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Full Recovery Soon From Japan Earthquake
Bolaji Ojo  
6/30/2011   (10) comments
The electronics supply chain is expected to fully recover from the Japan earthquake by early September and well ahead of previous forecasts.
US IT Spending Grows, Productivity & Security Main Focus
Logical Link  
6/30/2011   (8) comments
Total IT spending by companies and governments in the US will increase 5.6 percent in 2011, outpacing the forecasted growth of the US GDP.
China RoHS Inches Forward
Barbara Jorgensen  
6/30/2011   (5) comments
The scope of China RoHS has been expanded from "electronic information products" to "electrical and electronic products."
Can Nokia's App Contest Boost Sales?
Susan Fourtané  
6/29/2011   (41) comments
Nokia's contest is targeted at uniting global consumers and developers around the new Series 40 mobile phone.
The Cloud Hits a Cold Front
Barbara Jorgensen  
6/29/2011   (17) comments
Potential users of the cloud, including small businesses, aren't convinced the cloud lives up to its hype.
Best-Practices for Managing Material Costs, Part 1
Linda Elkins  
6/28/2011   (2) comments
Here are two of four critical steps OEMs and EMS providers can take to more effectively manage material costs in an outsourced environment.
Hug a Hacker Today
Barbara Jorgensen  
6/28/2011   (17) comments
Hiring hackers is not just a plot twist in espionage movies. It's actually a sound business strategy.
Feeding China's Commodities Dragon
Bolaji Ojo  
6/28/2011   (29) comments
Researchers says hot Chinese economic growth and sharp demand for commodities is stretching the supply chain and spiking prices.
Zoosh: An Alternative to Google Wallet & NFC
Laurie Sullivan  
6/28/2011   (22) comments
The technology gives developers the benefits of Near Field Communication using a simple speaker and microphone.
Hackers Jeopardize High-Tech Reputation
Bolaji Ojo  
6/27/2011   (17) comments
Hacker attacks on corporate and government networks threaten the integrity of the high-tech industry and the products they make.
Arrow Boosts Presence in China
Barbara Jorgensen  
6/27/2011   (4) comments
Seed International Ltd. will add 14 offices and 200 employees to Arrow's presence in China.
E-Waste Export Bill Seeks to Boost US Jobs
Laurie Sullivan  
6/27/2011   (18) comments
A new legislation in the US Congress seeks to ban export of electronic waste and boost jobs in the country.
Get the Most From Returns
Change in the Chain  
6/27/2011   (9) comments
Reverse logistics has significant top- and bottom-line impact and should be a high priority for high-tech companies.
Oracle: Overvalued Stocks Stump Acquisitions
Bolaji Ojo  
6/24/2011   (14) comments
Oracle executives say valuations are too high, which means they could be heading down and stifle investment on innovation.
Tablets, PCs & the 'Aha!' Moment
Barbara Jorgensen  
6/24/2011   (24) comments
Why does the success of one computer market rest on the death knell of another?
Beware of Growing Chinese Labor Unrest
Marc Herman  
6/24/2011   (18) comments
China's workers are growing bolder in protesting unfair practices in a development that could affect manufacturing in the country.
Winning Customers' Hearts & Minds
Barbara Jorgensen  
6/24/2011   (4) comments
If a business is a sales-driven organization, why give anything away for free?
Will High-Tech Lead as Economy Cools?
Bolaji Ojo  
6/24/2011   (7) comments
The economy is filled with uncertainties, but there are segments where higher, not reduced, high-tech investments are needed for future growth.
Celebrating 40 Years of Email & Ray Tomlinson
Al Maag  
6/23/2011   (20) comments
The email that has become a ubiquitous part of our lives had its beginning 40 years ago in the efforts of New Yorker Ray Tomlinson.
Europe's Wishbone Needs a Backbone
Logical Link  
6/23/2011   (14) comments
Europeans protesting austerity measures can get relief from businesses if executives can muster the will to hire and invest in R&D.
OEMs Vie for Sales Opportunities in Health Market
At the Source  
6/23/2011   (15) comments
Growing demand for health applications is opening up opportunities for smartphone and tablet PC manufacturers.
The Myth vs. Reality of Worker Productivity
Ken Bradley  
6/22/2011   (13) comments
Companies are squeezing costs out of their systems by using fewer employees rather than by leveraging the strengths of their operations.
'Google for Engineers'
Barbara Jorgensen  
6/22/2011   (19) comments
Engineers spend a vast amount of time culling through component data, design specs, and various tools before actually beginning a design.
Clouded Judgment
Diane Trommer  
6/22/2011   (12) comments
Is taking supply chain technology to the cloud necessary and will it jeopardize IP electronics makers should jealously safeguard?
Nokia's MeeGo, the Solstice & a New Beginning
Susan Fourtané  
6/22/2011   (25) comments
Nokia has launched a new set of phones based on its MeeGo system, but will this be enough for the embattled company?
