/2011   (10) comments
The CEA is taking another stab at encouraging manufacturers to recycle used electronics equipment, but the effort seems half-hearted
4 Steps to Reviving Cisco
Alexander Wolfe  
4/18/2011   (12) comments
Here are four suggestions for how Cisco can spark growth again in its operations and successfully complete its restructuring
Tech Needs a Healthier Supply Chain, Part 2
Malcolm Penn  
4/15/2011   (9) comments
This the second part of a 2-part series on how high-tech firms can develop a better supply chain following the March Japan disaster
Winning in Tablets Requires More Than Just Great Hardware
B. Cameron Gain  
4/15/2011   (21) comments
OEMs offering tablet devices need to include great software because it takes more than just the hardware to win in today's market
Opportunities & Challenges As Europe Sets New Emission Goals
Anna Young  
4/15/2011   (24) comments
The EU wants to cut carbon emission dramatically by 2050, offering both opportunities and challenges for high-tech companies
Will Electronics Firms Give Up on Japan Manufacturing?
Marc Herman  
4/15/2011   (17) comments
Electricity supply remains a major concern in Japan after the earthquake, but manufacturers are also facing other long-term concerns
Tech Needs a Healthier Supply Chain, Part 1
Malcolm Penn  
4/14/2011   (6) comments
The chip industry has long been plagued by supply insecurities, and corrective steps need to be urgently taken following the Japan quake
What Steve Jobs Can Teach Us About Passion & Innovation
Al Maag  
4/14/2011   (9) comments
The story of a chance encounter a friend had with Apple's Steve Jobs early in his career confirms his sense of total marketing is not new
Global Mega-Trends & Implications for High-Tech, Part 1
Bolaji Ojo  
4/14/2011   (14) comments
Here are the global mega-trends that will shape businesses and cultures over the next 10 years, according to Frost & Sullivan
What's Going on at NXP Semiconductor?
Logical Link  
4/13/2011   (7) comments
NXP Semiconductor is making waves these days from M&A speculations to a major China move and strategic actions in RFID ICs
Foxconn Eyes Brazil
At the Source  
4/13/2011   (13) comments
Foxconn's plans to open manufacturing centers in Brazil could help spur sales in regions for many OEMs concerned about import taxes
Tracking the Secondary Semiconductor Equipment Market
Semico Spin  
4/13/2011   (4) comments
SEMI has teamed up with Semico to conduct research and provide data on the secondary IC equipment market to buyers and vendors
LiveChat Follow-Up on Price Competitiveness, Part 2
Ken Bradley  
4/12/2011   (2) comments
To achieve price competitiveness, OEMs must effectively manage markups and gauge the real impact of the Japan disaster on their suppliers
As Embattled Cisco Shutters Flip, More Cuts Are Certain
Alexander Wolfe  
4/12/2011   (12) comments
Cisco is closing its Flip business and promises more reorganization as CEO Chambers seeks to re-energize the Internet equipment maker
RollStream Rolls GXS Into the SaaS World
Scott Koegler  
4/12/2011   Post a comment
GXS is an old line EDI company, but the Rollstream acquisition will give it the tools to provide extended supply chain management services
Japan Disaster Rewrites Book for Manufacturing Risk Management
iSuppli EMS, ODM Insights  
4/12/2011   (6) comments
EMS and ODM providers now must plan for disruptions further upstream in the supply chain
China Asks Industries to Cut Energy Consumption
Bolaji Ojo  
4/11/2011   (16) comments
High-tech companies stand to benefit as China pushes manufacturers and telcos to improve energy consumption and optimize manufacturing
What's in a Name, Part 2
Barbara Jorgensen  
4/11/2011   Post a comment
Some of terms used to describe channel players may be too narrow to fit a distributor's actual role in the supply chain
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