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The Nokia Era Is Over
Bolaji Ojo  
5/31/2011   (25) comments
Nokia's mobile handset leadership is fast eroding, but the market is in flux and it's not clear who will dominate the sector.
Near Field Communication Serves Up Supply Chain Link
Laurie Sullivan  
5/31/2011   (8) comments
Companies spread across the high-tech and media world are collaborating in the spread of Near Field Communication devices.
Avnet, Nascar & Effective Tech Marketing
Al Maag  
5/31/2011   (6) comments
Avnet is partnering with the Business Marketing Association and Nascar, but is this effective or too much brand marketing?
Mission Debriefing: EDS
Barbara Jorgensen  
5/31/2011   (3) comments
EDS is largely an event where companies meet behind closed doors; it's no longer a trade show in the classic sense.
Supply Chain Worries Grow at Tech Firms
Tam Harbert  
5/31/2011   (8) comments
Top technology firms are concerned about maintaining a competitive supply chain as the economy climbs out of the recession.
Tablet Wars Ignite Supply Problems
Marc Herman  
5/27/2011   (12) comments
Roaring demand for tablet PCs is creating components shortage problems in the wider consumer electronics supply chain.
Can Smart Phones & Smart Driving Coexist?
B. Cameron Gain  
5/27/2011   (42) comments
Automakers are integrating smartphones into cars despite lack of standards, and safety concerns will have to be addressed soon.
New Design Opportunities as Semiconductor Boundaries Blur
Semico Spin  
5/26/2011   (8) comments
The lines between semiconductors such as FPGAs, ASICS, ASSPS, and CPUs are fading, creating opportunities and challenges for design engineers.
What Nuclear Loses, Green Gains
Bolaji Ojo  
5/26/2011   (22) comments
Switzerland has joined the growing band of countries putting a permanent ban on the building of new nuclear plants.
Rebranding a Distribution Icon: Newark Becomes Element14
Barbara Jorgensen  
5/25/2011   (17) comments
Premier Farnell and North American unit Newark are rebranding their business element14 to intensify focus on the engineering community.
Establishing Governance for Internal Software Supply Chains
Andy Chou  
5/25/2011   (5) comments
What are the best practices and guidelines for managing a company's internal software supply chain?
Avnet's Incoming CEO Talks Transition
Barbara Jorgensen  
5/25/2011   (4) comments
EBN talks with Avnet's incoming CEO Rick Hamada about his plans for the global distributor. Here are excerpts from the discussion.
Making Cities Smarter
Logical Link  
5/25/2011   (17) comments
Annual spending on technology products to make cities "smarter" is forecast to top $16B, creating new sales opportunities for IC vendors.
Inspiring Innovators
Semico Spin  
5/25/2011   (15) comments
The US is taking innovation for granted and not doing enough to develop the next generation of innovators, says Dean Kamen.
Conflict Metals Law: Good Intentions Gone Bad?
Bolaji Ojo  
5/24/2011   (9) comments
The IPC wants government to reexamine its legislation on the sourcing of raw materials used in electronics products from conflict zones.
Planning for the Afterlife
Todd Ballew  
5/24/2011   (5) comments
Product end-of-life planning is a critical component of lifecycle management, and parts makers should seek outside help when necessary.
HP at a Crossroads
Alexander Wolfe  
5/24/2011   (6) comments
HP has everything it needs to succeed, but CEO Apotheker must weave the company's varied elements together to create a unique brand.
Doing More With Less
Barbara Jorgensen  
5/23/2011   (9) comments
Distributors are providing design support in various ways to electronics components suppliers and OEMs.
Apple: Too Cool to Boycott?
Marc Herman  
5/23/2011   (22) comments
Apple has so far avoided getting tied up with the problems at Foxconn -- but things may soon change for the OEM.
Turning Ideas Into Reality
Semico Spin  
5/23/2011   (13) comments
The incubation time for a concept to become real has shortened from many decades for satellites to 12-15 years now for many ideas.
Don't Let a Business Boom Be a Supply Chain Bust
Change in the Chain  
5/23/2011   (4) comments
How to overcome logistical challenges when business is booming.
Apple Has a Foxconn Problem
Bolaji Ojo  
5/23/2011   (10) comments
An explosion at a Foxconn facility making Apple iPad 2 points to continuing labor problems that could hurt the OEM.
Market Niche We Sort of Knew We Had: Fish Finders
Barbara Jorgensen  
5/20/2011   (14) comments
With the advent of GPS, fish finders have not only become more high-tech, they've become a premium product with price tags up to $3,000.
Apple: Repeating the Mistakes of the Past
Semico Spin  
5/20/2011   (24) comments
Unless the iPhone, the iPad, and iOS are opened up, they're going to be doomed to minor market shares.
Apple: Trailblazing a New Future
Semico Spin  
5/20/2011   (24) comments
Apple made a mistake in the past, but the company is brokering a new business model and needs to keep its proprietary standards.
