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Solving the Supply Chain Talent Crisis
Brian Fuller  
4/30/2013   (3) comments
Recruitment, training, and retention are challenges confronting the supply chain, but help is on the way.
Intelís Supply Chain Sweet Spot
At the Source  
4/30/2013   (20) comments
As Intel improves its chip technology and deals with a declining PC market, the company is still making a concerted effort to improve its supply chain.
Infographic: Supply Chain's RFID Advantage
Brian Fuller  
4/30/2013   (6) comments
RFID will become an enabling technology across a number of industries.
Can We Trust the Future? Part 2
Eric Sivertson  
4/29/2013   (13) comments
Our societal evolution will rely heavily upon devices that will inevitably need to trust each other, just as we have done as humans.
Avoiding 'Ready, Fire, Aim'
Savvy Tech Marketing  
4/29/2013   (6) comments
Earth Day 2013: The Supply Chain's Role in Reducing E-Waste
George Karalias  
4/29/2013   (18) comments
The supply chainís role in reducing e-waste.
5 Action Items to Find More Qualified Candidates
Career Engineering  
4/26/2013   (57) comments
Although the economy continues to be shaky, reality demands immediate action on hiring. But where is that qualified candidate?
Infographic: 2012 Electronics Mergers Illustrated
Brian Fuller  
4/26/2013   (10) comments
Nearly 200 acquisitions, partial or complete, took place in the electronics industry in 2012.
We Need Performance, Not Speculation
Ken Bradley  
4/26/2013   (29) comments
We seem to have lost the ability to control our destiny. You work hard but fall farther behind. You canít count on much to be "as expected" in the future.
The Supply Chain Talent Crisis
Brian Fuller  
4/25/2013   (37) comments
New, multifaceted supply chain skills and how to find them are the subject of an upcoming webinar, April 30.
How to Race to 3rd Base in a Job Search
Career Engineering  
4/25/2013   (29) comments
Moving along the job interview process requires as much skill as a runner in baseball.
Global Macro Trends Holding Sway on Supply Chain Practices
Logical Link  
4/24/2013   Post a comment
What is your company doing to identify and manage the impact of a transforming world on your supply chain?
Supply Chain Meets Design Chain
Brian Fuller  
4/24/2013   (6) comments
The Great Recession pushed savvy contract manufacturers to dive into design services. Here's one example.
Japanís Semiconductor Malaise... & Sumo
The Sanity Clause  
4/24/2013   (11) comments
What does the Japanese DRAM business have to do with sumo wrestling? More than you'd think.
The Camera-Ready Car
Logical Link  
4/23/2013   (37) comments
How are auto OEM and car-systems integrators developing sourcing, buying, and related supply chain strategies to support what could be a significant step-change for auto designs?
Apple's Latest Supply Chain Headache: Foxconn
Brian Fuller  
4/23/2013   (11) comments
Reports are swirling that the consumer electronics giant has returned at least 5 million iPhones to its Chinese manufacturing partner.
Recovery Programs: Turning Gray to Green
Unchaining Supply  
4/22/2013   (11) comments
For many companies in the supply chain, selling excess or aging products into unauthorized channels for pennies on the dollar makes sense.
Can We Trust the Future?
Eric Sivertson  
4/22/2013   (34) comments
Humans are going to become even more reliant on our electronics devices, but will we be able to trust them?
Infographic: The Real Cost of Trucking
Brian Fuller  
4/22/2013   (32) comments
Tires and fuel are obviously big cost contributors in the trucking business -- coffee factors in as well.
Industrial Semi: Turnkey Services Smooth Uncharted Waters
Supply Chain Intelligence  
4/19/2013   (2) comments
As semiconductor penetration increases, it is worthwhile to stop and recognize that not all industrial clients may have the same familiarity with electronics industry best-practices.
The FedEx-UPS Duopoly
Brian Fuller  
4/19/2013   (5) comments
The two biggest ground shippers in North America raise prices seemingly annually, which can hurt small to midsized components companies that can't absorb or pass on the increases.
Industry Still Unprepared for Conflict Minerals Reporting
Brian Fuller  
4/18/2013   (3) comments
May 2014 in the deadline to conflict with SEC regulations on conflict minerals; one in three companies hasn't even started the process.
Simple Survival Tips for Low Morale
Career Engineering  
4/18/2013   (32) comments
Roughly 14 percent of companies are challenged with low company morale. There are steps you can take to improve that situation.
Africa: The New China
Ariella Brown  
4/18/2013   (42) comments
IBM has been in Africa for more than 60 years, but last year it decided to get serious about the region.
The Gap Between Politics & Common Sense
The Sanity Clause  
4/18/2013   (11) comments
Like the casual baseball fan who doesnít understand the infield-fly rule, normal voters Ė with bigger fish to fry Ė donít enjoy the arcana of politics.
Supply Chain Management Lessons From the Civil War
Brian Fuller  
4/17/2013   (14) comments
How do you build a national army almost from scratch and almost overnight? Ask Montgomery Meigs.
