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Onshoring Trend Cooling Off
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/31/2011   (8) comments
Only 15 percent of manufacturers moved production back to North America in Q2, down from the 27 percent reporting "reshoring" in the first quarter.
US Thumps China in Solar Panel Shipment
Ariella Brown  
8/31/2011   (35) comments
The US recorded a trade surplus versus China in the shipment of solar panels, and a $600 million investment from GE will only enhance this.
Bumbling HP Strikes Again
Bolaji Ojo  
8/31/2011   (13) comments
HP will make more of its TouchPad tablet PC even after deciding to exit the market, another sign the company seems to have lost its way.
Smoothing Out Bumps During Supply Chain Expansion
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/30/2011   (5) comments
Expansion across regions means significant and often costly disruption to the OEM supply chain.
Axis of Distrust: Internet, Google & TV, Part 2
Anna Young  
8/30/2011   (12) comments
Insights from Google's chairman on how the Internet will change how we watch TV and the kind of content available to the individual viewer.
Kindle vs. iPad: 'Nasty' Tablet War Ahead?
Bolaji Ojo  
8/29/2011   (25) comments
Forrester says Amazon will enter the tablet PC market with lower-cost devices that may hurt Apple's iPad and gadgets from other rivals.
A Tighter Knot Needed for Inventory & Marketing
Laurie Sullivan  
8/29/2011   (3) comments
How inventory feeds from supply chain managers to marketers could drive positive returns.
The Other Europe: A Look at Hungary
Logical Link  
8/29/2011   (28) comments
Hungary once attracted major electronics OEMs but is the country still as competitive for manufacturers?
Axis of Distrust: Internet, Google & TV, Part 1
Anna Young  
8/29/2011   (13) comments
TV consumption is moving to the Web, giving viewers a chance to specify what they watch but also disrupting old business models.
M&A to Accelerate in EMS/ODM Market
iSuppli EMS, ODM Insights  
8/26/2011   (4) comments
Net cash position has improved strongly for contract manufacturers and ODMs, setting the stage for more merger-and-acquisition activity.
New Technology Boosts Automated Product Tracking
Scott Koegler  
8/26/2011   (12) comments
A new technology named GDSN is helping businesses improve product information collection, tracking, and sharing worldwide.
C'mon, Irene
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/26/2011   (24) comments
Does it hurt to be prepared? By the time I get to the store, milk, water, and possibly generators will be out of stock.
Country Watch: Indonesia Carves a Stable Niche
Marc Herman  
8/26/2011   (6) comments
Indonesia produces metals that start the electronic goods supply chain, and it buys end-products, but it's not involved in the manufacturing process.
Weak Overseas Demand for Chinese Goods Causing Jitters
Logical Link  
8/26/2011   (13) comments
It was a only a matter of time before the effects of what looks to be another global slowdown reached the Asian tiger's shores.
AMD, Apple & the Cult of Personality
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/25/2011   (17) comments
AMD's stock price went up on the news of a new CEO; Apple's went down.
Thank You, Steve Jobs
Bolaji Ojo  
8/25/2011   (22) comments
Steve Jobs is resigning as Apple CEO, but while transforming the company, he showed customers don't have to settle for mediocre products.
Why the Supply Chain Is Stronger
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/24/2011   (5) comments
With events such as Japan's earthquake/tsunami, wild swings in the stock market, and entire countries drowning in debt, it is hard to see how the supply chain is stronger than ever.
Match.com for Trading Partners
Scott Koegler  
8/24/2011   (7) comments
A new service lets companies match trading partners based on existing e-commerce capabilities, cutting down on costs and development time.
Epiphany or Disillusion: What's Driving OEMs Today?
At the Source  
8/24/2011   (6) comments
Many electronics OEMs are retooling operations, shuttering, selling, or exiting businesses, but what exactly is driving these changes?
Apple Can Be Beaten
Bolaji Ojo  
8/23/2011   (49) comments
To beat Apple in the tablet market, manufacturers need to compete, not just on the aesthetics of their products, but also on pricing.
OLED Technology Gets a Boost in Samsung-Universal Deal
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/23/2011   (14) comments
Although OLED is a good fit for the needs of cellphones and products requiring small, energy-efficient displays, expanding development into larger displays has been held back partly due to the lack of volume production.
The Other Europe: A Look at Poland
Logical Link  
8/23/2011   (11) comments
Europe is in a fiscal crisis but there are segments of the continent that are still growing and have good prospects.
Any Chance for National E-Waste Legislation?
Ken Manchen  
8/23/2011   (21) comments
The US signed the Basel agreement to ban the export of electronics waste but did not ratify the convention. Is this about to change?
Top 10 Recommendations for the Holiday Season
Bolaji Ojo  
8/22/2011   (26) comments
Here are 10 recommendations for bucking the soft economic trend and having a bumper harvest this holiday season.
