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Freescale Forum: More Useful & Relevant Than CES
Semico Spin  
6/29/2012   (4) comments
Freescale Semiconductor's annual technology conference is much more relevant for analysts and investors than the Consumer Electronics Show.
A Letter Still Wins Over Email in My Book
Al Maag  
6/29/2012   (49) comments
You want to know how to get the attention of a busy executive? A letter breaks through the email clutter.
RIM's Loss Widens; BlackBerry 10 Delayed
News of the Day  
6/29/2012   (17) comments
RIM announced that the BlackBerry 10, the product slated to reverse the company's fortunes, would be delayed until 2013.
Going Global: Is Your Supply Chain Ready?
Change in the Chain  
6/28/2012   (10) comments
Expansion into global markets shouldn't cause a company's operations to falter, but the supply chain and logistics must be prepared.
Google Tries 'Made in the USA': Who's Next?
Bolaji Ojo  
6/27/2012   (51) comments
Google says it designed and manufactured one of its latest electronics devices in the United States. Will the competition follow?
Tech IPO Market Cools Down
News of the Day  
6/27/2012   (11) comments
IPO activity started out the year strong but stalled toward the end of May as a result of macroeconomic concerns.
US Court Bans Sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
News of the Day  
6/27/2012   (26) comments
A US court has ordered Samsung to stop selling one version of its Galaxy tablet due to a lawsuit brought by Apple.
Calm Down: Counterfeiters Can Be Stopped
6/26/2012   (49) comments
Technology from Applied DNA Sciences can put counterfeiters out of business in a wide range of economic activities, including electronics.
Who Benefits From Microsoft Surface Debut?
Bolaji Ojo  
6/26/2012   (35) comments
Which companies will benefit most (and which ones will lose the most) from the launch of Microsoft's tablet PC?
Panasonic, Sony in OLED Pact
News of the Day  
6/26/2012   (10) comments
The two companies will leverage their core and printing technologies to improve the mass production of the next-generation displays.
Shifting Gears for Healthy Growth in Electronics
Supply Chain Intelligence  
6/26/2012   (4) comments
The growth opportunities that were once the domain of the consumer electronics industry are now part of the largest CE device, the automobile.
Samsung Galaxy S III Hits Supply Chain Snafu
News of the Day  
6/26/2012   (19) comments
Analysts report shipment of the Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone may fall short due to component availability problems.
You've Found Counterfeit Parts in Your Order. Now What? Part 2
World Micro Scope  
6/25/2012   (3) comments
Strong relationships between suppliers and customers is essential. In the event counterfeit parts turn up, channels of communications are open and issues are easier to resolve.
Counterfeit Parts: It's Worse Than We Thought
Ken Manchen  
6/25/2012   (14) comments
The US Senate Armed Services Committee uncovered approximately 1,800 cases of suspected counterfeiting over a two-year period. One Air Force supplier alone supplied 84,000 counterfeit devices.
The Lowdown on Microsoft's Surface Tablet
Laurie Sullivan  
6/25/2012   (20) comments
As much as Microsoft wants a piece of the market, some analysts say Windows will account for only 1.3 percent of tablet shipments this year.
7 Essential Services for Environmental Compliance
6/25/2012   (4) comments
A comprehensive service will provide the actual data for chemicals that is easily retrieved, sorted, and presented in a standard format.
Another Blow to Nokia
News of the Day  
6/22/2012   (43) comments
When Microsoft releases Windows Phone 8 in the fall, it won't be able to run on Nokia's current Lumia phones.
You've Found Counterfeit Parts in Your Order. Now What? Part 1
World Micro Scope  
6/22/2012   (5) comments
Although the industry is moving toward the confiscation of counterfeit devices, that might not be the best solution.
Building a Flexible Business Model
Barbara Jorgensen  
6/21/2012   (6) comments
Collaboration sometimes means making exceptions to the way you usually conduct business.
A Materials Planning Case Study, Part 2
Götz-Andreas Kemmner  
6/21/2012   Post a comment
By running a series of "what if" scenarios, performance parameters are set for cargo optimization, exception management, and the phase-in or phase-out of specific items.
Chinese Manufacturing Slows on Drop in Orders
News of the Day  
6/21/2012   (9) comments
China's manufacturing sector continues to struggle with new export orders falling to their lowest levels in seven months.
Completing the Circle: Hardware/Software Deals
6/21/2012   (2) comments
To differentiate themselves, hardware companies are increasingly hunting for software developers.
What Happens When a Major Customer Implodes?
Bolaji Ojo  
6/21/2012   (10) comments
What happens to the extended supply chain of suppliers, contractors, and other vendors when a major OEM's business suddenly collapses?
Add 'Outlet Outrage' to Your Lexicon
Barbara Jorgensen  
6/20/2012   (9) comments
Traveling with your high-tech device is actually less stressful than not having it at all, a study finds.
A Materials Planning Case Study, Part 1
Götz-Andreas Kemmner  
6/20/2012   (6) comments
A European electronics company manages about 3,000 items per year while phasing another 600 products in or out at the same time. Materials management continues to be a challenge
RIM Shedding Jobs
News of the Day  
6/20/2012   (19) comments
A day after Celestica said it will no longer manufacture the BlackBerry, RIM announced it will cut 2,000 to 3,000 jobs.
