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10 Big Supply Chain Shifts for 2019
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/6/2018   (1) comment
As the supply chain moves from being a cost savings to being a strategic differentiator, organizations will shift the way it does supply chain work. Here's a look at IDCs top 10 trends for the supply chain in the coming year.
Factory Activity Rebounds After October Lull
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/5/2018   Post a comment
The news remains good: for more than two years, U.S. manufacturing has been in expansion mode.
U.S. Product Demand & Manufacturing Expansion Hit Downward Spiral
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/7/2018   Post a comment
Trade tensions, transportation shortages, and decreased demand dogged U.S. manufacturers as domestic factory dipped for the sixth straight month . in a row, according to the PMI Index.
TE Connectivity Pushes the Envelope of Direct Online Sales
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/24/2018   Post a comment
TE Connectivity launched its TE Store to connect with a large population of global users that want to deal directly with them.
Shortages & Price Hikes Leave Supply Chain in Disarray
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/8/2018   Post a comment
Despite expansion in the electronics industry, the headwinds of tariffs, component shortages and price hikes, are leaving the supply chain in disarray.
Advanced MP Sale Boosts America II Growth
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/20/2018   (1) comment
One of the electronics industry’s largest hybrid distributors – America II Electronics—has acquired another leading hybrid, Advanced MP Technology.
Understand Supply Chain History or Be Doomed to Repeated Shortages
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/19/2018   (1) comment
The electronics supply chain has learned a lot since 2001, but somehow it ended up with another supply imbalance.
Electronics Leads U.S. Manufacturing's Hot Streak
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/6/2018   Post a comment
The PMI is on the rise indicating a surge among U.S. manufacturers in the United States.
Component Counterfeits Down, But Is It a Trend?
Barbara Jorgensen  
7/31/2018   Post a comment
Component counterfeiting is down thanks to efforts by independent distributors in the channel. Whether this is a trend or a blip remains to be seen.
Electronics Reshoring Makes a U-Turn in 2017
Barbara Jorgensen  
7/30/2018   (1) comment
In the wake of a U.S. presidential election that paid a lot of attention to manufacturing, job losses and China as well as shifting tariff laws, reshoring of manufacturing to the United States is on the decline.
Supply Chain Facing Supply, Tariff & Transportation Challenges
Barbara Jorgensen  
7/5/2018   Post a comment
U.S. manufacturing is growing robustly, but the picture isn't all rosy. Often, these companies are not able to get enough electronic components, some raw materials, and now, transportation to meet demand.
U.S. Manufacturing Expanding, So Why So Nervous?
Barbara Jorgensen  
6/6/2018   (2) comments
Despite growth in domestic manufacturing, tariffs are making U.S. manufacturers nervous and are already impacting imports, exports, and prices.
Component Shortages May Stifle EMS, OEM Growth
Barbara Jorgensen  
5/29/2018   (2) comments
OEMs and electronic manufacturing services providers (EMS) are concerned their growth for 2018 could be hindered by their ability to get parts.
Supply Chain Execs Predict Growth Through 2018 - With a Few Headwinds
Barbara Jorgensen  
5/8/2018   Post a comment
The good news is that procurement managers are expecting growth in US manufacturing, but on the down side supply chain disruptions are part of the picture too.
Terrifying Tariffs: U.S. Manufacturers Brace for Disruption
Barbara Jorgensen  
4/10/2018   Post a comment
In the wake of changes in U.S. tariffs, manufacturers are worried that the impact will be tough to take.
Trade Tools Deliver Freight Visibility & Transparency
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/21/2018   Post a comment
Freight providers should be providing tools to help customers maximize their choices.
What Role Will Big-Data Play in Electronics?
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/24/2013   (12) comments
Electronics vendors are starting to use big-data in supply chain management, but they can do a lot more with the technology.
Will 2013 Be the Year of Big-Data?
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/22/2013   (14) comments
Electronics makers are looking to leverage the advantages of big-data in forecasting and demand planning. How successful will they be?
McLendon Takes Reins at Allied
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/17/2013   (1) comment
Like other catalogue distributors, Allied is moving beyond the catalogue model and taking the "multichannel" approach to distribution.
The Changing Role of Software in the Supply Chain
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/16/2013   (7) comments
Manufacturers use software and data for varied purposes in supply chain management, but key goals such as visibility remain paramount.
The Personal Tablet vs. the Shared PC
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/14/2013   (21) comments
Gartner envisions a world where tablets become the personal device of choice and PCs become a shared resource.
Why PCs Aren't Selling
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/11/2013   (29) comments
Tablets aren't better than PCs for many functions, so why are PCs trying to become more like tablets?
Upgradeable TV: Brilliant or Crazy?
