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Contrarianism of the Ostracized Engineer
The Sanity Clause  
4/30/2012   (21) comments
Why do so many engineers, despite their rigorous training, tend to be anti-liberalism and sometimes even reject the theory of climate change?
US Buyers Optimistic for 2012
Barbara Jorgensen  
4/30/2012   (10) comments
Buyers at small and midsized manufacturers are feeling less pricing pressure from raw materials and are looking to improve efficiencies.
Foxconn Outfoxed
Bolaji Ojo  
4/30/2012   (18) comments
The world's biggest contract manufacturer is hurting and losing money, while its top customer is swimming in an ocean of cash.
Inventory & Pricing: No Big Surprises
Barbara Jorgensen  
4/26/2012   (16) comments
Component leadtimes extended modestly in the March quarter, indicating excess inventory has been worn off. Prices are expected to remain stable.
Post-Jobs: Apple Will 'Coast, Then Decelerate'
Bolaji Ojo  
4/26/2012   (50) comments
A top analyst with Forrester Research says why he believes Apple, post-Steve Jobs, will not remain peerless for very long.
Avoiding Production Fire Drills
4/26/2012   (16) comments
Grouping assembly operation and materials need can help manufacturers reduce production emergencies and improve on-time delivery rate.
Earnings Season: A Mixed Bag From Europe
Logical Link  
4/26/2012   (45) comments
Earnings reports from several of Europe's leading tech companies indicate the region's economy is still struggling to recover.
Counterfeit Components & the NIMBY* Effect
Barbara Jorgensen  
4/25/2012   (26) comments
It doesn't necessarily take a lot of capital to set up a fraudulent components business. One- or two-person operations are very common.
Using Data to Power the Supply Chain
Barbara Jorgensen  
4/24/2012   (11) comments
Supply chain data is often "locked up" within partners' ERP systems. Unleashing that data can be a powerful tool.
How Sustainability Practices Can Differentiate Your Business
Supply Chain Intelligence  
4/24/2012   (8) comments
Green initiatives are an essential component in today's market evaluation of companies.
Conflict Minerals: Why No SEC Rule Yet?
Ken Manchen  
4/24/2012   (13) comments
The SEC was forced to delay their final rule after it became apparent the rule would be difficult to implement and that some rule-flexibility was required.
Saving Nokia: Telecoms to the Rescue?
Bolaji Ojo  
4/23/2012   (27) comments
Nokia's future success hinges primarily on the support of telecom carriers as they try to shake off huge subsidy payments to Apple.
Data Points to More Onshoring
Barbara Jorgensen  
4/23/2012   (13) comments
Among the reasons cited by companies for moving back onshore are increasing labor costs overseas, concerns about product quality, and a desire to be closer to customers.
Logistics Are Hot in Europe
Logical Link  
4/23/2012   (14) comments
A spate of logistics acquisitions in Europe points to a scramble among service providers for business on the continent.
Talking Points in OEM-Contractor Negotiation
4/20/2012   (11) comments
Equipment makers and their contractors must agree on the terms of the engagement and spell these out in contract before starting production.
Warnings of Spectrum Shortages Resurface
Barbara Jorgensen  
4/19/2012   (15) comments
Carriers are warning that the proliferation of smartphones, tablets, and other devices will overload existing spectrum, causing voice and data communications to slow down.
Intel Set to Test ARM Resilience in Smartphones
Bolaji Ojo  
4/18/2012   (11) comments
The first smartphones using Intel processors will hit the market this quarter. How well will they do against ARM phones?
Asia Buyers Seek Sourcing Security
Barbara Jorgensen  
4/18/2012   (13) comments
The electronics market in Asia has developed so rapidly that anyone with a PC and Internet service can sell components. Buyers are looking for more meaningful relationships
Electronics Market Goes Into Overdrive
Lavanya Rammohan  
4/18/2012   (9) comments
Major changes are taking place in the electronics market, but what's the vision behind these, and which companies will benefit most?
3 Lessons From the Apple-Foxconn Debacle
Paul Martyn  
4/18/2012   (8) comments
Electronic OEMs must understand total cost of ownership and develop a better system for ensuring supplier and contractor compliance.
Nokia Needs Some Good News
Bolaji Ojo  
4/17/2012   (31) comments
A ratings agency piles in with a "near junk" rating on Nokia's bond, sinking its stock, but the Finnish company says it's working on a fix.
OLED Volumes Up, but So Are Prices
Barbara Jorgensen  
4/17/2012   (9) comments
One of the issues that has been holding widespread adoption of OLED back has been production volumes. But lack of competition keeps prices high.
The (Non) Relationship Between Volume & Price
Ken Bradley  
4/16/2012   (12) comments
Pricing seems to be an art form influenced by many factors, including how much a supplier wants to make a sale.
Component Purchasers' Ultimate Nightmare
4/16/2012   (24) comments
Resources are available to buyers dealing with the growing problems of procuring critical parts that are no longer being produced.
IHS: Nokia Windows Phone Strategy 'On Brink of Failing'
Bolaji Ojo  
4/13/2012   (31) comments
IHS analyst Ian Fogg says Nokia faces the possibility of "failing with its smartphone strategy, again."
