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B2B Branding Trumps Consumer Marketing Challenges
Savvy Tech Marketing  
7/5/2019   (6) comments
For high tech electronics OEMs, branding is important--and getting more important than ever before. A strong supply chain may be part of that brand.
Sorry, There's No Published Roadmap to Winning Marketing Investment
Savvy Tech Marketing  
8/4/2017   (2) comments
Mapping out a smart marketing strategy is critical for organizations trying to successfully negotiate the twists and turns of corporate branding, public relations and other activities.
Make Sure Your Tech Marketing Communications Content Delivers
Savvy Tech Marketing  
7/14/2017   Post a comment
To succeed, a brand needs to demonstrate customer value, not merely claim it.
Getting Management on Board with PR Content Creation
Savvy Tech Marketing  
3/6/2015   Post a comment
Without management support, public relations effors are nothing but hot air.
Measuring Marcomm Equals Complicated Mathematics
Savvy Tech Marketing  
2/20/2015   (1) comment
It's reasonable to want to measure the effectiveness of the marketing communications efforts at your high tech company. However, actually doing it may be easier said than done.
What High-Tech PR is Not
Savvy Tech Marketing  
2/6/2015   (3) comments
Confusion abounds in high-tech organization about what public relations really is. Let's shed some light on that topic by exploring what PR isn't.
Being an Effective Agency Client
Savvy Tech Marketing  
11/7/2014   Post a comment
Hire experts to help your high-technology public relations efforts, and let them apply their talents to get maximum value for your organization.
You Might Not Be a Good Agency Client If ...
Savvy Tech Marketing  
10/24/2014   (8) comments
Part of good PR efforts is being a good client. Here are some behaviors that will get you fired by your own PR representative.
Running the Life & Death Race of High-Tech Marketing
Savvy Tech Marketing  
10/17/2014   (5) comments
Wake-up call: Marketing isn't a leisurely walk in park, even if you are dominant in your market sector. There are competing brands in a hurry to grab your business.
The Big Job of Social Media in Business
Savvy Tech Marketing  
7/3/2014   (19) comments
You have to be on social media! At least, that's the current battle cry. But it's better to skip it altogether than do it wrong.
Pointing the Way to Strong Tech Marketing Plans
Savvy Tech Marketing  
4/4/2014   (16) comments
A technology marketing plan isn't a plan until it has management support, clearly defined agreements, and well-defined goals.
Talk About What's Worth Talking About at Your Company
Savvy Tech Marketing  
2/5/2014   (14) comments
Too many electronics companies start with brand awareness, when the real secret to success is brand differentiation.
Apply Content Best-Practices to Supply Chain Marketing
Savvy Tech Marketing  
11/12/2013   (3) comments
Engineers want to learn, and by giving them fodder for thought, you'll help them and your organization.
Successful Supply Chain Selling: Campaign Action
Savvy Tech Marketing  
10/2/2013   (3) comments
Having a well-planned business development with your partners is a great first step. Next, you have to implement.
Successful Supply Chain Selling: Invest in the Game
Savvy Tech Marketing  
9/19/2013   (3) comments
By working closely with partners, you can boost the efficacy of your marketing programs.
Share Your Supply Chain Knowledge
Savvy Tech Marketing  
7/19/2013   (23) comments
Sharing your supply chain expertise in technology publications can help establish you as an industry leader.
The Road to Smart Supply Chain Marketing
Savvy Tech Marketing  
6/27/2013   (14) comments
A good marketing message and strategy is the first step to winning customers. A few easy steps will put any company on the right road.
How Tech Brands Avoid Being Boring
Savvy Tech Marketing  
5/1/2013   (5) comments
Think about the larger picture and emphasizing the human element to tell stories that will improve your branding.
Avoiding 'Ready, Fire, Aim'
Savvy Tech Marketing  
4/29/2013   (6) comments
Telling Your Tech Brand Story Visually
Savvy Tech Marketing  
4/8/2013   Post a comment
Humans enjoy and learn from great stories; apply the concept to your marketing messages, and you'll do right by your audience.
Marketing Is Warfare, Not Number Crunching
Savvy Tech Marketing  
3/4/2013   (3) comments
Spending levels in a marketing campaign's early stages must be adequate to fuel preparation and the launch activities.
Even a Tech Firm Can Use a Brand Personality
Savvy Tech Marketing  
2/4/2013   (10) comments
Injecting some personality can become a winning method for making a tech brand more visible, understood, and valued by its market.
Tips for Effective Tech Media Product Intros
Savvy Tech Marketing  
1/3/2013   Post a comment
These factors must be considered for a significantly newsworthy product introduction. Start early and do it right for best results.
