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Lenovo Eyes the Mobile Market
Logical Link  
5/31/2013   (24) comments
Lenovo promises a big push in mobile phones and tablets. With a strong supply chain and strong support in China, it’s aiming for Apple and Samsung.
Ensuring Components Meet Your Needs
Ken Bradley  
5/31/2013   (3) comments
In the supply chain hierarchy of needs, certification assurance indicates the supplier’s product will meet regulatory standards, perform as expected, and be available when you need it.
The Supply Chain Must Embrace Recycling
Susan Fourtané  
5/30/2013   (35) comments
International regulations should prompt the supply chain to reconsider product design and to develop a competitive strategy for the benefit of the planet.
New Ships Can Carry 22,000 Containers
5/30/2013   (22) comments
Increasing carrying capacity with giant oceangoing freighters can reduce shipping cost per 20-foot container by as much as 40 percent.
CPOs Find Analytics Improve Margins
Laurie Sullivan  
5/30/2013   (12) comments
Organizations using data analysis and internal collaboration techniques report wider profit margins than those that don’t.
Software to Keep Your Shipments on Time
Sohaib Masood  
5/29/2013   (24) comments
Transportation management systems can help your electronics shipping plan on schedule, or come up with Plan B when things go wrong.
European Recession Grips Electronics Firms
Logical Link  
5/28/2013   (12) comments
Europe's long-running recession is forcing electronics firms to rethink their strategies for the coming year.
30,000 Drones May Watch Americans by 2020
5/28/2013   (40) comments
It’s reasonable to assume that tens of thousands of drones are coming soon to a neighborhood near you. How will they affect your privacy?
Backlogs May Be the New Normal
Logical Link  
5/28/2013   (11) comments
Recent events in Korea and China suggest that parts shortages may be part of a new normal for smartphone manufacturers.
Memorial Day Thoughts for the Electronics Industry
George Karalias  
5/27/2013   (15) comments
As the US honors those who gave their lives to defend freedom, it’s time for the electronics industry to take meaningful steps to reduce the use of dangerous counterfeit parts in military equipment.
Expect Innovations With Glasses-Free 3D
Susan Fourtané  
5/24/2013   (56) comments
In 2013, stereo vision will appear on electronic devices without the need for 3D glasses.
22-Fold Rise Predicted for M2M Devices by 2016
5/23/2013   (37) comments
Machine-to-machine technology is growing so rapidly that one report says there could be 10 billion connected devices by 2016. That's a big market opportunity.
How to Overcome the 4 C's in Global Technology Shipping
Change in the Chain  
5/23/2013   (7) comments
Mitigating unnecessary costs, protecting high-value products, navigating customs processes, and ensuring end-to-end visibility across the supply chain are all key challenges of international shipping.
Boring Ads Don't Attract Great Workers
Career Engineering  
5/23/2013   (26) comments
You won't attract the best applicants for a supply chain management job if your help-wanted ads put them to sleep. Here's how to liven them up.
Time to Saddle Up on Conflict Minerals
Peter Buxbaum  
5/23/2013   (12) comments
Companies waiting to implement a conflict minerals compliance program -- and apparently many are -- until after an appeals court rules on its validity should be getting themselves in gear in light of a recent decision by the same court in a similar case.
Tech Execs Give Innovation Mixed Reviews
At the Source  
5/22/2013   (6) comments
A survey finds most tech execs think innovation is very important strategically, but not as many see it as a competitive advantage.
Safeguards Fight Counterfeit Components
Steve Martin  
5/22/2013   (6) comments
Let’s look at how the electronics industry (with some help by regulators) is fighting back against counterfeits.
Tech Fuels Search for Energy
Mark Bollinger  
5/22/2013   (13) comments
The increasingly important role that the technology supply chain plans in energy exploration was at the forefront of the recent Offshore Technology Conference.
Samsung's Phone Ad Crosses a Line
Susan Fourtané  
5/21/2013   (90) comments
Samsung’s aggressive commercials go beyond comparing its new Galaxy S4 with Apple’s iPhone. It enters territory where it mocks iPhone users.
Forward, March
Brian Fuller  
5/17/2013   (2) comments
Improving our leadership skills is a goal to which we all can aspire.
Product Recalls & Consumer Safety Worry Supply Chain Pros
Logical Link  
5/17/2013   (26) comments
A new report shows that most of the worrisome issues that the supply chain industry has been dealing with for years are not new, but there are some new concerns that need answers. Here’s a look at what keeps supply chain professionals up at night.
Sending Parts From China to Europe? Try the Trans-Siberian Railway
Logical Link  
5/17/2013   (30) comments
When it comes to shipping supplies from China to Europe, trains might be the most cost-effective way companies have available to them. DHL is looking to jump on that bandwagon.
Improving Leadership Skills for a Better Career, Part 2
Career Engineering  
5/16/2013   (31) comments
You responded with amazing insight as to how to define leadership, and we wanted to visualize it.
The Startup Experience: Daily Challenges, Surprises
Kimberly Bagby  
5/16/2013   (17) comments
In the second of a three-part series, an IC startup CFO describes adjusting to the daily demands -- and surprises -- of her new company.
