Posts posted in July 2013
Supply Chain Management Gets Some Respect
Tam Harbert  
7/31/2013   (20) comments
Today, more universities and colleges are offering programs for supply chain management and salaries are on the rise. How can the industry help get students interested in entering the supply chain profession?
Tricky Move: Changing Your EDI Provider
Scott Koegler  
7/30/2013   (26) comments
You don't want to be held hostage by your EDI provider. Here's a look at the possible pitfalls when making a switch.
The Startup Experience: Being the Business
Kimberly Bagby  
7/30/2013   (32) comments
In the finale of a three-part series, an IC startup CFO explores the ways that being part of a family-owned electronics business forms the people who do it.
Construction Industry Offers Strategies to Fight Counterfeiting
Linda Rosencrance  
7/29/2013   (18) comments
A Construction Industry Institute investigation into the production of knock-off construction materials in low-cost sourcing countries finds –- among other things -– that these materials are often accompanied by fraudulent documents attesting to their quality and integrity. The CII offers strategies for fighting the problem.
Plan for the Everyday Events
Frank Cavallaro  
7/26/2013   (38) comments
It's critical to think beyond just what's possible and put strategies in place that focus on addressing the events you are likely to face every day.
Economic Reform Can Defend Against Counterfeit ICs
Apek Mulay  
7/26/2013   (24) comments
In addition to nearly $600 billion in trade deficits that have resulted from free trade policies, the counterfeit electronics entering the United States supply chain from China has become a national security threat.
The Onshoring Debate Rages
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
7/25/2013   (36) comments
There's a lot to be said for – and against – bringing electronics manufacturing back to the US. The debate on this hot topic continues at EBN.
Planning for a $30 Trillion Emerging Markets Opportunity
Suzanne Deffree  
7/25/2013   (17) comments
The best plan of attack for emerging market success is supply chain management that never settles on a plan.
Disaster Alerts Set to Save Supply Chains
Kishore Jethanandani  
7/24/2013   (37) comments
As sensor technology evolves, disaster alert systems are becoming a solid tool to give the supply chain an early heads up about potential natural disasters.
Sometimes the Best Way Forward Is Reverse
Marc Herman  
7/23/2013   (17) comments
Ten years ago, the electronics industry only dabbled in reverse logistics. That's changing.
M&A in the Distribution Industry Drives Consolidation
7/22/2013   (8) comments
Avnet continues to dominate mergers and acquisitions in the semiconductor distribution marketplace.
Share Your Supply Chain Knowledge
Savvy Tech Marketing  
7/19/2013   (23) comments
Sharing your supply chain expertise in technology publications can help establish you as an industry leader.
Hi-Flex Sourcing for Better Inventory Management
Jim O'Reilly  
7/18/2013   (9) comments
More flexible and smarter sourcing reduces inventory risk in high-tech and similar industries.
The Human Element in EMS
Eric H. Miscoll  
7/17/2013   (20) comments
With many electronics manufacturers considering a return to a regional approach -- building in the region for the region -- managers are realizing that things will have to change to help them find the skilled workers needed.
Spying Claims Cast Shadow Over US-EU Trade Talks
Logical Link  
7/16/2013   (12) comments
With spying allegations hanging over US-EU trade talks, long-awaited negotiations could prove a big boost for both sides. If they don't go through, supply chain professionals may add them to the list of risks worth watching.
Managing When Your Eggs Are (Almost) All in One Basket
Frank Cavallaro  
7/15/2013   (24) comments
Do you find that a small handful of clients generate the majority of your revenue? Establishing a culture that not only acknowledges this, but also mitigates potential risks is essential to managing time and resources.
Logistics: One Size Does Not Fit All
Gerry Fay  
7/12/2013   (16) comments
With any new venture, organizations must do their due diligence before committing to set up shop in emerging markets.
5 Potential Pitfalls in International Reverse Logistics
Frank Cavallaro  
7/12/2013   (4) comments
Your organization has just received an international reverse logistics contract. How do you minimize company and client risk when your reverse logistics service offering crosses borders?
US Tech Investments Are Only Skin Deep
At the Source  
7/11/2013   (11) comments
The decision by Motorola Mobility to open a US factory belies the fact that other OEMs don’t see the US as an attractive manufacturing hub.
OASIS PPS: Plan, Schedule & Collaborate
Judith M. Myerson  
7/10/2013   (4) comments
The PPS, an open-source framework, offers a standard for collaborative planning and scheduling between manufacturing industries.
Directories Start Getting More Social
Laurie Sullivan  
7/9/2013   (12) comments
B2B directories have long served as guides to suppliers, but now they're starting to look more like social networks with user-generated content and ratings from customers.
Americas Enjoy Chip Sales, Employment Gains
Suzanne Deffree  
7/8/2013   (31) comments
With SIA data showing notable growth and employment on the rise, the Americas region had more than one reason to celebrate this past weekend.
Find Your Perfect Outsourcing Mate
Frank Cavallaro  
7/5/2013   (17) comments
When outsourcing work, it's essential to find partners who fit seamlessly with your team's culture. Here's how to do that.
Warehousing Ops: Don't Forget the Data
Scott Koegler  
7/5/2013   (10) comments
Third-party logistics providers can provide key operations services. The key to success is ensuring these partners provide critical real-time data.
In Search of the Fully Automated Supply Chain
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
7/4/2013   (27) comments
Automation is the wave of the future, but how far will it go? We started the conversation in a recent chat, but let's keep it going.
Reduce Lead Times & Slash Inventories
Peter Buxbaum  
7/3/2013   (7) comments
Cutting systemic lead time out of the electronics supply chain can drastically reduce inventories.
Coming Home to a New World
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
7/2/2013   (17) comments
More than twenty years ago, EBN gave me a start in the electronics industry. Now, I'm coming home to a radically different notion of the supply chain.
Mobile Heath Tests Supply Chain Fitness
Logical Link  
7/2/2013   (7) comments
Fitness enthusiasts are embracing wearable and mobile health devices. Now, the supply chain better start training what promises to be a surge in the mHealth industry.
‘Distribution’ Is an Understatement
Suzanne Deffree  
7/1/2013   (15) comments
Many of us call what we do or participate in “distribution.” However, describing this business, and all its services and partnerships, as distribution is too simplistic.

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