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Is China's Low-Wage Edge Waning?
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/16/2012   (9) comments
As Chinese wages and production costs rise, OEMs face a battery of supply chain challenges over manufacturing location.
Foxconn’s Solution to Labor Unrest
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/15/2012   (8) comments
Foxconn reportedly is replacing many Chinese workers with robots. They're efficient, and they don't complain about working conditions.
Facing Distribution Challenges in China
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/14/2012   (8) comments
Even after decades of operating in China, Westerners still find the country challenging. It's getting more complicated for distributors.
Supply Chain Lessons From High-Tech Teeth
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/8/2012   (9) comments
Build-your-own business models always disrupt relationships. Here's how one supply chain stays intact.
Distribution at Another Inflection Point
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/7/2012   Post a comment
For electronics distribution, the main challenge continues to be the value the channel provides to suppliers and customers.
The Constant Battle to Provide Value
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/5/2012   (3) comments
Even catalogues, which offer the fastest, most efficient order processing available, strive to differentiate themselves.
Design Registration: Same Problem, Different Day
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/2/2012   (4) comments
Revising the design registration practice has come up numerous times, but supply chain dynamics have put it back on top of the to-do list.
Distributors Face Cost Issues Head-On
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/1/2012   (2) comments
Distributors are implementing various strategies to avoid problems posed by efforts at suppliers and OEMs to reduce operating costs.
The Supply Chain Learns a Painful Lesson
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/31/2012   (5) comments
Electronic firms have finally found that collaboration, rather than confrontation, could lead to the cost reductions they've been seeking.
Dispelling E-Commerce Myths
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/25/2012   (13) comments
E-commerce has a role in the supply chain, but customer business models are not well suited to purchase large volumes of parts online.
Managing Mixed Signals
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/24/2012   (4) comments
E-commerce was poised to simplify the supply chain, and it did in some areas, while making many others even more complex.
The End of Business as Usual
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/23/2012   (20) comments
Companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are new to the hardware game. If anything, the supply chain will become more important to them as their business models evolve.
Another Glitch; Another Review?
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/22/2012   (5) comments
Some observers are blaming a computer glitch for Google's poor market performance last week. The 20 percent drop in profits is almost an afterthought.
Dissecting the Distributor-Supplier Relationship
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/19/2012   (4) comments
They need each other, but the distributor-supplier relationship has always been complex and will remain so for the foreseeable future.
Distributors Secure Role With Extra Services
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/17/2012   (8) comments
Having a distributor nearby to service local customers is no longer enough for suppliers. Distributors must add value along the way.
Anti-Counterfeiting in Action
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/16/2012   (13) comments
All anti-counterfeiting solutions share one thing in common: notifying others of a potential counterfeit is vital.
Apple-Samsung: The Other Shoe Drops
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/15/2012   (6) comments
If Apple intends to cut the cord with Samsung, displays will be the next casualty of the patent war.
M&A Redefining Distribution Supplier Relationship
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/15/2012   (1) comment
Shelf-sharing has been eliminated, but some other practices still exist that make growing via acquisition a challenge for distributors
Green Tech Investments Continue to Rise
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/11/2012   (7) comments
The region that stepped up alternative energy investments the most in 2011 was India.
Regional Integration Will Drive Future Distribution M&A
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/10/2012   (3) comments
Using M&A, top electronic components distributors will consolidate other parts of the globe similar to their actions in North America.
Counterfeiting: The Worst Is Yet to Come
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/8/2012   (24) comments
Assuming that US government anti-counterfeiting efforts have an impact, reports of counterfeits will get worse before they get better.
4 Supply Chains May Be Better Than 1
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/5/2012   Post a comment
Despite the challenges, sometimes the optimal strategy for a manufacturer is to have multiple supply chains rather than one.
Recovering Lost Profits Through Reverse Logistics
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/4/2012   (2) comments
Product returns don't have to be a cost ceter. A solid reverse logistics program can help increase revenue by up to 5 percent of sales.
IHS: Samsung Galaxy S III Display Beats Apple iPhone 5
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/2/2012   (7) comments
Samsung is the leader in OLED, which is the next-generation technology for displays. What could this mean for Apple?
Will Maps SNAFU Hurt Apple?
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/1/2012   (3) comments
Consumers have come to expect perfection from Apple, and this time they didn't get it.