US Infrastructure Gets Failing Grade
At the Source  
4/17/2013   (12) comments
Civil engineers give US transportation infrastructure embarrassingly poor grades. We've got work ahead of us.
What Chip Vulnerabilities May Be Lurking in Commercial IT Systems?
Tam Harbert  
4/16/2013   (8) comments
When hackers got into a mil-grade FPGA, alarm bells went off. The vendor says what they found was a key security feature, but concern remains.
Europe-Asia Rail Link: One Step Closer?
Logical Link  
4/16/2013   (8) comments
A uniform rail regime would take many years to assemble but could eventually present a cost-effective alternative to cargo planes and ships.
Apple's Apology Highlights the Power of the Chinese Consumer
At the Source  
4/15/2013   (19) comments
Apple's China iPhone repair apology strikes many as a classic kow-tow, but the consequences are more nuanced.
The Conflict Minerals Rule: Unintended Consequences
Peter Buxbaum  
4/15/2013   Post a comment
Opponents of the SEC's conflict metals rule say it doesn't advance Dodd-Frank's objective of weakening armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and has in fact caused a de facto embargo of Congolese minerals.
Infographic: Security Threats by the Numbers
Brian Fuller  
4/15/2013   (5) comments
Hacking and malware is a challenge for maintaining secure supply-chain networks, but part of the problem is us.
Digi-Key CEO's Take on Google, Amazon in the E-Supply Chain
Brian Fuller  
4/12/2013   (7) comments
Digi-Key CEO Mark Larson sleeps like a baby when he thinks about Google and Amazon encroaching on his business.
Get Supply Chain Analytics on Your Roadmap
Lalit Wadhwa  
4/12/2013   (1) comment
Technology plays a critical role in assimilating large and complex data sets from upstream and downstream members of the value chain, analyzing it and modeling it to optimize the supply chain.
The Robotizing of Man: Future Schlock
4/12/2013   (38) comments
Our machines are turning us into themselves. How did we get here?
Conflict Metals Compliance: An Overview of Web Resources
Peter Buxbaum  
4/12/2013   (2) comments
Where on the web to find about whether, when, and how to comply with the SEC conflict minerals rule.
How Working Women Cope: To Lean In or Not, Part 2
Career Engineering  
4/11/2013   (8) comments
If you don't want to lean in, working part time can help women stay in touch with the realities of new trends, new social media, and new ways of doing business.
Apple in Brazil: What Is This iPhone Neo One, Anyway?
Susan Fourtanť  
4/11/2013   (11) comments
A decade ago, a Brazilian telecommunications service firm applied to register the trademark "iPhone." Things didn't get messy for years.
Price of Freedom Is Higher Than Minimum Wage
The Sanity Clause  
4/11/2013   (7) comments
An economic model that places the lowest possible value on its highest-value component -- the toil of human beings -- is bad news for everyone.
How IDEA-QMS-9090 Ensures Responsible Procurement
The Big IDEA  
4/10/2013   (2) comments
For the first time, the concept of risk assessment is applied to the independent distributor as part of a new standard.
The Mobile Supply Chain: Not Just About the Chip Guys
Logical Link  
4/10/2013   (2) comments
If consumers are focusing their buying on fewer, multiple-function devices and have no OS loyalty, OEMs will have a lot of supply chain challenges before them.
Games, Grandkids & the Supply Chain
4/10/2013   (12) comments
Games can teach kids a lot about life; so too can we learn about the supply chain from them.
Supply Chain's Information 'Black Hole'
Brian Fuller  
4/9/2013   (3) comments
Nearly half of company information breaches come from the company's supply chain, where more vigilance and tighter processes are required.
Time to Think About Korean Contingencies
Peter Buxbaum  
4/9/2013   (12) comments
If North Korea attacks the south, electronics supply chains are going to feel the hit.
Infographic: North Korea's Road to War
Brian Fuller  
4/9/2013   (6) comments
North Korean saber-rattling has the Korean Peninsula on edge. Here's a timeline of recent events in the area.
The Future of Clean Manufacturing in the US
Susan Fourtanť  
4/9/2013   (17) comments
A new US initiative focuses on increasing American manufacturing of clean energy products and boosting US competitiveness across all sectors.
Supply Chain Heroes: Megan Pedigo
Brian Fuller  
4/8/2013   (1) comment
How the Thailand floods affected one supply chain professional, and made her love her job that much more.
Interaxon Headband Outdoes Google Glass
Laurie Sullivan  
4/8/2013   (5) comments
What if I want to build a manufacturing facility or a distribution center using brainwave technology?
IDEA-QMS-9090: Development & Key Processes
The Big IDEA  
4/8/2013   Post a comment
IDEA-QMS-9090 took more than 24 months to develop and clearly holds independent distributors accountable for delivering quality each and every time.
Telling Your Tech Brand Story Visually
Savvy Tech Marketing  
4/8/2013   Post a comment
Humans enjoy and learn from great stories; apply the concept to your marketing messages, and you'll do right by your audience.
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