Posts posted in June 2013
Prices May Soar on EDI Transactions
Scott Koegler  
6/28/2013   (23) comments
GXS, the transaction hub for millions of EDI transactions, is changing its policy regarding how trading partners connect. The proposed changes will increase charges to all trading partners.
New China Train System Aims at IT Supply Chains
Marc Herman  
6/28/2013   (22) comments
China is on track to have a new train system, which may be good news for the semiconductor industry there.
Pursue Innovation, Reject Novelty
Logical Link  
6/27/2013   (50) comments
Companies need some structure for developing innovative supply chain ideas, not just implementing them.
The Road to Smart Supply Chain Marketing
Savvy Tech Marketing  
6/27/2013   (14) comments
A good marketing message and strategy is the first step to winning customers. A few easy steps will put any company on the right road.
Manufacturing Trends Revolutionize Procurement
Tam Harbert  
6/26/2013   (17) comments
In the wake of the new industrial revolution, supply chain professionals will need to think about their jobs in whole new ways.
Mitigate a Supply Chain Career Disaster
Career Engineering  
6/26/2013   (39) comments
A personal risk management plan will help you avoid career disaster in the supply chain world.
Tweak the Supply Chain From Your Phone
Laurie Sullivan  
6/25/2013   (36) comments
The smartphone is a stellar tool for many supply chain tasks.
Manage Your Suppliers, Protect Your Brand
Peter Buxbaum  
6/25/2013   (20) comments
There are a number of steps electronics manufacturers can take to avoid Apple's fiasco with Foxconn.
Apple Preps Supply Chain for Battle Ahead
At the Source  
6/24/2013   (35) comments
With new products about to be launched, Apple’s latest strategy shifts reveal the company’s concern over its supply chain.
The Supply Chain After the Disaster
Logical Link  
6/24/2013   (14) comments
A look at how the electronics supply chain recovers components damaged by disaster.
A New Prescription for Medical Devices
Kishore Jethanandani  
6/21/2013   (27) comments
Medical devices industry is now open for business with EMS companies, but not necessarily for cost reduction in distant regions.
Identify Your Sources of Conflict Minerals
6/21/2013   (14) comments
Conflict minerals research expedited by third-party services and tools will become as essential as the polluted air you breathe.
Lenovo's on a Hot Streak
Logical Link  
6/20/2013   (25) comments
A Lenovo-NEC smartphone joint venture would build on the companies' existing PC supply chain relationships.
A One-Country Supply Chain Won’t Work
Peter Buxbaum  
6/20/2013   (12) comments
Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs says it wants to develop on in-country integrated mobile handset supply chain. Not such a good idea.
Transferring Sourcing & Payment to the Cloud
Sohaib Masood  
6/19/2013   (21) comments
Collaboration with sourcing partners and B2B payments continues to be the biggest issue faced by supply chain managers today. Let's see how we can use cloud technology to solve this issue.
The Heart of Responsible E-Waste Recycling
Susan Fourtané  
6/19/2013   (18) comments
By getting back to basics, the industry can make huge inroads into creating a better world for future generations.
Vietnam Stymied by Ongoing Port Headache
Marc Herman  
6/18/2013   (7) comments
Asia's transportation revolution was supposed to change how you do business in 10 years. How's it going?
Onshoring an Option for Electronics Industry
Jim O'Reilly  
6/18/2013   (8) comments
Shifting political and economic considerations make the US a better place for some electronics manufacturing.
iPhone Forecast Raises Eyebrows
Logical Link  
6/17/2013   (55) comments
An analyst’s bearish forecast for the iPhone sends shivers through the global supply chain.
Manufacturers Can Learn From Showrooming
Laurie Sullivan  
6/17/2013   (28) comments
The supply chain business model requires novel ways of thinking to slim down and cut costs. Along that line, perhaps the electronics industry can learn from showrooming in the retail sector.
Boeing Cuts Both Risk & Costs
Logical Link  
6/14/2013   (23) comments
After reducing risk by spreading out its operations, Boeing shakes up its engineering department to improve profitability.
