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Tallying the Cost of Compliance
Anna Young  
3/18/2013   (14) comments
The new government rules and regulations may prove to be a double-edged sword: achieving some positive goals but costing organizations a great amount of money and work and, perhaps, lost sales as well.
High-Tech Sales Rising, Cannibalization Too
Anna Young  
3/7/2013   (5) comments
Global spending on technology products is forecast to keep rising this year. Then there are the cannibals.
Smart Meter Lessons for a Smarter Supply Chain
Anna Young  
2/27/2013   (15) comments
The smart meter promises accuracy, early conflict resolution, and cost savings. Aren't these the same goals we want in the manufacturing supply chain?
Battle Lines Drawn Between Vendors of PCs & Tablets
Anna Young  
1/31/2013   (30) comments
Tablet shipments are surging while PC sales are falling. For vendors, the battle for survival and dominance has only just started.
Semiconductor Inventory 'Uncomfortably' High
Anna Young  
1/28/2013   (10) comments
Semiconductor inventories rose strongly in the third quarter of 2012, and further increases could trigger a write-down by suppliers in 2013.
Samsung Snatches Another Apple Crown
Anna Young  
1/24/2013   (15) comments
Samsung was the world's biggest user of semiconductors in 2012, another title the Korean company snatched from rival Apple Inc.
Finally, a Realistic Assessment of the PC's Future
Anna Young  
1/22/2013   (15) comments
The PC market's evolution will depend on how well vendors and chip suppliers embrace changes inside and outside the sector.
Year of the Phablets
Anna Young  
1/11/2013   (18) comments
PC shipment fell in 2012, and may decline again this year as more consumers opt for smartphones and tablet PC combos called Phablets.
Cloud, Cloud, Cloud, but Which & Why?
Anna Young  
1/3/2013   (9) comments
The trumpeted savings from the cloud are making companies adopt the technology without first resolving all the underlying challenges.
2013 Economic Outlook: Hope Mixed With Anxiety
Anna Young  
12/27/2012   (34) comments
What does 2013 hold for the global economy and electronics? There's hope things will get better, mingled with fears about the unknown.
Top 10 Supply Chain Predictions for 2013
Anna Young  
12/21/2012   (64) comments
Research firm IDC predicts trends it believes will hit the global supply chain in 2013.
Consumers Swaying Supply Chain Decisions
Anna Young  
12/17/2012   (2) comments
Consumers are exerting more control over the manufacturing supply chain by patronizing companies that operate in line with their objectives.
Africa Beckons, but Is Electronics Ready?
Anna Young  
11/30/2012   (12) comments
A report says the African consumer market is growing rapidly, but most electronics companies don't have a strategy for the continent.
Electronics Seen Benefiting as China's GDP Doubles
Anna Young  
11/28/2012   (12) comments
Plans to double China's GDP in 10 years could prove a boon to electronics companies if they are ready for the economic expansion.
Greenpeace: Electronics Supply Chain Is Still Dirty
Anna Young  
11/20/2012   (33) comments
Greenpeace says the electronics supply chain is still dirty and adds companies aren't doing enough to reduce greenhouse gas.
China's Medical Equipment Market Sizzles
Anna Young  
11/13/2012   (28) comments
China's healthcare market is forecast to grow to $1 trillion by 2020, creating opportunities for providers and medical equipment makers
Solar Panel: China & EU Trade Allegations of Unfair Practices
Anna Young  
11/6/2012   (3) comments
China faces accusations it's dumping solar panels in the EU. In response, it has filed a WTO complaint against the EU.
Surviving & Thriving in a Downturn, Part 1
Anna Young  
11/2/2012   (4) comments
Want to know what's happening in the electronics industry ahead of the competition? Stay as close to your distributors as possible.
Arrogance & Hubris in Apple-Land
Anna Young  
11/1/2012   (7) comments
Apple gets smacked down by a UK court for trying to wiggle out of complying with its legal ruling.
Compliance Lagging on 'Conflict Minerals'
Anna Young  
10/25/2012   (30) comments
Up to 90 percent of electronics companies can't demonstrate compliance with the SEC's ruling on conflict minerals, says research firm.
More Bad News for Nokia
Anna Young  
6/18/2012   (30) comments
Moody's has cut Nokia's debt rating to junk and issued it a negative outlook, further complicating financing for the troubled handset maker
What Falling Oil Prices Mean for High-Tech
Anna Young  
6/4/2012   (9) comments
Declining oil prices point to weak market conditions ahead, but there are silver linings in the looming slowdown for high-tech companies.
6 Trading Myths Shocker
Anna Young  
5/8/2012   (13) comments
Some widely held economic beliefs are being questioned by a research firm, and there are major implications for businesses and governments.
Solar Market: Twilight or New Dawn?
Anna Young  
5/1/2012   (9) comments
The solar power market has cooled in recent months, but a researcher says it will rebound, with demand surging from five growth areas.
UK 'Snooper Act' Threatens Global Information Flow
Anna Young  
4/3/2012   (7) comments
An expansion of the UK's data monitoring act will hit electronics makers, but many are unaware of how intrusive the regulation will be.
