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Central Europe: Where Opportunities Equal Challenges
Anna Young  
7/29/2011   (19) comments
The opportunities are vast, but tapping the Central and Eastern European medical equipment market will require nonconventional strategies.
Writer's Block; What Is Holding You Back?
Al Maag  
7/28/2011   (25) comments
Writer's block occurs in all of us, even if writing is not part of our normal business or personal activity.
Datasheets: A Resource for Engineers & Procurement
Bolaji Ojo  
7/28/2011   (17) comments
Datasheets.com was created by engineers for design and procurement specialists as a one-stop location for information on components.
ComicCon 2011: Lots of Excitement, But Not Much 3D
Semico Spin  
7/28/2011   (14) comments
The annual convention for the comics market took place last week in San Diego and captivated attendees with new electronics offerings.
Market Keeps Close Eye on Inventory
Barbara Jorgensen  
7/27/2011   (10) comments
This quarter, in addition to the overall economy, analysts are worried about inventory.
Israel, Barcelona, & High-Tech Glory
Logical Link  
7/27/2011   (15) comments
What advantages does a location get from being considered a high-tech hub, and how can the industry tap these for product innovation?
China Is Not Asia; India Awaits
Marc Herman  
7/27/2011   (24) comments
At some point, the advantages offered by India's English-speaking population will attract manufacturers who now flock to China.
An Apple Store by Any Other Name...
Barbara Jorgensen  
7/26/2011   (17) comments
The stores weren't selling bogus products, the stores themselves were fake: They weren’t operating under any kind of license from Apple Inc.
Toshiba Answers India's Call
Bolaji Ojo  
7/26/2011   (27) comments
Toshiba is expanding its investment in India after the government asked for increased high-tech design and manufacturing in the country.
Freight Rates Are on the Rise
Barbara Jorgensen  
7/25/2011   (15) comments
Rate increases are pesky things: once they are enacted, they almost never, ever are reversed.
Biting the Hand That Feeds You
Diane Trommer  
7/25/2011   (51) comments
GE continues to pour billions of dollars into technical development in foreign economies, particularly China.
Pay No Attention to That Man Behind the Curtain...
Virtual Vantage  
7/25/2011   (15) comments
The open market is a wonderful thing, driven by the classic rules of supply and demand, but it can also be a demon.
It's July: Are You Ready for Christmas?
Change in the Chain  
7/25/2011   (11) comments
It's time to start planning for the seasonally strong end-of-year sales. Here are some tips to get you started.
Death, Taxes & Fuel Surcharges
Gerry Fay  
7/22/2011   (17) comments
Logistics costs are rising, driven up by fuel surcharges, but these expenses can be slashed if companies work more closely with partners.
Materials Pressures Easing
Barbara Jorgensen  
7/22/2011   (10) comments
Despite component makers' expectations that third quarter demand will be soft, Taiwan-based materials suppliers are running full throttle.
Small Cubes, Giant Savings
Logical Link  
7/22/2011   (19) comments
The packaging industry is using a process called "cubing" to cut logistics costs, and the high-tech market could benefit from this.
Why Another Social Site? Because It's Google, Baby
Andy Lawson  
7/22/2011   (50) comments
It wasn't just curiosity that drove 10 million people to sign up for Google+ in two weeks; it's the value in the Google brand.
Names Can Be Phony, Too
World Micro Scope  
7/21/2011   (12) comments
The electronics component distribution market throws around many names and descriptions that don't adequately describe what the industry does.
Display Market Outsourcing Accelerates
Barbara Jorgensen  
7/21/2011   (9) comments
Panel manufacturers are taking a hit in Q2, so the rate of outsourcing is increasing. Will the display industry go fabless?
Your Design Software May Be Pirated
Tam Harbert  
7/21/2011   (8) comments
There is a booming business in illegal software online, where pirates market and sell low-cost copies of these expensive packages.
China: The Threat & the Opportunity
Bolaji Ojo  
7/21/2011   (13) comments
China can originate and transmit systemic shock to the global economy due to its central role in manufacturing and finance, says the IMF.
Books Without Borders: Collapse of a Business Model
Barbara Jorgensen  
7/20/2011   (23) comments
Analysts say the main reason Borders will liquidate as early as Friday is its inability to keep pace with the digital media age.
10 Tips for Avoiding Counterfeit Components
Dawn Gluskin  
7/20/2011   (20) comments
Here are ten suggestions for avoiding counterfeit components infiltrating your supply chain.
California Jumpstarts Green Chemistry Regulation
Michael Kirschner  
7/20/2011   (12) comments
California has named a new director to oversee its Green Chemistry Regulation program, and this will help move the efforts forward.
Apple Spreads the Largesse
Bolaji Ojo  
7/20/2011   (14) comments
Apple's success has also been a blessing to many in the world, including governments, consumers, shareholders, and the competition.
DRAM Price Reductions to Slow
Barbara Jorgensen  
7/19/2011   (4) comments
DRAM prices dropped by 14.2 percent in Q1 of this year, says IHS iSuppli, but the rate of decline is going to slow and then level off.
