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The Generational Crossover of Supply Chain Professionals
Logical Link  
9/30/2013   (10) comments
Companies will have to address the generational gaps showing up in their workplaces, or their supply chains will suffer.
End Markets Change the Supply Chain: LEDs
Anne Ting  
9/30/2013   (7) comments
The changes occurring within the LED market, brought about by new end user requirements, have in turn driven changes in the electronic components supply chain.
Altera & Micron Help Propel HMC, but Will 3D Packaging Limit Interest?
Loring Wirbel  
9/30/2013   Post a comment
The Altera/Micron alliance could bring HMC over the viability hurdle. On the other hand, we've waited for years, sometimes decades, for some nonvolatile memories based on unique materials to move into high production.
What? DARPA Does Open-Source?
Junko Yoshida  
9/29/2013   (11) comments
DARPA's open-source move underscores the reality that computer vision is still a developing field, with lots of people trying different ideas and technologies.
The Manufacturing-Plus Strategy
Brian Fuller  
9/29/2013   (6) comments
S.U. Moon loved manufacturing so much that a decade ago he set out on his own to start a contract manufacturing business.
Lattice MachXO3 Aimed at MIPI, PCI Express, Gigabit Ethernet Bridging Capability
Loring Wirbel  
9/29/2013   Post a comment
Lattice Semiconductor's main play in FPGAs has been the ice40 architecture it gained by acquiring SiliconBlue Technologies, but its MachXO family has been an important player in the low-end programmable market.
Is Innovation Dead?
Brian Fuller  
9/28/2013   (30) comments
The argument’s been put forth that civilization has hit an innovation wall.
Xilinx Joins OpenCL Effort as Part of All Programmable Abstractions Initiative
Loring Wirbel  
9/28/2013   (5) comments
OpenCL has found more support among Altera partners but has needed another major FPGA vendor to support this open language. Xilinx says it will work with MathWorks and National Instruments on OpenCL as part of the All Programmable Abstractions initiative.
Flash Supply Tight & Getting Tighter
Jim O'Reilly  
9/27/2013   (18) comments
With flash chip supply struggling to keep up with demand, prices will rise, and growth will slow down.
3 Business Metrics You Should Measure Weekly
Frank Cavallaro  
9/27/2013   (7) comments
Here are the three business metrics you should measure on a weekly basis.
Driver Assistance: Radar or Vision?
Junko Yoshida  
9/27/2013   (5) comments
The message to consumers from the European Microelectronics Summit: Expect the emergence of vehicle-to-vehicle requirements and the build-out of vehicle-to-infrastructure. Drivers can also depend on their cars to help them avoid crises on the road.
OEMs Face Human Rights Issues With Indonesian Tin
At the Source  
9/26/2013   (11) comments
Indonesian tin use undermines electronics supply chain's claim to social responsibility.
5 Keys to Supply Chain Readiness in the Holiday Rush
Laurie Sullivan  
9/25/2013   (7) comments
Procurement specialists practice all year just to prepare for the last few months of the year. During this time, the need to streamline sales and operational planning increases.
India Enters Wafer Production Game
Marc Herman  
9/25/2013   (36) comments
The rocky road to fabs in India may be smoothing out -- and that promises to create an interesting new dynamic in the marketplace.
Dutch Fairphone Focuses on Sustainable Supply Chain & ConMin
Susan Fourtané  
9/24/2013   (34) comments
A new cellphone is taking a new approach: addressing environmental concerns from the first moment of design.
How 8 Engineers Designed the Future Electric Vehicle
Brian Fuller  
9/24/2013   (22) comments
A key part of any stop on the year-long Drive for Innovation was interacting with engineers either examining our Chevy Volt or driving it around. Everyone has a design suggestion.
Are EVs Safer Than Gas-Powered Cars?
Bill Schweber  
9/23/2013   (11) comments
Almost everything has danger and impact; it's just how we learn to live and work with it.
Warehouses & Distribution Centers Grow in Leaps & Bounds
Logical Link  
9/23/2013   (7) comments
Companies are looking at how their warehousing and distribution operations could free up capital, drive competitive differentiation, and spur business growth.