Getting the Tech News Out
Savvy Tech Marketing  
12/12/2012   (11) comments
When you have newsworthy information, integrating your information using various on- and off-line media is obviously preferred.
Is Your Company Sitting on a Data Goldmine?
Savvy Tech Marketing  
11/1/2012   (2) comments
Fresh facts about your company's operations may be unearthed from your standing database and used to gain a competitive advantage.
When Vacillation Kills Great Tech Marketing
Savvy Tech Marketing  
10/1/2012   (2) comments
Desired marketing results in the technology market most often come from people repeatedly and rapidly executing clearly defined plans.
Is Your Management Team Visible?
Savvy Tech Marketing  
9/6/2012   (10) comments
Management's strategic investment in awareness and credibility will earn your company a well-recognized place in its market.
Creating Singular Customer Value
Savvy Tech Marketing  
8/1/2012   (7) comments
Your key customer value may have very little to do with the particular technology you're selling.
10 Tips for Effectively Using Whitepapers
Savvy Tech Marketing  
7/6/2012   (8) comments
Whitepapers can be effective in high-tech marketing, but they have to be informative and properly used. Here's how.
Executing Tech Content Marketing
Savvy Tech Marketing  
6/1/2012   (5) comments
B2B firms don't have to sound stuffy and staid. Even IBM has become more hip, and your company can, too, with effective content marketing.
Content Is Key to Successful Tech Marketing
Savvy Tech Marketing  
5/1/2012   (8) comments
Tech companies can influence B2B buyers by creating marketing content that emphasize their offerings and competitiveness.
So You Want to Talk to Tech Editors?
Savvy Tech Marketing  
4/2/2012   (11) comments
Here are some tips from a veteran technology marketing professional on how to get stories published in industry and general publications.
Doing Great PR on a Shoestring Budget
Savvy Tech Marketing  
3/1/2012   (10) comments
A successful marketing campaign does not require a multimillion-dollar budget. Here are a few pointers for the cash-strapped tech firm.
Creating Effective Tech PR Strategies
Savvy Tech Marketing  
2/10/2012   (15) comments
An effective public relations campaign for high-tech firms should have strategic direction and engage the company's management team.
You May Not Have a Marketing Strategy if… Part Two
Savvy Tech Marketing  
12/2/2011   (12) comments
These factors may help high-tech companies see whether their marketing plan is as effective and robust as management would like.
You May Not Have a Marketing Strategy if… Part One
Savvy Tech Marketing  
11/4/2011   (23) comments
In testing whether there's a marketing strategy in positioning, branding, pricing, and other strategic factors, most tech brands fail.
Developing Messaging for Tech Marketers
Savvy Tech Marketing  
10/3/2011   (18) comments
Here are steps high-tech executives can take to improve the public image of their companies and achieve successful corporate marketing.
5 Top Benefits High-Tech Gets From Great PR
Savvy Tech Marketing  
9/1/2011   (12) comments
A tech brand that has been communicating well during good times will be in much better shape to address its woes when something goes wrong.
Creating Tech Brand Credibility, Part 2
Savvy Tech Marketing  
8/9/2011   (17) comments
This blog on brand creation discusses and suggests strategies for executing the best content marketing programs for technology companies.
Creating Tech Brand Credibility, Part 1
Savvy Tech Marketing  
8/2/2011   (10) comments
Providing information not available at competitors drives differentiation that effectively separates one tech brand from others.
PR Is a Top Tech Management Function
Savvy Tech Marketing  
7/5/2011   (11) comments
Advanced planning input from management is an essential part of a successful public relations program.
The Link: Social Media & Tech Marketing
Savvy Tech Marketing  
6/1/2011   (8) comments
There are ways to link social and technology marketing strategies to create significant advantages for electronics manufacturers.
In Tech Marketing, Timing Is Key to Success
Savvy Tech Marketing  
5/3/2011   (20) comments
Investing the right amounts at the right times is the key to marketing success.
You Made the Widget – Now Market It Effectively
Savvy Tech Marketing  
4/11/2011   (4) comments
Product marketing is as important as the design and production process. Here are some suggestions for doing it effectively
Brand Differentiation: Just Claiming 'Leadership' Won't Do
Savvy Tech Marketing  
3/4/2011   (3) comments
There are several ways to differentiate a brand from the competition, but merely claiming leadership is not the best strategy
Engineers Can Do Public Relations, Too
Savvy Tech Marketing  
2/9/2011   (18) comments
Bringing engineers into high-tech marketing communications can be a valuable part of demonstrating a company’s core competencies
5 Tips for Effective Technology Marketing
Savvy Tech Marketing  
1/27/2011   (11) comments
High-tech companies should partner with customers and suppliers to gain the most visibility for their products and businesses

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