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The Hard Disk Drive Market Has Recovered
News of the Day  
9/28/2012   (36) comments
Researchers predict HDD demand will continue to rise through 2016.
8 Steps to Detect & Avoid Counterfeits
Beverley Scott  
9/28/2012   (36) comments
Counterfeiting is proliferating because it is profitable, but there are steps manufacturers can take to avoid the problem. Here are some.
Help Wanted: A 'PhD' in DfE
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/27/2012   (30) comments
Design-for-Environment (DfE) solutions are a classic make-or-buy dilemma for electronics manufacturers.
Strengthening the Weakest Link: Security
9/27/2012   (15) comments
Security is the most worrisome link in the supply chain, but it can be strengthened via trusted relationships between government and companies.
Steps to Creating a Counterfeit-Free Supply Chain
Beverley Scott  
9/26/2012   (13) comments
Counterfeiting is rising in the electronics industry, but there are steps companies can take to scrub their supply chain of fake parts
Social Media for Disaster Management
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/26/2012   (31) comments
Manufacturers often follow the herd with their investments in social media, but it can be quite useful in disaster management
Which Way Forward for Infineon?
OJO on Corporate Finance  
9/26/2012   (18) comments
Infineon's sales are declining in a weak economy, but the chipmaker should plan for growth as it attempts a turnaround.
Avnet Americas Reorganizing
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/25/2012   (6) comments
In 15 markets, three specialty divisions -- Avnet Memec, Avnet Embedded, and Avnet EM -- will remain intact. In the other markets, Avnet will sell a single, unified linecard.
The Parts Are on the Way, but at What Cost?
Logical Link  
9/25/2012   (23) comments
The rising cost of logistics adds to the challenges facing manufacturers at a time when supply chain efficiencies help companies gain market share.
'Market Forces' Can't & Won't Protect Public Interest
The Sanity Clause  
9/24/2012   (18) comments
Public interest cannot be protected by market forces, as demonstrated in the failed results of self-regulation in many industry sectors.
Trying to Be Like Apple Can Harm Your Business
Bolaji Ojo  
9/24/2012   (32) comments
The desire to be like Apple is spreading across the economy, but for many companies, the quest can be disastrous.
Social Media Will Revolutionize Supplier Management
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/21/2012   (26) comments
The role of social media in the supply chain is still very fluid, but it's increasingly used for market intelligence and internal collaboration.
Competitive Market Requires Sharper Pricing Tools
Supply Chain Intelligence  
9/21/2012   (13) comments
Manufacturers and supply chain partners are using purchase price variance as a competitive tool to distinguish their offerings.
The Race Is On for Christmas Sales
Logical Link  
9/21/2012   (20) comments
Electronics makers hope to end the year on a positive note, but researchers say the economic environment is fluid.
Are Conflict Minerals Rules Good for Electronics Makers?
Ken Manchen  
9/21/2012   (12) comments
Compliance with conflict mineral rules is a burden for electronics makers, but they are worth it if they help curb human rights abuses.
Hail the Lowly Connector
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/21/2012   (12) comments
Apple's iPhone 5 is apparently incompatible with all other Apple devices, chargers, and accessories: all because of the connector.
Your Next Best Friend Isn't Siri
Al Maag  
9/20/2012   (20) comments
The key to your next career move or your next product pitch isn't in your PDA or smartphone -- it's in face-to-face communication.
DOJ Wants to Make an Example of AU Optronics
Tam Harbert  
9/20/2012   (7) comments
In an LCD price-fixing case, the Justice Department is determined to send a message of zero tolerance to the electronics industry.
Why a Regular Inventory Audit Is Critical to Success
9/19/2012   (5) comments
Inventory-dependent firms can help assure the profitability and integrity of their operations by conducting annual inventory audits.
Selecting Contract Manufacturers 101
Michael Allen  
9/19/2012   (8) comments
One of the critical factors for OEMs in picking a contract manufacturer is the ability to handle the smallest surface mount parts.
Voice Control Powering Distribution Efficiency
9/19/2012   (13) comments
This is one innovation that really speeds up the supply chain and improves accuracy via voice confirmation one SKU at a time.
Escatec: Survivor Strategies for the Western Manufacturer
Bolaji Ojo  
9/18/2012   (11) comments
A specialized design services and electronics contract manufacturer is showing what it will take for manufacturing to thrive in the West
Apple Expands EMS Base
News of the Day  
9/18/2012   (4) comments
Taiwan-based Pegatron has been tapped to manufacture Apple's smaller tablet computer, dubbed the iPad mini.
Social Media: A Platform for Supply Chain Innovation?
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/18/2012   (6) comments
Can electronics manufacturers leverage social media to improve the supply chain by enhancing speedy and accurate communication?
Still Using Excel to Manage Data? You Aren't Alone
Logical Link  
9/18/2012   (11) comments
Many companies are still using spreadsheets to collate and analyze data, despite the availability of better and more productive programs.