Startup Distributor Set to 'Score'
Barbara Jorgensen  
4/13/2012   (10) comments
The challenging landscape has not stopped the distribution company Score Electronics from opening its doors.
Va. Tech Wins Buoy Future of US Engineering
Bolaji Ojo  
4/12/2012   (10) comments
Doctoral students at Virginia Tech's College of Engineering score another win in a 3D user interface contest, fueling hope for the future.
REACH Scrubbing? Try Total Parts Plus
4/12/2012   (3) comments
Compliance with the EU's REACH law requires vetting extensive parts lists, a vital service offered by firms like Total Parts Plus.
'Big Three' Emerge in LCD Market
Barbara Jorgensen  
4/11/2012   (14) comments
Japan Display and Samsung Display have almost instantly positioned themselves among the three largest LCD makers in the world.
Western Solar Efforts Go Red
Logical Link  
4/11/2012   (28) comments
Solar manufacturers in Western economies are losing grounds to Asian rivals, putting in jeopardy environmental protection programs.
Nokia Faces Long, Painful, & Uncertain Recovery
Bolaji Ojo  
4/11/2012   (17) comments
Nokia will need to undergo further reorganization and may not regain its market leading position in the foreseeable future.
Counterfeiters Meet Their Match in DNA Tagging
4/11/2012   (15) comments
Can botanical DNA tagging sharply reduce or even eliminate incidents of counterfeiting where most other measures appear to be failing?
Apple/Foxconn's Broader Implications
News of the Day  
4/10/2012   (3) comments
The Fair Labor Association's findings from its Foxconn inspections will resonate beyond the electronics industry and into China's entire manufacturing infrastructure.
Buyers Say Sourcing Outside China Is 'Important'
Bolaji Ojo  
4/10/2012   (3) comments
Purchasers of parts and other supplies say they want to diversify sourcing operations outside of China in other Asian locations.
6 Potential Strikes Against Nokia TV
Dr. Cagri Tanriover  
4/9/2012   (22) comments
Nokia has added TV program streaming to the services available on its Lumia smartphone, but first it must overcome some potential hurdles.
H-1B Visa Demand Spikes
Barbara Jorgensen  
4/9/2012   (8) comments
Applications for 2013 H-1B visas topped 25,000 in a week. Last year, it took the government a month to receive that many. The government says the increase shows the economy is getting better.
Risks Persist One Year After Japan Tsunami
Gerry Fay  
4/9/2012   (10) comments
The electronics supply chain remains at risk despite steps taken over the last year following the Japan earthquake and tsunami.
Microsoft Bags 800 AOL Patents for $1.1B
News of the Day  
4/9/2012   (9) comments
Microsoft has agreed to pay $1.1 billion for 800 AOL patents as IT firms continue to battle over intellectual property rights and usage.
The Race to $1,000 per Share
Barbara Jorgensen  
4/6/2012   (19) comments
One stock has already exceeded the $1,000 mark, and the company just acquired its third electronics distributor.
How the After-Market & Counterfeiting Are Linked
Barbara Jorgensen  
4/5/2012   (5) comments
The electronics industry spends millions of dollars in detection and inspection equipment. If the parts were disposed of as originally intended, a lot of this effort would be unnecessary.
The 5 Most Counterfeited Electronic Parts
Bolaji Ojo  
4/5/2012   (16) comments
Counterfeiters are targeting a set of products that account for half of chip sales, including analog ICs, memory ICs, and microprocessors.
Are Gaming Consoles Still Relevant?
Semico Spin  
4/5/2012   (10) comments
The evolution of digital systems like smartphones put gaming consoles in a hard spot, and they will have to evolve to remain relevant.
Microsoft Logistics Fleeing Germany Because of Patent Fears
Logical Link  
4/4/2012   (19) comments
Microsoft is moving its logistics operation out of Germany due to concerns about a pending patent ruling.
Planning With Rivals for the Unexpected
Bolaji Ojo  
4/4/2012   (5) comments
The electronics world has become so interwoven that many suppliers now support rivals to ensure the OEM can make its products.
Avnet Launches After-Market Services Business
Barbara Jorgensen  
4/4/2012   (4) comments
The newly launched Avnet Integrated Resources will provide complete lifecycle management, including repairs, refurbishment, and disposal.
HDDs Set to Rebound in Second Half
Barbara Jorgensen  
4/3/2012   (5) comments
Although factories in Thailand are still cleaning up from last year's floods, production of hard disk drives is expected to return to preflood levels in the second half of this year.
RIM Aims to Fuse iOS, Android, & BlackBerry
Bolaji Ojo  
4/3/2012   (19) comments
RIM has unveiled a software application that can manage enterprise communication systems across multiple operating systems.
UK 'Snooper Act' Threatens Global Information Flow
Anna Young  
4/3/2012   (7) comments
An expansion of the UK's data monitoring act will hit electronics makers, but many are unaware of how intrusive the regulation will be.
5 Tips on Pinterest for Electronics Firms
Laurie Sullivan  
4/3/2012   (9) comments
How can companies supporting the electronics components industry leverage Pinterest? Here are some ideas.
5 Areas to Watch in Q1 Results
Bolaji Ojo  
4/2/2012   (9) comments
As tech companies unveil Q1 results, the numbers will surprise some and point to what lies ahead for the rest of the year.
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