Make Partner Incentive Programs Pay
Revving Revenue  
9/23/2013   (9) comments
Knowing how well your channel partner loyalty initiatives are going can be tough -- but adding a single important metric can make all the difference.
3 Secrets to Creating Happy Customers
Frank Cavallaro  
9/20/2013   (24) comments
Looking for an effective and low-cost way to delight your customers? Leverage your internal customer workflows.
Unraveling Component Truth From Datasheets
Lev Shapiro  
9/20/2013   (9) comments
A mistake in reading a datasheet can cost time and money -- and put good designs at risk.
Are Makers & Kits Key to Tomorrow’s Success?
Suzanne Deffree  
9/19/2013   (11) comments
With makers and kits growing in popularity, they open up new opportunities for design-chain savvy distributors and suppliers.
Successful Supply Chain Selling: Invest in the Game
Savvy Tech Marketing  
9/19/2013   (3) comments
By working closely with partners, you can boost the efficacy of your marketing programs.
PLM: Creating Happy Component Endings
George Karalias  
9/18/2013   (12) comments
Using smart product life-cycle management, component manufacturers are making life easier for their customers.
Predictive Analytics Takes Its Place in the Electronics Supply Chain
Peter Buxbaum  
9/17/2013   (6) comments
A new class of products is emerging to aid in supply chain management that applies predictive analytics to help forecast shortages; overstock of electronic components; and optimize manufacturing, sourcing, and logistics processes.
Disruptive Innovation Delivers Promising E-Waste Solution
Susan Fourtané  
9/16/2013   (33) comments
End-of-Life (EoL) electronics can now experience a sustainable change with a positive impact on the environment, and on the health of the citizens who live in areas contaminated with e-waste.
Consult Your Best Business Consultant – Your Customer
Frank Cavallaro  
9/13/2013   (14) comments
Your customers are your best business consultants. Here's why.
Spotting the Hidden Roadblock of Demand Planning
Revving Revenue  
9/12/2013   (3) comments
Too much product or not enough, it's hard to find a balance. You may need to look to the marketing and sales departments to find out what's truly skewing your forecasts.
The Sounds of Silence Redux
Brian Fuller  
9/12/2013   (12) comments
Apparently electric and hybrid-electric vehicles are too quiet, at least for the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.
Quiet M&A Defines Electronics Supply Chain
9/11/2013   (3) comments
Although they don't make headlines, there are deals quietly being done in the backbone of the electronics industry.
9/12 Live Chat: 9 Steps to an Effective ConMin Program
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
9/10/2013   (3) comments
We'll be gathering in the EBN chat area Thursday, Sept. 12, at 2:00 p.m. ET/11:00 a.m. PT. Come on by, and invite your colleagues to join us with their most pressing questions.
APICS Investigates Supply Chain Success
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
9/10/2013   (1) comment
APICs new research foundation has partnered with Michigan State University to examine what capabilities will be key in the supply chain of the future.
Get Smart About Green
George Karalias  
9/9/2013   (13) comments
Choosing the right partner for obsolescent and EOL parts is important, both for your business and the environment.
5 Critical Metrics for Effective Business
Frank Cavallaro  
9/6/2013   (3) comments
Here are five things you can do today so that your business can be better and run better.
OEMs Between a Rack & a Hard Place
Tam Harbert  
9/5/2013   (10) comments
As cloud providers roll their own servers, traditional OEMs find themselves between a rack and a hard place.
Nokia & Microsoft: A New Chapter
Susan Fourtané  
9/4/2013   (65) comments
Microsoft has bought Nokia. It's big news, but for the supply chain the prospects are positive.
Getting More for Less out of Your Logistics Operations
Gerry Fay  
9/4/2013   (4) comments
Although costs are rising in the supply chain, smart logistics professionals can fight the trend with good practices.
The Inside View to the Supply Chain's Second-Tier
Logical Link  
9/3/2013   (9) comments
While companies talk about visibility across the supply chain, often it doesn't extend beyond the first-tier of suppliers.
Independent Distributors: Cutting Through Confusion
The Big IDEA  
9/2/2013   (9) comments
To pick an independent distributor, and ensure their work over time, manufactures need to start on the right path. Here's how.

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