Developing an Optimal Parts Management System, Part 2
Götz-Andreas Kemmner  
8/22/2011   (3) comments
Companies can develop standards for identifying and forecasting demand patterns to help in managing product inventories
Utilities IT Upgrades Offer OEM Opportunities
Anna Young  
8/22/2011   (7) comments
Utilities are hiking IT equipment spending and creating opportunities for high-tech firms willing to explore non-traditional markets.
Are Smartphones Killing Handheld Gaming? Part 2
Semico Spin  
8/22/2011   (15) comments
If handheld game equipment makers fail to stem the encroachment from smartphones, the market could become even smaller than it is now.
Dancing on HP's Grave? Not Yet
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/19/2011   (26) comments
I want HP to reboot the PC business so we can stop talking about the "post-PC era" or the "Apple vs. everyone else" world.
Muddled Thinking Sinks HP
Bolaji Ojo  
8/19/2011   (11) comments
Something just doesn't sit right with how Hewlett-Packard is handling the planned strategic review of its PC business.
A Glimpse Into the Future: Self-Driving Pods
Logical Link  
8/18/2011   (26) comments
Transporters are welcoming a self-driving vehicle as electronics continue to make inroads into all areas of human activities.
Market Madness and a Saner Supply Chain
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/18/2011   (4) comments
Just a scan of today's headlines will give you an idea why electronics executives don't forecast business more than a quarter ahead.
India Builds, but Will Electronics Makers Come?
Bolaji Ojo  
8/18/2011   (17) comments
India is planning and building the infrastructure it believes will support domestic electronics production, but will vendors bite?
Technology Advances Simplify LED Supply Chain
Solid State Revolution  
8/18/2011   (6) comments
The LED binning process can result in unpredictable yields and other issues, but recent technological developments can mitigate these problems.
Displays Impeding Production Targets – What's Next for Panel Makers?
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/17/2011   (4) comments
Usually semiconductors cause the most supply problems, but now LCDs are creating headaches for OEMs.
Top Hiring Mistakes, Part 2
Carla Mahrt  
8/17/2011   (33) comments
In this second blog on top hiring mistakes we discuss problems that arise from dragging out the process and the undue emphasis on resumés.
Managing Business Relationships in the Cloud
Scott Koegler  
8/17/2011   (7) comments
Put your trading partner management in the Cloud/SaaS, and reduce your tech burden.
Are Smartphones Killing Handheld Gaming? Part 1
Semico Spin  
8/17/2011   (24) comments
Games on smartphones are eating into sales of handheld gaming devices and creating a headache for vendors.
Mapping China's Fabless Market
Bolaji Ojo  
8/16/2011   (9) comments
China's fabless IC market is ramping up, and a new report from EE Times Confidential shows how much the industry can expect from the sector.
A Bad Time to Run a Campaign
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/16/2011   (19) comments
Does any candidate have the guts to step back and suspend campaigning while we tackle the immediate crisis?
Creating an Optimal Parts Management System, Part 1
Götz-Andreas Kemmner  
8/16/2011   (6) comments
Inventory equilibrium remains a challenge for the electronics industry. Here's an example of how one company solved this problem.
7 Winning Tips for Medical Equipment Makers
At the Source  
8/16/2011   (13) comments
Frost & Sullivan has listed the criteria medical equipment OEM should adhere to if they want to be successful in the health-care market.
Asia Trembles as the West Reels
Marc Herman  
8/16/2011   (8) comments
Orders in the pipeline for the US holiday season face dramatically uncertain end markets due to concerns about the economy.
Why Microsoft Should Buy Nokia
Bolaji Ojo  
8/15/2011   (39) comments
The recent Google-Motorola Mobility deal reinforces why Microsoft and Nokia should cement their relationship with a formal acquisition.
Europe Economic Seesaw Continues
Logical Link  
8/15/2011   (6) comments
The euro currency area and the entire European Union are facing stiff economic pressures, and there are no signs relief will come soon.
A Primer on FeedThru MLVs
Ron Demcko  
8/15/2011   Post a comment
In addition to significant electrical advantages, FeedThru MLVs save more board space than equivalent diodes, ferrite beads, and capacitors.
Google Draws New Battle Line With Bid to Buy Motorola
Bolaji Ojo  
8/15/2011   (15) comments
Google will acquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion in a move that finally drags the software vendor fully into the hardware market.
Distributors' Share of China Chip Sales Is Shrinking
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/12/2011   (13) comments
In significant contrast to prevailing trends in the rest of the world, distributors' share of semiconductor sales in China are on the decline, according to IHS iSuppli.
The Power & Benefits of Search
Anna Young  
8/12/2011   (35) comments
Search engines open the world's information database to everyone and have additional benefits to which we should assign monetary value.
EDI & ROI Don't Always Mix
Scott Koegler  
8/11/2011   (10) comments
The decision to use EDI is often exempt from ROI determination, because the main factor is whether or not a customer mandates it.
Mixed Signals & Mad Money
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/11/2011   (4) comments
Company executives and market analysts admit they have no good explanation for the disparity in signals coming out of the global distribution customer base.
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