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Elements of a Sustainable Supply Chain
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/31/2012   (5) comments
From design through end of life, a sustainable product spares the environment, as well as the manufacturer's bottom line.
A Bruising War for Resources Looms
Bolaji Ojo  
8/31/2012   (3) comments
Economic turmoil is here, but so is fierce competition for resources. What does this conflict mean for businesses and the environment?
Data Overload Crimps Green Efforts
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/30/2012   (18) comments
Ensuring compliance with green rules by suppliers and OEMs is complicated by the huge amount of data generated in the audit process.
14 Key Considerations for the Winning Design
8/29/2012   (8) comments
A product succeeds or fails based on how thoroughly the design and manufacturing teams plan every stage of the life cycle.
Nokia & Microsoft Might Be the Real Winners in Apple vs. Samsung
Susan Fourtané  
8/29/2012   (84) comments
Following the Apple-Samsung verdict, Samsung's share price declined and both Nokia and Microsoft Europe were trading higher.
Green Design: A Fad, or a Real Business Opportunity?
Logical Link  
8/29/2012   (16) comments
News about products designed to reduce impact on the environment has dropped off. Is this still a goal for electronic enterprises?
Arrow Acquires EAD Provider Redemtech
News of the Day  
8/29/2012   (1) comment
Redemtech provides electronics asset disposal services including data removal, data security, refurbishment, and remarketing of electronic products.
US Government Fails Counterfeit Detection 101
Tam Harbert  
8/29/2012   (14) comments
Branches of the US government failed to alert the Defense Department to the presence of fake parts in the military supply chain.
Will Panama Canal Expansion Affect Your Supply Chain?
Logical Link  
8/28/2012   (9) comments
An expansion that will help the Panama Canal accommodate larger vessels may also produce economies of scale for those shipping cargo by sea.
How to Build Consumer Loyalty
Mitch Cline  
8/28/2012   (9) comments
Only one fifth (20 percent) of consumers say they feel "loyal" to their current consumer electronics manufacturers, suggesting that 80 percent feel no loyalty.
Can DNA Marking Solve 'Conflict-Mineral' Challenge?
8/28/2012   (11) comments
Technological innovations like DNA marking can help the electronics industry resolve the crisis posed by minerals sourced in war zones.
Who Else Feels the Apple/Samsung Verdict?
News of the Day  
8/27/2012   (6) comments
So far, the ruling has not included an injunction preventing Samsung from selling its products in the United States.
What the Apple-Samsung Case Wasn't About
The Sanity Clause  
8/27/2012   (6) comments
Apple won against Samsung because of its innovation and not because it invented the wireless phone. That credit belongs to others.
Anti-Counterfeit Measure: Get It in Writing
8/27/2012   (10) comments
Insist on written purchase terms when buying parts, and make sure the contract specifies recourse if fake items crop up in the supply chain.
Apple Scores a Pyrrhic Victory
Bolaji Ojo  
8/27/2012   (17) comments
Apple triumphed over Samsung in its US patent battle, but the buzz on the Web indicates many consumers aren't too happy with the verdict.
Seagate Unfolds Strategy for Emerging Markets
Logical Link  
8/27/2012   (15) comments
Despite last year's devastating flooding, Seagate says it remains committed to manufacturing in Thailand and exploring emerging markets.
Time to Redefine 'Waste' in the US
8/24/2012   (22) comments
When it comes to recycling, we certainly have room for improvement.
Robots Take the Next Step in Automation
Tam Harbert  
8/24/2012   (35) comments
Robots could be poised to revolutionize both electronics manufacturing and distribution.
RFID Tagging for Document Security
8/24/2012   (21) comments
RFID can act as a personal, digital signet ring that will provide the authentication that any email I sent has come from me and not from a source using my email address.
Chipmakers in Europe & Japan Hit Hardest in Q2
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/24/2012   (12) comments
Global semiconductor revenues fell by 3 percent in Q2, with leading companies in Europe and Japan suffering double-digit declines.
The CAT in the Town
8/23/2012   (14) comments
Caterpillar shows how a company can thrive while supporting its headquarters community by sourcing parts and components locally.
Audits Reduce Eco-Compliance Pain
Logical Link  
8/23/2012   (1) comment
Verifying the progress of environmental plans via audits is difficult and time consuming, but it has tangible benefits for businesses.
The Politics of Business Responsibility
The Sanity Clause  
8/23/2012   (6) comments
Businessman/politicians who seek to embrace both Adam Smith and Ayn Rand are deluding themselves – and the electorate.
European Distributors See Pockets of Hope
Logical Link  
8/23/2012   (12) comments
The story about Europe's growth potential or tumbling decline very much depends on who's telling the story.
What LG Display Is Doing Right
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/22/2012   (13) comments
LG Display is taking a risk in a fab conversion that may disrupt 80 percent of the factory's yield.