RIM, EMS Partner 'Winding Down' Relationship
News of the Day  
6/19/2012   (18) comments
Celestica said it will work closely with RIM as the companies disengage their manufacturing pact
FedEx Latest to Cut Costs
News of the Day  
6/19/2012   (12) comments
FedEx said its cargo shipment volume has declined for the first time in two years
PC Shipments Forecasted to Rise 5% in 2012
News of the Day  
6/19/2012   (21) comments
IDC expects a mid-single-digit rise in PC shipments in 2012 and forecasts steady growth through 2016 despite economic turmoil.
Ramtron to Cypress: 'No, but Let's Talk'
Bolaji Ojo  
6/18/2012   (6) comments
Ramtron has declined Cypress's acquisition offer, but it has opened up the opportunity for further discussion between the two companies.
Procurement & the New Normal
Barbara Jorgensen  
6/18/2012   (1) comment
The market volatility that came with the 2009 recession is going to stick around for the next two or three years.
Intel to Buy 1,700 InterDigital Patents for $375M
News of the Day  
6/18/2012   (5) comments
Intel says it has agreed to buy 1,700 wireless technologies patents from InterDigital as it boosts mobile communications investment.
More Bad News for Nokia
Anna Young  
6/18/2012   (30) comments
Moody's has cut Nokia's debt rating to junk and issued it a negative outlook, further complicating financing for the troubled handset maker
Should Microsoft Buy Nokia or Make Its Own Smartphone?
Bolaji Ojo  
6/18/2012   (12) comments
Microsoft is speculated to be ready to announce its own tablets. What stops it from getting into the smartphone market or buying Nokia?
Will Infineon Be Forced to Pay Qimonda $4.2B?
Bolaji Ojo  
6/15/2012   (8) comments
Qimonda's bankruptcy administrator wants Infineon to pay $4.2 billion for allegedly failing to fund the IC maker adequately.
China RoHS, US EPA Regulations Move Forward
News of the Day  
6/15/2012   (11) comments
China is clarifying the scope of its proposal to restrict hazardous materials in electronics, and the EPA wants to revise its regulation on solid waste.
The Stupid Futility of Cost Cutting
Bolaji Ojo  
6/14/2012   (18) comments
Job cuts during a downturn may reduce expenses, but it won't boost sales and margin growth, which is what companies need to be profitable.
Triple Whammy in the PC Arena
News of the Day  
6/14/2012   (8) comments
First, HP announced job cuts. Then Dell said it was cutting expenses by $2 billion. Now Lenovo is worried about India.
Nokia Job Cuts Don't & Won't Impress Anyone
Bolaji Ojo  
6/14/2012   (13) comments
A plan to cut 10,000 jobs will ease cashflow pressures, but it won't cure the firm or improve its competitive position.
Why Manufacturing Matters
The Sanity Clause  
6/14/2012   (12) comments
Anyone who doubts the link between production and technology knowhow should recall the hard lessons of American TV and steel manufacturers.
Nokia to Cut 10,000 Jobs, Divest Assets
News of the Day  
6/14/2012   (17) comments
Nokia says it will lay off 10,000 employees and sell some assets to reduce operating costs and energize its struggling phone business.
Top Cloud Computing Myths
Dr. Cagri Tanriover  
6/13/2012   (14) comments
Cloud computing is useful, but there are numerous misconceptions about what it is and how much it can really help firms achieve.
12 Tips for Managing a Global Brand
Bolaji Ojo  
6/13/2012   Post a comment
Respondents to a research survey identify what they believe are the key actions a global company can take to improve operations.
A Brighter Forecast for US Solar Market
News of the Day  
6/13/2012   (3) comments
Data from the first few months of the year indicates the US solar market is poised for unexpected growth.
Supply Chain in the Cloud
Logical Link  
6/13/2012   (3) comments
Lenovo is leveraging the cloud to improve its supply chain, but is the industry overemphasizing the utility of this technology?
Counterfeiters Exploit Obsolescence
News of the Day  
6/13/2012   (7) comments
Instead of losing their value, some electronics components become more in-demand the minute they are discontinued.
Purchasing: Risks in 'Virtual' Second Sources
Ken Bradley  
6/13/2012   (1) comment
What factors should a components buyer consider when certifying a vendor as a potential source of alternate parts?
Cypress Pursues Hostile Takeover of Ramtron
Bolaji Ojo  
6/12/2012   (14) comments
Cypress has renewed its offer for Ramtron, but this time the chip vendor indicates it will be more aggressive in pursuing the target.
Apple Elevates Supply Chain Under Cook
Tam Harbert  
6/12/2012   (7) comments
Apple's Tim Cook is molding the firm to conform to his own management strategy, and the supply chain is getting increased visibility as a result.
Top 10 Rules for Alternate Parts Sourcing
6/12/2012   (3) comments
Buyers face numerous risks when sourcing replacements for parts. Here are a few tips for managing the process.
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