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Measuring the Channel's Health by Design
Barbara Jorgensen  
5/31/2012   (4) comments
The distribution industry measures its health based on orders. One leading distributor is using design wins as another measuring stick.
RIM: Watching a Looming Train Wreck
Logical Link  
5/31/2012   (11) comments
RIM is lurching from one crisis to another, and rescuing the company is getting more complicated.
Cost Analysis: Reshoring Is Viable
Barbara Jorgensen  
5/30/2012   (19) comments
The good news: The cost gap with China is narrowing. The bad news: Companies are seeking other low-cost regions for manufacturing
Deutsche Telekom Debuts Procurement Marketplace
Bolaji Ojo  
5/30/2012   (8) comments
Deutsche Telekom has rolled out a service for businesses to directly sell electronic hardware and software to other.
Why Chipmakers Are Buying Software Firms
5/30/2012   (7) comments
Chip firms are acquiring software developers. Who exactly is buying what? How much is being paid, and what can we expect in future?
Social Networking: The Ultimate Weapon
Tam Harbert  
5/29/2012   (19) comments
Technology is enabling deeper connections among businesses and people. Use these connections well to gain a competitive edge.
Who Benefits From Component Price Secrecy?
Ken Bradley  
5/29/2012   (10) comments
Why isn't there transparency on electronic component prices, and who is benefiting from the lack of visibility into pricing?
Counterfeiters Aren't Winning: Here's Why
Bolaji Ojo  
5/25/2012   (42) comments
Electronics companies are making gains against counterfeiters by rolling back years of secrecy and using technological innovations to fight the scourge.
USPS Develops 'No Fly List' for Electronics
Logical Link  
5/25/2012   (41) comments
The US Postal Service will no longer accept certain electronic items containing lithium ion batteries. Will your business be hit?
Channel After-Market Opportunity in the Billions
Barbara Jorgensen  
5/24/2012   (11) comments
According to IDC, the IT asset disposition (ITAD) market is made up of three main segments: lifecycle disposition services, IT used equipment, and recycling.
A Visa That Creates US Jobs?
Barbara Jorgensen  
5/23/2012   (44) comments
A so-called "entrepreneur's visa" would allow foreign citizens who start new businesses and create jobs in the US to stay in the country.
Finding a Supply Partner Using Social Media
Scott Koegler  
5/23/2012   (11) comments
Retail Universe offers a viable social media outlet that enables businesses to find and engage with potential supply-chain partners.
SoCs Fuel the Cloud
Semico Spin  
5/23/2012   (11) comments
Complex systems-on-a-chip are driving the booming demand for consumer electronics products by resolving power management issues in the cloud.
Dell Struggles in Post-PC World
Bolaji Ojo  
5/23/2012   (19) comments
Dell tripped in the recently ended quarter on declining consumer and corporate demand for PCs in favor of tablets and smartphones.
Manufacturers Remain Upbeat
Barbara Jorgensen  
5/22/2012   (5) comments
In a recent survey, 89 percent of senior executives at North American manufacturers said they expect their company's revenue to grow in 2012.
An Updated Primer on WEEE & RoHS, Part 2
5/22/2012   (3) comments
The following eight criteria should be kept in mind when preparing a product for sale in the European Union.
Enabling IP Evolution & Growth
Semico Spin  
5/21/2012   (5) comments
By embracing system-level chip development and using IP providers, chip vendors can substantially reduce total production costs.
Reality Check: Counterfeiting
Barbara Jorgensen  
5/21/2012   (10) comments
It is virtually impossible to eliminate the risk of counterfeit components from entering the supply chain, but there are ways to limit the supply.
Anti-Counterfeiting Best-Practices: Certifications Are Only the Start
Supply Chain Intelligence  
5/21/2012   (13) comments
Beyond asking about certifications, it's important to understand the certification processes, the operational guidelines required, and what companies do beyond the certifications.
How Do You Buy?
Barbara Jorgensen  
5/18/2012   (56) comments
If it's easier to hop into a car than to buy online, your suppliers are doing something wrong.
The Specialized Distributor Option
Peter Cornelius  
5/18/2012   (32) comments
Big component distributors offer numerous services to customers, but there are times when it's best to using a smaller, specialized distributor.
DRAM Is Saved by Elpida's Bankruptcy, but Only Temporarily
Bolaji Ojo  
5/17/2012   (19) comments
The bankruptcy of a DRAM vendor gives the rest of the industry a reprieve, but the effects won't last, since many structural problems remain.
Distributors Tap Into DIY Movement
Laurie Sullivan  
5/16/2012   (30) comments
Jameco Electronics points the way forward with a do-it-yourself program for design engineers being supported by the distributor.
CEOs to California: Lose Our Number, Please
Barbara Jorgensen  
5/16/2012   (20) comments
In a survey, CEOs called Texas the friendliest US state for business. California limped in at No. 50.
Independent Distributors: New Standards, New Image?
Logical Link  
5/16/2012   (14) comments
By adopting stringent standards, independent distributors hope to reshape their industry image and further legitimize their operations.