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/8/2013   (21) comments
Instead of buying new TVs, consumers would buy a box that upgrades their current set. It is a boon or bust for the supply chain?
E-Waste: Not Easy at All
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/7/2013   (16) comments
There are so many rules associated with e-waste collection that well-intended consumers might just give up.
Digi-Key Evolves From Prototype to Production
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/3/2013   (2) comments
Digi-Key discovered and set out to bridge a gap between the traditional catalogue and production distribution businesses.
Factoring Oversupply Into Supply Chain Relationships
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/24/2012   (15) comments
The electronics supply chain has been badly burned by excess in the past. The danger remains, despite efforts to contain double ordering.
Finding & Securing Hard-to-Find Parts
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/21/2012   (8) comments
OEMs, component makers, distributors, and supply chain partners must collaborate to resolve challenges related to procuring scarce parts.
The Design Is Done: Now What?
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/20/2012   (17) comments
For a successful product launch, other departments and groups must get involved well before the design engineers complete their task.
Resolving Design Chain vs. Supply Chain Conflicts
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/17/2012   (1) comment
Design engineers traditionally haven't been a part of the classic supply chain. You are at a disadvantage if you haven't roped them in.
The Channel Reaches Out to Design Engineers
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/11/2012   (5) comments
Distributors are offering research materials to design engineers, and becoming essential to the establishment of an efficient design chain.
Same-Day Delivery: Logistics’ New Battleground?
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/4/2012   (8) comments
Same-day delivery could save millions of dollars worth of factory downtime, and make buyers heroes.
Making Sense of Social in the Supply Chain
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/3/2012   (28) comments
Everyone agrees social media has a role to play in business communication, but nobody know what that role will be.
Think Global
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/30/2012   (9) comments
There is no Asian supply chain, or North or South American supply chain: The supply chain is global.
Managing Talent in the Age of the Dragon
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/26/2012   (15) comments
The fight for professional talent by high-tech companies will intensify due to the growing role of China in the supply chain.
Distribution Adjusts Its Business Model in China
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/21/2012   (6) comments
Electronics distributors, which serve both component makers and customers in China, are refining their business model in the country.
Corporate Taxes: No Safe Haven
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/19/2012   (12) comments
The US has been trying to get US-based multinationals to pay taxes on revenue generated outside the country for years. Now Europe is going after multinationals.
Is China's Low-Wage Edge Waning?
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/16/2012   (9) comments
As Chinese wages and production costs rise, OEMs face a battery of supply chain challenges over manufacturing location.
Foxconn’s Solution to Labor Unrest
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/15/2012   (8) comments
Foxconn reportedly is replacing many Chinese workers with robots. They're efficient, and they don't complain about working conditions.
Facing Distribution Challenges in China
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/14/2012   (8) comments
Even after decades of operating in China, Westerners still find the country challenging. It's getting more complicated for distributors.
Supply Chain Lessons From High-Tech Teeth
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/8/2012   (9) comments
Build-your-own business models always disrupt relationships. Here's how one supply chain stays intact.
Distribution at Another Inflection Point
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/7/2012   Post a comment
For electronics distribution, the main challenge continues to be the value the channel provides to suppliers and customers.
The Constant Battle to Provide Value
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/5/2012   (3) comments
Even catalogues, which offer the fastest, most efficient order processing available, strive to differentiate themselves.
Design Registration: Same Problem, Different Day
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/2/2012   (4) comments
Revising the design registration practice has come up numerous times, but supply chain dynamics have put it back on top of the to-do list.
Distributors Face Cost Issues Head-On
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/1/2012   (2) comments
Distributors are implementing various strategies to avoid problems posed by efforts at suppliers and OEMs to reduce operating costs.
The Supply Chain Learns a Painful Lesson
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/31/2012   (5) comments
Electronic firms have finally found that collaboration, rather than confrontation, could lead to the cost reductions they've been seeking.
Dispelling E-Commerce Myths
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/25/2012   (13) comments
E-commerce has a role in the supply chain, but customer business models are not well suited to purchase large volumes of parts online.
Managing Mixed Signals
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/24/2012   (4) comments
E-commerce was poised to simplify the supply chain, and it did in some areas, while making many others even more complex.
The End of Business as Usual
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/23/2012   (20) comments
Companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are new to the hardware game. If anything, the supply chain will become more important to them as their business models evolve.
Another Glitch; Another Review?
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/22/2012   (5) comments
Some observers are blaming a computer glitch for Google's poor market performance last week. The 20 percent drop in profits is almost an afterthought.
Dissecting the Distributor-Supplier Relationship
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/19/2012   (4) comments
They need each other, but the distributor-supplier relationship has always been complex and will remain so for the foreseeable future.
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