Permanent Volatility Is Here to Stay
Mastery in Action  
5/19/2011   (7) comments
Companies can better manage the growing lack of business predictability by integrating profit, sales, and operations planning.
Who Warrantees the Products You Buy?
Barbara Jorgensen  
5/19/2011   (12) comments
One of the key advantages to buying components through an authorized distributor is the pass-through warranty.
Dell: The Travails of a Comeback Kid
Bolaji Ojo  
5/19/2011   (17) comments
Dell is fighting hard to spark sales growth, but despite some notable successes there are still numerous challenges ahead for the IT giant.
Supply Chain Issues Are a Leading Risk for Tech Execs, Part 2
Barbara Jorgensen  
5/18/2011   (3) comments
Supply chain risks are aligned directly with company concerns about their ability to execute their broader corporate strategies.
Sensors, Sensors, Everywhere
Semico Spin  
5/18/2011   (19) comments
Sensors are proliferating, changing the way we interact with hardware and helping to save lives, in addition to other general functions.
Wanted: Purchasers Who Think Like Economists
Logical Link  
5/18/2011   (6) comments
Supply chain professionals need to know more than how to move products around; they need knowledge of economics and markets.
TTI Gets Social at EDS
Andy Lawson  
5/18/2011   (5) comments
TTI is going to be spreading its wings widely using social media at this year's distribution show.
Doing Well by Doing Good
Semico Spin  
5/17/2011   (18) comments
Semiconductors are being applied to solve many of the nagging medical, educational, and other resource problems plaguing the world.
Supply Chain Issues Are a Leading Risk for Tech Execs, Part 1
Barbara Jorgensen  
5/17/2011   (7) comments
Supply chain issues represent one of the most prominent risks to US technology companies.
High Tech, Low Stress
Bolaji Ojo  
5/16/2011   (17) comments
The high-tech industry is awash in cash and maintains a strong growth pace, despite turmoil in other sectors of the global economy.
Distribution Picks Up Slack in Design Chain
Barbara Jorgensen  
5/16/2011   (6) comments
Distributors are embedding themselves deeper into the design chain as suppliers, contractors, and equipment makers cut engineering personnel.
The Invisible Computers in Our Lives
Semico Spin  
5/16/2011   (12) comments
Microcontrollers are being designed into a wider area of activities and are helping to drive sales at companies like Microchip Technology.
The Big Keep Getting Bigger
Bolaji Ojo  
5/16/2011   (5) comments
Top players in components distribution are maintaining their dominant positions through acquisitions and foreign expansion.
Market Niche We Never Knew We Had: E-Cigarettes
Barbara Jorgensen  
5/13/2011   (29) comments
They come with a rechargeable battery, a sensor, some atomization technology, and a small logic board.
The Daunting Economics of Innovation
Semico Spin  
5/13/2011   (6) comments
Semiconductor manufacturing is moving to next-gen technology mode, but the challenges and economic justification are major hurdles for firms.
Where Are the 'Other' Tablet PCs?
Logical Link  
5/13/2011   (13) comments
There's supposedly a proliferation of tablet computers in the market, so how come the only ones we really see are from Apple and Motorola?
Finding Work for Asia's Underemployed, Undertrained Women
Marc Herman  
5/13/2011   (12) comments
Manufacturers facing rising wages and insufficient workforce in Asia should look into training and tapping women to fill vacancies.
Challenges of Embedded Passives
Kory Schroeder  
5/13/2011   (7) comments
Embedding passives on the PCB may hold promise, but many design engineers simply don't want to deal with the complexities involved.
2011 Chip Growth Will Crest Into a 2012 Cutback
Semico Spin  
5/12/2011   (8) comments
The semiconductor industry will grow at a steady pace in 2011 but will experience a decline in 2012. Here's why.
Financial Execs: High Prices Squeeze Profit Margins
Barbara Jorgensen  
5/12/2011   (9) comments
The greatest threats to margins, financial executives say, are costs of inputs or merchandise, discounting, and other sales incentives.
28nm Issues Spark Debate at Semico Summit
Semico Spin  
5/12/2011   (8) comments
Experts say the market is moving towards next-generation semiconductor production but disagree on benefits and cost advantages.
Tech M&A Gets Off to a Strong Start in Q1
Barbara Jorgensen  
5/11/2011   (11) comments
Although the Microsoft-Skype deal is making headlines, small mergers fueled high-tech M&A growth during Q1 of 2011.
Which Distributors Do You Prefer?
Bolaji Ojo  
5/11/2011   (11) comments
We ask OEMs, EMS providers, and other industry players which companies they prefer to work with in the component distribution market.
Striking a Balance Between Transactional & Consultative
Sid Kalantar  
5/10/2011   (2) comments
Solutions perceived as unique by one customer may be perceived as "me too" by another.
Silicon Valley Dreams
Logical Link  
5/10/2011   (24) comments
Countries and cities are jostling to create the next Silicon Valley, but the idea itself may be moribund in today's highly connected world.
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