Help Wanted: A 'PhD' in DfE
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/27/2012   (30) comments
Design-for-Environment (DfE) solutions are a classic make-or-buy dilemma for electronics manufacturers.
Social Media for Disaster Management
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/26/2012   (31) comments
Manufacturers often follow the herd with their investments in social media, but it can be quite useful in disaster management
Avnet Americas Reorganizing
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/25/2012   (6) comments
In 15 markets, three specialty divisions -- Avnet Memec, Avnet Embedded, and Avnet EM -- will remain intact. In the other markets, Avnet will sell a single, unified linecard.
Social Media Will Revolutionize Supplier Management
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/21/2012   (26) comments
The role of social media in the supply chain is still very fluid, but it's increasingly used for market intelligence and internal collaboration.
Hail the Lowly Connector
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/21/2012   (12) comments
Apple's iPhone 5 is apparently incompatible with all other Apple devices, chargers, and accessories: all because of the connector.
Social Media: A Platform for Supply Chain Innovation?
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/18/2012   (6) comments
Can electronics manufacturers leverage social media to improve the supply chain by enhancing speedy and accurate communication?
Eye-Openers on Counterfeiting
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/17/2012   (9) comments
A designation of “counterfeit” encompasses form, fit, and function as well as the device itself.
Integrating Innovation Into the Supply Chain
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/14/2012   (5) comments
Buyers are using the Web more extensively for a lot of things, but in most models, it is a supplement, not a direct replacement.
Cloud Can Unlock Supply Chain Innovations
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/13/2012   (10) comments
By using cloud technology, electronics manufacturers can dramatically improve their supply chain and gain further cost reductions.
Made in the UK
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/11/2012   (23) comments
The inventors of the credit-card-sized Raspberry Pi wanted it manufactured in the UK. Here's how they made it happen.
Apple-Samsung: How Far Is Too Far?
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/10/2012   (18) comments
Apple reportedly is cutting back its orders for Samsung memory chips. Are displays next?
Alternative Energy: What's the ROI on Investments?
Barbara Jorgensen  
9/6/2012   (11) comments
Billions are being poured worldwide into alternative energy investment, but they are trickling down only slowly compared to electronics.
Elements of a Sustainable Supply Chain
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/31/2012   (5) comments
From design through end of life, a sustainable product spares the environment, as well as the manufacturer's bottom line.
Data Overload Crimps Green Efforts
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/30/2012   (18) comments
Ensuring compliance with green rules by suppliers and OEMs is complicated by the huge amount of data generated in the audit process.
Chipmakers in Europe & Japan Hit Hardest in Q2
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/24/2012   (12) comments
Global semiconductor revenues fell by 3 percent in Q2, with leading companies in Europe and Japan suffering double-digit declines.
What LG Display Is Doing Right
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/22/2012   (13) comments
LG Display is taking a risk in a fab conversion that may disrupt 80 percent of the factory's yield.
The Many Faces of Environmental Rules
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/21/2012   (5) comments
Environmental rules vary from one region and country to another, and the differences could complicate compliance efforts at electronics manufacturers.
Onshoring Expected to Net $2.5 Billion
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/20/2012   (3) comments
The bulk of the onshore value -- which includes operations and jobs -- will be generated by OEMs.
Medical OEMs Dial 911 for RoHS
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/16/2012   (7) comments
The European Union's RoHS legislation is being extended to medical OEMs, but achieving compliance may be tougher than expected.
Vallee Boosted Distribution's Investment Profile
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/14/2012   (3) comments
Avnet's retiring executive chairman, Roy Vallee, helped redefine the distribution market and elevate its profile with investors.
US Green: 50 States, 50 Laws
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/13/2012   (4) comments
You might think the the US learned from the EU about the implementation of e-waste legislation. You'd be wrong.
China RoHS: Still Waiting on Catalogue, Clarity
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/8/2012   (3) comments
China is making some progress on its green legislation, but industry players have been waiting for years for additional information.
Global Supply Chain: Still a Work in Progress
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/2/2012   (2) comments
A global electronics supply chain may be desirable, but local support systems are equally critical.
How Technology Has Ruined Music
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/1/2012   (16) comments
The same technology that brought us Napster and iTunes has also brought us some person that dresses like a crazed mouse.
The Ties That Bind
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/1/2012   (1) comment
A single customer, Apple, already buys 60 percent of Cirrus Logic's chip products. Why not buy the chipmaker outright?
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