Residual Effects Abound From Thai Flooding
Supply Chain Intelligence  
8/22/2012   (4) comments
The waters have receded, but the lingering effects of last year's flooding in Thailand continues to have an impact on hard disk drive pricing.
The Dilemma of Growth vs. Green
8/22/2012   (11) comments
Technological innovations like 3D printing will impact manufacturing, but the effects on the environment will be as significant.
For Sharp, Good Technology Isn’t Enough
News of the Day  
8/21/2012   (12) comments
Sharp was hit by the double whammy of a strong yen and a weak TV market.
Big-Data, Big Problem
Tam Harbert  
8/21/2012   (18) comments
High-tech equipment vendors generate a vast amount of data daily, but analyzing and using the information remains a major challenge.
The Many Faces of Environmental Rules
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/21/2012   (5) comments
Environmental rules vary from one region and country to another, and the differences could complicate compliance efforts at electronics manufacturers.
Green Requires a Corner Office Champion
Bolaji Ojo  
8/21/2012   (6) comments
Achieving lasting compliance with environmental rules and getting the most out of the efforts require the support and leadership of the CEO.
In Asia-Pacific, Local OEMs Are Biggest Buyers
News of the Day  
8/20/2012   (10) comments
Companies headquartered in Asia-Pacific will drive chip-purchasing growth of 6 percent in that region in 2012, compared with 2.5 percent growth elsewhere.
Onshoring Expected to Net $2.5 Billion
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/20/2012   (3) comments
The bulk of the onshore value -- which includes operations and jobs -- will be generated by OEMs.
Wearable Technology Market Swings Higher
At the Source  
8/17/2012   (16) comments
Sale of wearable technology is surging, but as the market explodes the supply chain is playing catch up.
Creating the 3D Printing Supply Chain
8/17/2012   (21) comments
3D printing will set the supply chain on its head and create a new set of manufacturers and component vendors for the nascent market.
Illusions of 'Conflict-Free' Minerals
Bolaji Ojo  
8/16/2012   (22) comments
A report touts progress in curbing the spread of "conflict minerals" in the electronics supply chain but highlights continued challenges.
Wonder Alert: 3D Printing
8/16/2012   (14) comments
3D printing technology will affect the production of and support systems for electronic equipment. Is your supply chain getting ready?
Medical OEMs Dial 911 for RoHS
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/16/2012   (7) comments
The European Union's RoHS legislation is being extended to medical OEMs, but achieving compliance may be tougher than expected.
HP's Financial Wounds Are Still Festering
OJO on Corporate Finance  
8/15/2012   (3) comments
HP has been financially weakened by its numerous failed acquisitions, and it will have to take more special charges in the near future.
It's Not Easy Being Green
Wade McDaniel  
8/15/2012   (7) comments
The design and operation of a "green" supply chain is complicated by companies' need to factor in costs and shifting customer preferences.
Get Ready for 'Design for Disassembly'
8/14/2012   (8) comments
Waste management should be an integral part of product life cycle management hence the need to incorporate end-of-life in design phase
Vallee Boosted Distribution's Investment Profile
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/14/2012   (3) comments
Avnet's retiring executive chairman, Roy Vallee, helped redefine the distribution market and elevate its profile with investors.
Apple-Samsung: Can't We All Just Get Along?
Bolaji Ojo  
8/14/2012   (20) comments
The Apple/Samsung war over patents and designs may titillate audiences, but the real war for marketshare is taking place elsewhere.
Bridging the REACH Gulf With Sitmae
8/14/2012   (2) comments
Europe's Sitmae helps local and foreign companies understand and achieve compliance with the region's REACH environmental regulation.
Single Source Premium: Unnecessary Cost
Ken Bradley  
8/14/2012   (7) comments
Electronic companies that buy components from a single supplier typically end up paying an unnecessary premium for this "privilege."
US Green: 50 States, 50 Laws
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/13/2012   (4) comments
You might think the the US learned from the EU about the implementation of e-waste legislation. You'd be wrong.
Intel, RFID & an Industry in Transition
8/13/2012   (5) comments
RFID technology is taking us in the direction of greater security and more accurate inventory tracking, and Intel is onboard.
Avnet's Vallee Passes the Torch
Bolaji Ojo  
8/13/2012   (6) comments
Roy Vallee helped consolidate and reshape the components distribution market; as he moves on, the sector confronts the start of a new era.
The Paradox of Corporate Cleanliness
The Sanity Clause  
8/13/2012   (2) comments
Imagine how things might look if we matched the cleanliness profile of a company's head office with that corporation's pollution record.
Plasma Loses Share of US TV Market
News of the Day  
8/10/2012   (37) comments
Plasma makers are focusing on larger screens, and prices climbed to an average of more than $1,600 in July.
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