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Korea's Chaebol System a Boon to Samsung
Marc Herman  
9/30/2011   (21) comments
Korea's peculiar economic system has been leveraged by its leading manufacturers to make significant inroads into global markets.
When Business & the Environment Collide
Bruce Rayner  
9/30/2011   (23) comments
Siemens is getting out of the nuclear business in a swift response to environmental concerns from governments and individuals.
Inside the Apple Bubble
Bolaji Ojo  
9/29/2011   (30) comments
Apple's mystique and the fawning adulation of the analysts' community presents a danger to other players in the electronics supply chain.
A Tale of Two Companies & Social Media
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/28/2011   (17) comments
Users weighed in on Facebook and OnStar moves via Tweets, posts, and other media, and customers are being heard.
Is Your Business Face on Facebook?
Al Maag  
9/28/2011   (38) comments
With a staggering 800 million users, it's hard to ignore Facebook as a business tool.
'Sell More Stuff' Isn't a Long-Term Strategy
Logical Link  
9/28/2011   (18) comments
As soon as companies believe the darkest hours have passed them by, they immediately turn up the noise about selling more products to more people.
Tablet Users Willing to Pay for Digital Content
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/27/2011   (13) comments
According to a report by FTI Consulting, 74 percent of respondents say they read news online, but only 21 percent pay for that online news access.
Does 'Rent-to-Own' Work in Supply Chain?
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/27/2011   (10) comments
As the industry enters another rough patch, companies might want to look at more creative ways of doing business with small businesses and start-ups.
Top Hiring Mistakes, Part 3
Carla Mahrt  
9/27/2011   (23) comments
Here are four additional mistakes companies make in the recruitment process that may result in their missing the best candidates.
Are Tablets Doomed to Suffer Netbooks' Fate?
Bolaji Ojo  
9/27/2011   (21) comments
Tablets are eating into the sales of PCs, much like netbooks once did, but the two segments may suffer the same fate.
Is the EMS Industry Facing Another Recession?
iSuppli EMS, ODM Insights  
9/27/2011   (4) comments
Lessons learned from the last recession may lessen the worst effects of any future slump in the contract manufacturing market.
Silo Goal-Setting May Jeopardize Profit Generation
World Micro Scope  
9/26/2011   (6) comments
All segments of a company's organization must work closely together to enhance opportunities and lower total costs.
A Manifesto for Supply Chain Management
Scott Koegler  
9/26/2011   (12) comments
Here is a step-by-step guide to implementing a dependable supply chain management system.
Would You Buy a Chevy Volt?
Bolaji Ojo  
9/26/2011   (23) comments
The Chevy Volt has many desirable innovations, even if a few are still just concepts, but they will make it a top seller someday.
Designs, Decisions & Dollars
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/23/2011   (22) comments
The hardest information to find, design engineers say, includes reference designs; applications notes and technical papers; simulation models; and component pricing and availability.
China Sends Mixed Signals on Johnson Controls
Logical Link  
9/23/2011   (17) comments
Is Johnson Controls generally a good green company caught in a PR snafu?
HP's Board Adds to Its Errors With Whitman Appointment
Bolaji Ojo  
9/23/2011   (28) comments
The appointment of Meg Whitman as president and CEO at HP is only the latest in a series of blunder by the company's board of directors.
Country Watch: Philippines Poised for Recovery
Marc Herman  
9/22/2011   (14) comments
Manila’s headaches are not coming from the country's fundamentals. The recent downturn is a symptom of the ongoing global financial crisis.
Chevy Volt: A Jolt of Reality
Bolaji Ojo  
9/21/2011   (39) comments
The Chevy Volt has a lot of positive things going for it, but it disappoints in too many ways, including pricing and battery power.
Measuring the Value of 'Big Data' in the Supply Chain
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/21/2011   (13) comments
As a consumer, I am concerned about the information that is collected and recorded about me and my habits. As a business journalist, I see the value of collecting this data.
Medical OEMs Pan FDA for 'Unclear' Approval Process
9/21/2011   (17) comments
Medical equipment makers are unhappy about the FDA product approval process and are turning to Europe first for endorsement.
The 'Whoops' Business Strategy in the Supply Chain
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/20/2011   (13) comments
A decade ago, a deficit or excess of inventory in the supply chain could take as long as two quarters to correct; now, inventory can right itself in as little as six to eight weeks.
Questions for Philips
Logical Link  
9/20/2011   (15) comments
Philips is embarking on another round of cost-cutting and corporate reorganization, but its reasons and goals are getting more perplexing.
Don't Overbuild: Sales May Lag End-of-Year Forecasts
Anna Young  
9/19/2011   (22) comments
Weakness in the global energy market points to the possibility of weak demand for electronics in the fourth quarter.
Driving Miss Volt
Bolaji Ojo  
9/19/2011   (37) comments
For a few days, I will be in possession of a Chevy Volt, courtesy of the UBM Electronics and Avnet Express Drive for Innovation project.