You Can't Tell a Candidate by the Resumé
The Sanity Clause  
9/18/2012   (8) comments
The history of the US presidency shows the most successful leaders cannot be determined solely on the content of their curriculum vitae.
Eye-Openers on Counterfeiting
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/17/2012   (9) comments
A designation of “counterfeit” encompasses form, fit, and function as well as the device itself.
Recyclers, Consumers Blind to Fortunes in Old Phones
Dr. Cagri Tanriover  
9/17/2012   (17) comments
Consumers are improperly discarding old phones although most of these can be recycled at a huge gain to the supply chain and the environment. Where are the recyclers?
Clueless in China
Tam Harbert  
9/17/2012   (6) comments
By acting as if they don't care about labor violations, some OEMs in China are fueling their critics.
Six Degrees of Counterfeit Detection & Prevention
9/17/2012   (5) comments
Tech firms continue to develop innovative ways to help manufacturers battle counterfeiters. Here's one more attempt from 6DCP.
Don't Count Apple Out of NFC or Wireless Payments
Semico Spin  
9/17/2012   (4) comments
Apple didn't include NFC in the iPhone 5. Does that mean the end for NFC, or does Apple have other plans for the technology?
Tablet PC Makers Kick Off Price War
Logical Link  
9/14/2012   (28) comments
The tablet market is not only crowded, but vendors are now resorting to a bruising pricing war to differentiate themselves. Will it work?
Integrating Innovation Into the Supply Chain
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/14/2012   (5) comments
Buyers are using the Web more extensively for a lot of things, but in most models, it is a supplement, not a direct replacement.
Cloud Can Unlock Supply Chain Innovations
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/13/2012   (10) comments
By using cloud technology, electronics manufacturers can dramatically improve their supply chain and gain further cost reductions.
Ranking Supply Chain Leaders, Small & Big
Logical Link  
9/13/2012   (14) comments
Gartner's list of top supply chain leaders consists primarily of big enterprises but are best-practices limited to huge companies?
Can Corporate Hands Guide Public Education?
The Sanity Clause  
9/12/2012   (16) comments
Evaluating teachers using ratings systems used by businesses sounds right, but even corporate records may not support this strategy.
Made in the UK
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/11/2012   (23) comments
The inventors of the credit-card-sized Raspberry Pi wanted it manufactured in the UK. Here's how they made it happen.
ITAIDE: Towards Safer, More Secure Supply Chains
9/11/2012   (3) comments
ITAIDE's 'living lab' project shows how the supply chain can be made safe and more efficient using information technology innovations.
Can Planning Help Thwart Counterfeiters?
Reality Check  
9/11/2012   (14) comments
The best time to plan for an end-of-life (EOL) component is while the device is still being manufactured.
Patagonia Raises the Bar in Sourcing Transparency
Tam Harbert  
9/11/2012   (6) comments
The clothing manufacturer Patagonia sets major examples for how companies can make their supply chain transparent and responsible.
What's Your Next Move as China Hikes Wages?
Logical Link  
9/11/2012   (37) comments
As China raises minimum wages, manufacturers will need to reconfigure their costs and implement a more sustainable production strategy.
Apple-Samsung: How Far Is Too Far?
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/10/2012   (18) comments
Apple reportedly is cutting back its orders for Samsung memory chips. Are displays next?
Rising REACH Compliance Costs May Force Rethink
9/10/2012   (5) comments
As the costs of implementing the EU's REACH rule soar, many companies and countries will simply find ways to skirt the regulation.
Turning Data Into Dollars
Gerry Fay  
9/10/2012   (10) comments
As supply chain complexities raise the ability to effectively harness the power of data, it will become even more critical to enterprise success.
The Facts About Counterfeiting Can't Be Ignored
Reality Check  
9/7/2012   (11) comments
Anti-counterfeiting measures rely on all parts of the supply chain pulling together.
Resolving the Conflict Over 'Conflict Minerals'
Tam Harbert  
9/7/2012   (23) comments
SEC takes the final step in helping companies deal with the problem of conflict minerals, but hurdles remain for electronic manufacturers
Worker Abuse Reported at Samsung Factories
News of the Day  
9/6/2012   (22) comments
The watchdog agency China Labor Watch found incidents of forced overtime, underage workers, and poor conditions at a number of Samsung factories.
Strategies for Using Third-Party Programming
9/6/2012   (5) comments
Programming in electronics manufacturing can be both difficult and expensive. Here are some tips for effectively managing the process
Is Your Management Team Visible?
Savvy Tech Marketing  
9/6/2012   (10) comments
Management's strategic investment in awareness and credibility will earn your company a well-recognized place in its market.
Dangers on the Components Sourcing Highway
Ken Bradley  
9/6/2012   (4) comments
Many electronic firms are often not aware they are not protected against the dangers of a single or sole sourced environment.
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