A Solution to the 450mm Equipment Problem
Semico Spin  
7/19/2011   (5) comments
The 450mm wafer is still one of the most contentious topics in the semiconductor industry
Third-Party Software Risks
Andy Chou  
7/19/2011   (9) comments
Third-party software codes are gaining grounds in the electronics industry but not enough is being done to test them rigorously.
Finland Numbed by Nokia's Travails
Susan Fourtané  
7/18/2011   (26) comments
Nokia was once Finland's crown jewel, but following its problems, Finns are detaching their country's image from that of the phone-maker.
Companies Focus on Strategic Sourcing of Displays
Barbara Jorgensen  
7/18/2011   (4) comments
Panel makers and consumers of displays are shoring up their supply lines through joint ventures and outsourcing agreements targeted at reducing procurement costs.
Will Philips Get It Right This Time?
Logical Link  
7/18/2011   (12) comments
Philips Electronics has outlined several steps it plans to take to revive operations, but its record does not inspire confidence.
Countering Counterfeits
Dawn Gluskin  
7/18/2011   (24) comments
Here are a few actions suggested by the Electronic Resellers Association International to halt the spread of fake components.
Made in, But Can't Be Used in, China
Marc Herman  
7/15/2011   (30) comments
Much of the high-tech equipment manufactured in China cannot be used as freely in the country as it is in the West.
VC Firms Looking for a Few Good EEs
Barbara Jorgensen  
7/15/2011   (14) comments
Venture capital firms usually negotiate positions on a company's board of directors. Now, they are hiring would-be founders.
9 Key Trends in Green Supply Chain
Logical Link  
7/15/2011   (13) comments
The industry is moving out of regulation-driven sustainability initiatives in the supply chain and embracing goals-driven programs.
5 Ways a US Default/Downgrade Could Hit Electronics
Bolaji Ojo  
7/14/2011   (12) comments
What are the likely implications for electronics manufacturers of a US default on borrowings and a credit rating downgrade?
Avnet's Roy Vallee: You Can Lose the Battle But Win the War
Barbara Jorgensen  
7/14/2011   (5) comments
Vallee in his early career at Avnet never finished a box of business cards, because his title changed so frequently.
Engineer Locally, Win Globally
Prasad Bhatt  
7/14/2011   (11) comments
A local engineering R&D partner can help a global company create new sales opportunities by offering input on a distinct regional market.
Toshiba Revamps Regional LCD Supply Chain
Barbara Jorgensen  
7/13/2011   (5) comments
In an effort to increase its competitiveness in the North American consumer market, Toshiba is selling its Mexico-based LCD plant to Compal Electronics.
Conflict Minerals: To Wait, or Not to Wait?
Ken Manchen  
7/13/2011   (9) comments
The Conflict Minerals law represents an attempt to address a problem, but it's not certain this will help resolve the conflict in the DRC.
Forecasts & Hype vs. Actual Tablet Shipment
Bolaji Ojo  
7/13/2011   (10) comments
Forecasts for tablet PCs aren't matching actual demand, potentially throwing a wrench into manufacturing and other supply chain planning.
Tablet Wars Head to Patent Court
Marc Herman  
7/13/2011   (16) comments
The major OEMs are moving their battle for dominance in the tablet and smartphone sectors from the marketplace to the courtroom.
Looking for the Ultimate in Display Technology
Barbara Jorgensen  
7/12/2011   (10) comments
Someday, users will be able to roll up solar-powered OLED displays into a cigar-sized tube and take them along wherever they go.
Don't Blame Independent Distributors Alone for Fake Parts, Part 2
Dawn Gluskin  
7/12/2011   (15) comments
This part of a series on counterfeiting addresses why it is wrong to cut off independent distributors from the electronics supply chain.
Tablet or E-Reader: Which Should You Bet On?
Logical Link  
7/12/2011   (23) comments
The e-reader and tablet market is in flux with forecasting not matching demand, so which product should the supply chain bet on?
Will Chipmakers & Investors Respond to India's Request for Local Fab?
Bolaji Ojo  
7/11/2011   (8) comments
India wants investors to build chip fabrication facilities in its territory, but its method of achieving this goal is unusual.
Will Google+ Be a Game Changer for Businesses?
Al Maag  
7/11/2011   (18) comments
Google plans an enterprise verison of Google+, a distinction that could help companies in their use of social media for marketing goals.
Best-Practices for Managing Material Costs, Part 3
Linda Elkins  
7/11/2011   (1) comment
This concludes a series on what OEMs and EMS providers should do to more effectively manage material costs in an outsourced environment.
Foxconn Gets Into the Mall-Building Business
Barbara Jorgensen  
7/8/2011   (12) comments
Foxconn manufactures everything from components to finished systems, provides the lowest possible cost model to companies that outsource their manufacturing, and is now entering the retail market.
How Škoda Changed Gears
Logical Link  
7/8/2011   (9) comments
Škoda has transformed its automotive business by partnering with Volkswagen in what could be an example to other troubled OEMs.
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