Disruptions, Imbalances & Insane Supply Chains
Gerry Fay  
6/21/2011   (13) comments
The most effective supply chains are the ones that anticipate and prepare for crisis rather than merely respond to the latest challenges.
Are We Ready for Cloud Manufacturing?
Bolaji Ojo  
6/21/2011   (16) comments
Fujitsu debuts Cloud engineering to slash manufacturing costs, enhance collaboration and shorten development cycles. Will it work?
How Bad News Can Be Good for Sales
Logical Link  
6/21/2011   (16) comments
Researchers find that some negative news can be good for business depending upon how a company responds to its environment.
Avnet's Gerry Fay: Supply Chain Silos Challenge the Channel
Barbara Jorgensen  
6/20/2011   (6) comments
From the component maker to the OEM, the supply chain operates as a number of independent silos, says Avnet's new logistics chief.
Wishbone vs. Backbone
Bolaji Ojo  
6/20/2011   (10) comments
The global economy is in trouble, but nations and businesses are not ready to make the sacrifices necessary to spark growth.
Design Challenge: Connected & Secure Vehicles
Semico Spin  
6/20/2011   (12) comments
Automotive makers need to implement stronger security protocols in vehicles to protect owners' data in today's connected world.
Reverse in Motion
Bolaji Ojo  
6/17/2011   (30) comments
RIM has lost one-fifth of its market value and continues to face stiff headwinds in the competitive smartphone and tablet PC markets.
EDA World Embracing IP Subsystems
Semico Spin  
6/17/2011   (7) comments
The design automation industry is fast embracing the trend towards IP subsystems and we should expect a product announcement this year.
Nokia Plans for Growth Despite Dropping Sales
Susan Fourtané  
6/17/2011   (38) comments
Nokia is facing sales pressures, but it is proceeding with plans for a manufacturing plant in Vietnam to support future growth expectations.
How to Confront Relentless Commoditization
Bolaji Ojo  
6/16/2011   (4) comments
IBM in a paper marking its 100th anniversary offered some suggestions on how high-tech can manage the scourge of commoditization.
Acer's Blunder Sends Up Warning Flares
Logical Link  
6/16/2011   (6) comments
Given the amount of information, skills, and experience companies like Acer have accumulated, how could an OEM get so far off track?
Happy 100th Birthday Big Blue – What's Next?
Bolaji Ojo  
6/16/2011   (21) comments
IBM paved the way for much of today's innovation in its first 100 years in existence – but what's next for Big Blue?
10 Questions for Transforming Business Relationships
Todd Ballew  
6/15/2011   (5) comments
Here are 10 questions suppliers need to ask if they want to transform customers into partners.
Execs Differ on the Cloud
Barbara Jorgensen  
6/15/2011   (10) comments
IT professionals and business managers differ on the cloud's potential as a game-changer.
Device Makers Must Evolve to Ecosystem Builders
Bolaji Ojo  
6/15/2011   (8) comments
The high-tech market is evolving again with companies transforming from device makers to ecosystem builders. Are you prepared?
4 Tips for Picking the Right Outsourcing Partner
Prasad Bhatt  
6/14/2011   (15) comments
System product companies can outsource more functions, but they need to maintain certain standards for managing a dispersed supply chain.
Opportunities Grow for High-Tech in Healthcare
At the Source  
6/14/2011   (15) comments
As spending on healthcare informatics grows in the US, high-tech companies are expanding their offerings in the sector.
India's RoHS Turns Up the Heat
Barbara Jorgensen  
6/13/2011   (9) comments
India's RoHS limits the use of 20 substances in electronics products sold in India.
A Novel Approach to Engineering Education
Al Maag  
6/13/2011   (12) comments
Avnet has several outlets for providing information to engineers, but one of the more successful ones is the AvnetOnDemand.com video series.
Heading Towards the Cloud
Logical Link  
6/13/2011   (17) comments
Cloud technology being deployed in commerce may also be used in supply chain management once the potential hurdles are cleared away.
Needed: Tighter OEM-EMS Bonds
iSuppli EMS, ODM Insights  
6/13/2011   (4) comments
Improving supply chains hinges on forging closer relationships among all industry segments, including OEMs and EMS providers.
Transparency Law Creates Unease in Asia
Marc Herman  
6/10/2011   (8) comments
The issue of the summer, and maybe the year, is no longer innovation. It’s transparency.
Nightmare in Helsinki
Bolaji Ojo  
6/10/2011   (18) comments
Nokia's reorganization is creating ripples in the industry, hurting suppliers, shareholders, and other investors. Can CEO Elop hang on?
Is the Internet a Human Right?
Susan Fourtané  
6/9/2011   (38) comments
The United Nations says Internet access is a human right, but what will this pronouncement mean for electronics vendors?
Capacitor Makers' Quick Turnaround After Quake
Barbara Jorgensen  
6/9/2011   (4) comments
Leadtimes for all types of capacitors spiked in April but were approaching more normal levels by May.
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