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Living at the Top of the Supply Chain Hierarchy
Ken Bradley  
8/22/2013   (11) comments
Focusing on the top of the supply chain hierarchy of needs can streamline supplier partnerships.
Ensuring Components Meet Your Needs
Ken Bradley  
5/31/2013   (3) comments
In the supply chain hierarchy of needs, certification assurance indicates the supplier’s product will meet regulatory standards, perform as expected, and be available when you need it.
Supply Chain Security & Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Ken Bradley  
5/15/2013   (4) comments
The problem of ensuring adequate security of supply parallels behavior motivation as expressed in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
We Need Performance, Not Speculation
Ken Bradley  
4/26/2013   (29) comments
We seem to have lost the ability to control our destiny. You work hard but fall farther behind. You can’t count on much to be "as expected" in the future.
Everyone Has Some Bad Electronic Component Pricing
Ken Bradley  
3/29/2013   (4) comments
You'd be outraged to learn you paid 10% more on a car than you should have; some components buyers are paying double what they should.
Purchasing Best-Practices for Tough Times
Ken Bradley  
3/25/2013   Post a comment
Companies in these times often cut programs outright or use staffing tactics that hurt essential practices. It doesn't have to be that way.
What Engineers Must Know About the Supply Chain, Part 2
Ken Bradley  
3/20/2013   (6) comments
Here are six key things design engineers need to know to improve their supply and design chains and work better with procurement.
What Engineers Must Know About the Supply Chain, Part 1
Ken Bradley  
3/18/2013   (9) comments
Why do we let electronics designers (experts in volts, amps, and nanometers) have such a strong influence on supply chain design (cost, agility, and risk)?
Supply Chain Accounting 101
Ken Bradley  
3/11/2013   Post a comment
There are two ways to approach accounting: the way that makes sense and the other way.
Pawn Stars: Lessons for the Supply Chain
Ken Bradley  
3/5/2013   (2) comments
A reality TV show family is well informed about its marketplace, and knows how to find information when it isn't.
5 Ways to Reduce Component Costs
Ken Bradley  
2/25/2013   (5) comments
Get component-purchasing advantage by benchmarking prices.
China Isn't Being Displaced
Ken Bradley  
2/5/2013   (16) comments
Reports stating that companies are shifting manufacturing from China back to high-cost locations may be overstating the development.
Why I Am Fixated on Cost & Competitiveness
Ken Bradley  
1/16/2013   (7) comments
Tech innovations are disrupting old business models and forcing firms to focus on greater efficiencies, cost, and competitiveness.
Turning Ordinary to Great
Ken Bradley  
12/19/2012   (3) comments
The recipe for turning an ordinary purchasing department into a great one is simple: start negotiating.
Is Your Company Reinventing Itself?
Ken Bradley  
11/26/2012   (7) comments
Reinvention is critical to business success. Many companies have done it while others have stalled, unable to see danger approaching.
Registered & Screwed
Ken Bradley  
11/8/2012   (7) comments
Many OEMs are unknowingly caught in a registration system that has long-term consequences on materials cost.
Dangers on the Components Sourcing Highway
Ken Bradley  
9/6/2012   (4) comments
Many electronic firms are often not aware they are not protected against the dangers of a single or sole sourced environment.
Single Source Premium: Unnecessary Cost
Ken Bradley  
8/14/2012   (7) comments
Electronic companies that buy components from a single supplier typically end up paying an unnecessary premium for this "privilege."
Price vs. Volume Poll: The Results Are In
Ken Bradley  
7/6/2012   (4) comments
There is strong support in favor of a volume-price relationship, which is the opposite of what data implies.
Purchasing: Risks in 'Virtual' Second Sources
Ken Bradley  
6/13/2012   (1) comment
What factors should a components buyer consider when certifying a vendor as a potential source of alternate parts?
Putting the Volume-Price Myth to Rest
Ken Bradley  
6/5/2012   (2) comments
A wide range of factors influence how companies set pricing for parts, and the size of the purchase may be the least important of all.
Who Benefits From Component Price Secrecy?