Supply Chain's Unintended Industry Impact
Brian Fuller  
5/16/2013   (13) comments
An evolved global supply chain is causing more frequent cycle swings in the semiconductor industry, one CEO argues.
Contract Manufacturers Can Do More With AOI
Michael Allen  
5/15/2013   (3) comments
Businesses can realize quality gains and cost savings with better use of automated optical inspection. Here’s how one company found success.
Supply Chain Security & Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Ken Bradley  
5/15/2013   (4) comments
The problem of ensuring adequate security of supply parallels behavior motivation as expressed in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
Can Samsung Overtake Apple in 2013?
Susan Fourtané  
5/14/2013   (33) comments
Apple needs to look at Samsung and learn. How weird is that?
Top 25 Global Components Distributors
Brian Fuller  
5/13/2013   (5) comments
Our Top 25 Global Electronics Component Distributors list shows not too much changed amid the electronic components distribution landscape in 2012.
The Anti-Counterfeit Movement: Is It Really a Movement Yet?
Logical Link  
5/13/2013   (16) comments
For many dealing with the enormous task of tracking, reporting, and resolving issues associated with potential counterfeit parts, there is a collective hope that 2013 will bring clearer guidance on what needs to be done by whom and when.
Did Japan Tsunamis, Thailand Floods Lessons Sink in?
Tam Harbert  
5/13/2013   (5) comments
It's the supply chain's watch phrase: Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
Distributors Eye Consumer Business Longingly but Warily
Brian Fuller  
5/13/2013   (1) comment
Topping the list of the world’s biggest electronics distributors were Avnet and Arrow,followed by WPG Holdings, Future Electronics, and WT Microelectronics.
Demand-Driven Maturity Model – 5 Steps, 1 Giant Leap
At the Source  
5/10/2013   Post a comment
On the hunt for a demand-driven maturity model for companies that are looking at ways to optimize their supply chains.
What’s 'at the Heart of It All' for FedEx
Gerry Fay  
5/10/2013   (6) comments
In North America, the electronics supply chain relies heavily on ground shipping. Avnet's Gerry Fay interviews Dave Kevern, vice president, World-Wide Services at Federal Express to get insights.
Improving Leadership Skills for a Better Career
Career Engineering  
5/9/2013   (22) comments
Moving into leadership without the maturity and actual on-the-job experience can lead to failure.
When Shangri-La Decides to Secede From China
The Sanity Clause  
5/9/2013   (10) comments
Westerners who paint China as a land of opportunity fail to see the precarious foundation it rests on.
Is an iPhone Upgrade Really Necessary?
Susan Fourtané  
5/8/2013   (40) comments
Upgrades that come too fast with too few new features are pushing consumers away from the every-18-months upgrade treadmill.
What Business Are You In?
Brian Fuller  
5/8/2013   (7) comments
Our business changes relentlessly. It behooves us to rise above our daily tasks to figure out just what business we'll be in next year.
The Startup Experience: Getting Off the Ground
Kimberly Bagby  
5/8/2013   (10) comments
In the first of a three-part series, an IC start-up CFO walks us through the birth of her company.
Can Good E-Waste Efforts Soften High–Tech’s Uncaring Image?
At the Source  
5/7/2013   (15) comments
Removing harmful electronic products in a responsible way is not only the right thing to do, but a smart business move.
Making Supply Chain Visibility Visible
Logical Link  
5/7/2013   (4) comments
It's debatable whether visibility should be a stand-alone system or something more comprehensive than a single software platform.
Infographic: A Snapshot of Transportation Logistics
Brian Fuller  
5/7/2013   Post a comment
A look at the breadth and depth of the UPS supply chain infrastructure.
Combating Counterfeiting
Peter Buxbaum  
5/6/2013   (12) comments
How to counter counterfeiting in the electronics supply chain? Apply component identification techniques that are themselves difficult to counterfeit.
Memory, Displays at Risk if North Korea Goes South
Brian Fuller  
5/6/2013   (11) comments
Tensions on the Korean Peninsula have quieted a bit, but that doesn't mean the electronics industry isn't too exposed on certain technologies there.
Betting on Analytics as Supply Chain's Next Big Thing
Logical Link  
5/3/2013   (20) comments
A necessary foundation for moving efficiently at real-time speed, supply chain analytics is still very much at the beginning stages of development at many companies.
Qualcomm Rides the Mobile Wave
Tam Harbert  
5/3/2013   (8) comments
Qualcomm has launched a big push to spread its cellular technology, and thus increase its royalty income, not to mention chip sales, beyond mobile phones.
Generating Buzz With Social Media
Peter Buxbaum  
5/3/2013   (7) comments
Social networking is up and coming in the B2B electronics space.
Infographic: Traceability Issues in the Supply Chain
Brian Fuller  
5/3/2013   (4) comments
Research highlights concerns, challenges, and plans to overcome the challenges inherent in managing recall processes in the supply chain.
New Survey Reveals Persistent Supply Chain Problems
At the Source  
5/3/2013   Post a comment
While some parts of the high-tech supply chain network can be improved by implementing policies and procedures, other parts of the network are beyond the control of even the most skilled supply chain executive.
Mexican Drug Lord's Supply Chain Leadership
Brian Fuller  
5/2/2013   (3) comments
We can learn a lot about supply chain best-practices from a narco dealer with a global network.
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