Hot Trends, Regions for 2012 Tech Spending
Anna Young  
2/14/2012   (9) comments
Consumer electronics, software, and storage will be hot tech sectors in 2012, with emerging economies pacing the rest of the world.
Yahoo, Yang-less, Needs Riskier, Bolder Plan
Anna Young  
1/18/2012   (14) comments
Jerry Yang's resignation from Yahoo will appease shareholders, but the company is still in jeopardy. It needs a riskier and audacious plan.
10 Transformative Technology Events for 2012
Anna Young  
1/11/2012   (15) comments
Researcher IHS has compiled a list of events it believes will be transformative for the technology industry in 2012. Are you prepared?
RIM, Yahoo: Knowing When to Fold or Hold
Anna Young  
1/5/2012   (33) comments
RIM and Yahoo are suffering from the failure of the founding execs to detach themselves and chart a competitive future.
Three Feet From Gold
Anna Young  
12/15/2011   (53) comments
Tablet PCs are experiencing a gold rush, but many OEMs lack the patience and market savvy to benefit from the expected growth.
Clean Versus Dirty Cloud Computing
Anna Young  
12/6/2011   (19) comments
There's a difference between clean and dirty cloud computing. Do you know which one your company is operating?
Outlook 2012: Mobility & Platform War Begins
Anna Young  
12/1/2011   (14) comments
IDC predicts high-tech firms will intensify their battle in 2012 for market share in mobility, operating system, and the cloud.
The Case for a Level of Optimism
Anna Young  
10/17/2011   (15) comments
Western Europe's IT market may not grow strongly next year, but opportunities still abound in utilities, financial services, and communications.
Underestimating Uncertainty
Anna Young  
10/12/2011   (11) comments
The global economy faces a range of uncertainties, and electronics appears to be caught in its vortex. McKinsey suggests solutions.
Will Global Economic Problems Hurt Electronics?
Anna Young  
10/3/2011   (11) comments
World economic regions, including south East Asia, are coming under pressure, and sectors like electronics will feel the heat in 2012.
Don't Overbuild: Sales May Lag End-of-Year Forecasts
Anna Young  
9/19/2011   (22) comments
Weakness in the global energy market points to the possibility of weak demand for electronics in the fourth quarter.
Axis of Distrust: Internet, Google & TV, Part 2
Anna Young  
8/30/2011   (12) comments
Insights from Google's chairman on how the Internet will change how we watch TV and the kind of content available to the individual viewer.
Axis of Distrust: Internet, Google & TV, Part 1
Anna Young  
8/29/2011   (13) comments
TV consumption is moving to the Web, giving viewers a chance to specify what they watch but also disrupting old business models.
Utilities IT Upgrades Offer OEM Opportunities
Anna Young  
8/22/2011   (7) comments
Utilities are hiking IT equipment spending and creating opportunities for high-tech firms willing to explore non-traditional markets.
The Power & Benefits of Search
Anna Young  
8/12/2011   (35) comments
Search engines open the world's information database to everyone and have additional benefits to which we should assign monetary value.
Systemic Fragility Haunts Europe
Anna Young  
8/8/2011   (8) comments
Europe's fiscal crisis is not abating, and fears are growing deficit reduction actions by governments will hurt all sectors of the economy.
Central Europe: Where Opportunities Equal Challenges
Anna Young  
7/29/2011   (19) comments
The opportunities are vast, but tapping the Central and Eastern European medical equipment market will require nonconventional strategies.
Opportunities & Challenges As Europe Sets New Emission Goals
Anna Young  
4/15/2011   (24) comments
The EU wants to cut carbon emission dramatically by 2050, offering both opportunities and challenges for high-tech companies
WiFi Safety Issue Sparks Controversy
Anna Young  
1/18/2011   (10) comments
A recent research report on the impact of WiFi on the environment ignites controversy on how living beings coexist with technology
Tapping the Sahara for Europe's Energy Needs
Anna Young  
12/28/2010   (28) comments
Energy companies want high-tech companies to help them tap Africa's desert sun to satisfy European energy needs
Europe Accelerates Broadband Ramp
Anna Young  
12/14/2010   (12) comments
Europe's largest economies lag in broadband services and are ramping adoption, creating sales opportunities for OEMs and parts suppliers
Will Anti-Immigration Fervor Hurt the High-Tech Sector?
Anna Young  
12/2/2010   (10) comments
Britain takes first step with anti-immigration moves, putting high-tech companies on alert about potential impact on their operation
Irish Brain Drain, Possible Tax Hike, Will Hurt Tech Firms
Anna Young  
11/23/2010   (12) comments
Debt Crisis, mass emigration of skilled professionals, and possible corporate tax hike threaten high-tech investments in Ireland
Schools Embrace High-Tech: Will Your Company Make the Grade?
Anna Young  
11/17/2010   (21) comments
New sales opportunities are opening up for OEMs and component suppliers as more educational institutions adopt high-tech products
UK Wants Its Own High-Tech City in London – Will It Fly?
Anna Young  
11/10/2010   (17) comments
When I grow rich, say the bells of Shoreditch: The UK's plans to develop its own version of Silicon Valley to rival the US, India, and China may run up against cold reality
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