EDS: Let's Talk About It
Barbara Jorgensen  
5/15/2012   (13) comments
Within the electronics industry, there is always discussion about whether tradeshows are extinct. I think it depends on the show and whether it serves its audience.
The Perils of Site Fatigue
Bolaji Ojo  
5/15/2012   (21) comments
Site fatigue is forcing people to question why they should like, follow, or link up with companies on social media.
Where Did the Money Go?
The Sanity Clause  
5/15/2012   (10) comments
US companies and the investment class are hoarding and wasting much of the productivity gains that fueled the economy's growth.
iTV: Field of Dreams or Titanic?
Barbara Jorgensen  
5/14/2012   (18) comments
Apple's product development strategy to date has been "If we build it, they will come." Will that also be true for iTV?
Thailand Rises From Floods
Bolaji Ojo  
5/11/2012   (21) comments
Thailand is recovering from last year's floods, and with IT spending rising, the country offers a growing sales opportunity for high-tech firms.
An Updated Primer on WEEE & RoHS, Part 1
5/11/2012   (9) comments
The EU's WEEE and RoHS environmental regulations are baffling enough in their complexity, but the implementation is just as burdensome.
Raising the Bar for Independent Distributors
Logical Link  
5/11/2012   (15) comments
In a bid to further legitimize its members, the Independent Distributors of Electronics Association (IDEA), is imposing tough standards demands.
Cisco: Global Uncertainty Worries High-Tech
Bolaji Ojo  
5/10/2012   (19) comments
Cisco's John Chambers on why high-tech firms are worried about fiscal problems in Europe and economic conditions elsewhere.
Flying the Dysfunctional Skies
The Sanity Clause  
5/9/2012   (21) comments
Problems in the US airline market are hitting, not just passengers, but also businesses in the high-tech and manufacturing sectors.
Brazil Clears Hurdles for High-Tech Investors
Gerry Fay  
5/9/2012   (9) comments
The new Brazilian government is removing bureacratic hurdles and encouraging IT companies to invest in South America's biggest economy.
Counterfeiting: Blame the Criminals, Not the Brokers
World Micro Scope  
5/8/2012   (24) comments
Assigning all the blame to the brokers for fake parts is wrong and counterproductive. Go after the criminals instead.
Amazon Invades the Supply Chain
Bolaji Ojo  
5/8/2012   (38) comments
Amazon is stocking parts that may be of interest to electronic buyers. Is there something here for your purchasing department?
Business Socializing 101
Dr. Cagri Tanriover  
5/8/2012   (13) comments
Businesses can improve their operating efficiency and sales by integrating social media with other marketing initiatives.
6 Trading Myths Shocker
Anna Young  
5/8/2012   (13) comments
Some widely held economic beliefs are being questioned by a research firm, and there are major implications for businesses and governments.
If I Were a Counterfeiter...
5/7/2012   (32) comments
Counterfeiters already anticipate your next moves to keep the supply chain clean, so the best way to defeat them is to think as they do.
Distributors Hone 'Traffic' Control Skills
Bolaji Ojo  
5/7/2012   (2) comments
We rank the world's Top 25 electronics components distributors by revenue and address issues of significance to their businesses.
Have OEMs Relinquished Too Much Control Over Their Supply Chains?
Barbara Jorgensen  
5/4/2012   (3) comments
In the early days of outsourcing, OEMs contracted out manufacturing but maintained control over component buying. Now, researchers say, OEMs have lost the ability to capitalize on purchasing measures that can reduce costs.
Manufacturing: Home Sweet Home?
Mastery in Action  
5/4/2012   (12) comments
Some contract manufacturers may move production back to Western plants to improve the efficiency and quality of their business model.
Shrinking Steve Jobs Back to Human Scale
The Sanity Clause  
5/3/2012   (15) comments
Tech buyers have canonized late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, but, in time, even this larger-than-life character will begin to look more human.
Purchasing: Best Materials Management Strategies
5/3/2012   (2) comments
A well defined materials management strategy can help avert problems in the production process and even cut down on procurement costs.
More Companies Eyeing Electronics Aftermarket
Barbara Jorgensen  
5/2/2012   (7) comments
Rapid product obsolescence and complex environmental mandates are driving more companies toward electronic aftermarket services.
What We Learned From Japan Earthquake
Change in the Chain  
5/2/2012   (12) comments
Effective risk management is still a weak point in the electronics supply chain, even after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
Counterfeiting: The Ripple Effect
Logical Link  
5/2/2012   (13) comments
Counterfeit components sold by a company in the US are still cropping up in the supply chain, showing how pervasive the problem can be.
Top 9 Chip Design Challenges
Semico Spin  
5/2/2012   (10) comments
Rising complexity and costs threaten to stagnate semiconductor innovation, and the industry needs to look urgently for solutions.
Purchasing Strategies: Security of Supply
Ken Bradley  
5/1/2012   (3) comments
Are electronics equipment makers really getting enhanced supply security from their sourcing allocations, and if so, at what cost?
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