Ken Bradley  
5/29/2012   (10) comments
Why isn't there transparency on electronic component prices, and who is benefiting from the lack of visibility into pricing?
Purchasing Strategies: Security of Supply
Ken Bradley  
5/1/2012   (3) comments
Are electronics equipment makers really getting enhanced supply security from their sourcing allocations, and if so, at what cost?
The (Non) Relationship Between Volume & Price
Ken Bradley  
4/16/2012   (12) comments
Pricing seems to be an art form influenced by many factors, including how much a supplier wants to make a sale.
Vertical Integration Champions
Ken Bradley  
2/27/2012   (7) comments
Korean companies and Apple are reviving discussions on OEM vertical integration by demonstrating the opportunities and benefits.
Knowledge From Vertical Integration
Ken Bradley  
1/11/2012   (6) comments
Vertical integration offers OEMs numerous benefits by bringing together the best of product architecture and process technology.
The Virtues of Vertical Integration
Ken Bradley  
1/3/2012   (8) comments
The battle for dominance in the electronics industry is being won by OEMs that are adopting vertical integration as a supply chain strategy.
Avoiding Inventory Overload
Ken Bradley  
10/27/2011   (14) comments
The best way to avoid the problem of excess inventory is to strike the right balance between pricing and quantity ordered.
An Inevitable Clash
Ken Bradley  
10/13/2011   (7) comments
The current economic system has expectations that cannot be met by managers, pitting employers against employees and shareholders.
Savings in Your Backyard
Ken Bradley  
10/10/2011   (2) comments
Electronics equipment makers can easily squeeze out savings from operations by cleaning up their databases and eliminating duplications.
Many Advantages of a Strong Knowledge Chain
Ken Bradley  
9/15/2011   (2) comments
A knowledge chain is critical to an electronics maker's operations, but its absence may be noticed only after it causes severe damage.
The Post Capitalist Society
Ken Bradley  
7/6/2011   (8) comments
Regulations are good, but they can also stifle innovation, so companies and governments must find the middle ground.
The Myth vs. Reality of Worker Productivity
Ken Bradley  
6/22/2011   (13) comments
Companies are squeezing costs out of their systems by using fewer employees rather than by leveraging the strengths of their operations.
LiveChat Follow-Up on Price Competitiveness, Part 2
Ken Bradley  
4/12/2011   (2) comments
To achieve price competitiveness, OEMs must effectively manage markups and gauge the real impact of the Japan disaster on their suppliers
LiveChat Follow-Up on Price Competitiveness, Part 1
Ken Bradley  
4/5/2011   (2) comments
Here are five actions that can help improve your price competitiveness in the current market environment
The Price Change Equation
Ken Bradley  
3/3/2011   (2) comments
The price change equation is a useful model to prepare for price negotiations between suppliers and customers
Calling the Shots in Component Pricing
Ken Bradley  
2/24/2011   (7) comments
Pick a price target and vision for components or get sucked into retail-like procurement where what you pay is decided by others
Where's the Innovation?
Ken Bradley  
2/11/2011   (7) comments
The electronics industry needs innovators who can blaze new trails in the area of supply chain innovation
The Art of Pricing
Ken Bradley  
2/3/2011   (10) comments
Pricing is an art, and many companies, large and small, have learned the craft – but, unfortunately, many haven’t
Trust but Verify
Ken Bradley  
1/13/2011   (11) comments
Many procurement and supply chain executives are underserving their companies by not verifying component pricing and manufacturing costs
Values Up or Prices Down
Ken Bradley  
12/2/2010   (6) comments
Component suppliers must add value to their products, or aggressive buyers will drive down prices they are willing to pay for such parts
Eventually, It All Boils Down to Cost
Ken Bradley  
11/22/2010   (7) comments
The best companies tightly control costs in good and bad times, have strong margins to fund R&D, and always know their competitive position
Breaking It Down: How to End Component Pricing Secrecy
Ken Bradley  
11/15/2010   (6) comments
A new online tool aims to level the playing field for parts buyers by shining a light into the secret world of component price negotiation

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