When Business Becomes Politics
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/16/2011   (28) comments
If the government had heeded the due diligence on Solyndra LLC, an investigation on loan practices could have been avoided.
RIM CEO's Alternative Universe
Bolaji Ojo  
9/16/2011   (24) comments
RIM's CEO says the company is executing a great recovery program, with subscriptions rising, so why are investors dumping the stock?
Four Ways to Leverage Social Marketing
Andy Lawson  
9/16/2011   (21) comments
Here are four steps companies can take to better engage with their varied audiences using social media marketing tools.
Cybersecurity Is a People Problem
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/15/2011   (27) comments
Social networking is no worse than any other means by which a hacker gains access to a corporate network. They key is educating users on the dangers of seemingly friendly links.
Investment Squeeze Compound Economic Woes
Bolaji Ojo  
9/15/2011   (7) comments
American companies are reluctant to hire or invest in businesses, despite evidence this is what the economy needs to recover.
Patent Reform at Last, but Does It Go Far Enough?
Logical Link  
9/15/2011   (19) comments
The US has finally passed legislation on patent protection, but there are still areas of concern for the industry.
Many Advantages of a Strong Knowledge Chain
Ken Bradley  
9/15/2011   (2) comments
A knowledge chain is critical to an electronics maker's operations, but its absence may be noticed only after it causes severe damage.
EDI Downtime: Internal vs. External Services
Scott Koegler  
9/14/2011   (5) comments
Cloud or SaaS services are more reliable than internal EDI alternatives despite being outside the direct control of the users
Easing Design Chain Pain
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/14/2011   (3) comments
Engineers spend about half their research time online, with the remaining time spent talking with vendor and customers and using internal tools.
Google & Vivotech Gear Up for NFC Rollout
Laurie Sullivan  
9/14/2011   (15) comments
Google and partner Vivotech are moving rapidly to make business and personal financial transactions possible via NFC-enabled smartphones.
US Sends Mixed Signals on Counterfeit Fight
Diane Trommer  
9/14/2011   (19) comments
The US government should buy electronics components only from authorized resellers if it really wants to secure its supply chain.
HP Targets Cyberthreats
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/13/2011   (12) comments
HP research finds companies are becoming more vulnerable to hackers as they expand horizons through mobile apps and social networking.
Energy Costs and a Supply Chain in Denial
Bolaji Ojo  
9/13/2011   (5) comments
Electronics executives must pay closer attention to the tangled mess of rising energy prices and seek ways to reduce transportation costs.
Do Legislators Understand the Electronics Supply Chain?
World Micro Scope  
9/13/2011   (7) comments
Legislators need to be better educated about the intricacies of the electronics supply chain before enacting laws to fight counterfeiting.
RIM: A Pioneer About to Be Cannibalized?
Logical Link  
9/13/2011   (13) comments
Investors are asking RIM's management to explore alternatives for the company that could include selling it entirely or in bits.
Forecasting: A Recurring Nightmare
Bolaji Ojo  
9/12/2011   (6) comments
A new year approaches, and the industry is again engaged in the futile exercise of predicting demand in an uncertain economic environment.
9/11: Our Generation's Pearl Harbor
Al Maag  
9/9/2011   (11) comments
Seventy years after the attack on Pearl Harbor, we still remember and honor the anniversary. Sadly, our generation has its own similar and fateful date.
Nowhere to Hide
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/9/2011   (7) comments
Texas Instruments became the third chip maker in as many days to downgrade sales expectations for Q3. Suppliers and analysts say demand is weak across the board.
Is the Price Right?
Gerry Fay  
9/9/2011   (7) comments
A long-term pricing strategy must consider not just the cost to produce a product, but the competitive environment, market demand, and customers’ notion of value.
Over There?
Mastery in Action  
9/8/2011   Post a comment
US and European OEMs not only are reconsidering their offshoring, but in some cases are moving manufacturing back into or at least near their “home” markets.
Samsung's Note: A Smartphone? A Tablet? A Little Bit of Everything?
Logical Link  
9/8/2011   (25) comments
It looks like Samsung will have a first-mover edge in bringing to market a handheld device that claims to be everything rolled into one 5.3-inch, 6.3-ounce super gadget.
Country Watch: Vietnam's Momentum Stalls
Marc Herman  
9/8/2011   (8) comments
Financial volatility seems to have undermined Vietnam’s wage advantage over regional rivals like Indonesia and Thailand.
Is Social Networking Increasing Cyberthreats?
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/7/2011   (30) comments
As social media become part of work life, access to sites from the corporate network is creating new levels of vulnerability.
Some Problems Can't Be Penalized Away, Part 2
World Micro Scope  
9/7/2011   (4) comments
Here are two important reasons why it will require more than higher fines and longer prison terms if the electronics industry wants to solve its counterfeiting problem.
Next-Gen IP Protection: A Jobs Plan
Gerry Fay  
9/6/2011   (11) comments
What does IP have to do with employment? A lot more than you might think.
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