A Guide to Greener Electronics
Susan Fourtané  
6/14/2013   (34) comments
In the race to be first in Greenpeace's Guide to Greener Electronics, Indian Wipro debuts on top of the list.
DoD Issues Electronics Counterfeit Rule
Peter Buxbaum  
6/13/2013   (8) comments
The US Department of Defense has issued a proposed rule that would require DoD contractors to implement counterfeit electronic part detection systems as part of their approved systems.
Solid State Memory Gains on HDDs
Tam Harbert  
6/13/2013   (13) comments
Price is no longer a dealbreaker in using solid state memory in devices like PCs and servers that traditionally favored hard disk drives.
Smartphones Keep Getting Smarter & Your Supply Chain Should, Too
Logical Link  
6/12/2013   (16) comments
As smartphone OSs become a key enabler, a shift from hardware design to software development will put different pressures on the supply chain.
Conflict Minerals: A PR Opportunity
6/12/2013   (10) comments
Companies fighting conflict mineral rules face an uphill battle. By embracing these rules, they can rebuild the public trust and please investors.
Everything Has a Cost
Gerry Fay  
6/11/2013   (4) comments
Failing to plan may represent the greatest risk of all to the global supply chain.
Supply Chain Complexity Expands Risk
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
6/11/2013   (3) comments
Potential risk is part of nearly every aspect of the supply chain. Deciding where to focus is becoming increasingly important.
More Manufacturers Recycle Their Electronics
Susan Fourtané  
6/11/2013   (27) comments
Putting the public interest above competition, more electronics manufacturers are providing recycling options for their customers.
Prepare Your Supply Chain for Natural Disasters
Logical Link  
6/10/2013   (14) comments
Natural disasters wreak havoc to the tune of $100 billion in annual damages, says a UN report. To cope, companies need improved risk management strategies.
Weed Out Bad Parts Before They Hurt You
Judith M. Myerson  
6/10/2013   (3) comments
Catch those unwanted items before they reach the end customers. If you don't, you could lose that customer.
The Stigma of Chinese Brands
Logical Link  
6/7/2013   (24) comments
Americans, many of whom cannot name a Chinese brand, say they wouldn't knowingly buy Chinese products.
IEMI Readies Its Anti-Counterfeit Plan
Marc Herman  
6/7/2013   (3) comments
The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative claims it knows how to keep fake components out of your supply chain.
When Mother Nature Wants Your Business
Marc Herman  
6/6/2013   (10) comments
Joint collaboration, predictive modeling, and global mapping are the newest ways to keep supply moving amid natural disaster.
TSI Finds New Life in an Old Fab
Tam Harbert  
6/6/2013   (11) comments
CEO Sagar Pushpala finds a niche in a growing market to produce chips in an old NEC plant.
High-Gain Questions Lead to Wins
Career Engineering  
6/5/2013   (13) comments
When you want to propose a new process or procedure, you need to start with great questions that elicit information needed to persuade your group to move forward.
Conflict Minerals Compliance Offers Opportunities
Peter Buxbaum  
6/5/2013   (5) comments
PricewaterhouseCoopers says a conflict minerals compliance program can help optimize electronics supply chains and enhance company brands.
A Manufacturing Revolution Starts in the Cloud
Logical Link  
6/4/2013   (11) comments
The promise of cloud computing has hit the manufacturing part of the supply chain, at least in theory. Reality might be different.
Why Your Customers Favor Recycling
Susan Fourtané  
6/4/2013   (35) comments
After extolling the virtues of electronics recycling, a writer finds her devices set a good example.
Auto Infotainment Hits the Supply Chain
B. Cameron Gain  
6/3/2013   (14) comments
Mass-volume carmakers are rolling out in-car infotainment systems that were previously luxury car-only offerings.
Save Money on Rentals With RFID
6/3/2013   (18) comments
Radio frequency identification device technology is rapidly gaining interest by assuring the integrity of supply chains through rules-based management.

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