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Big Shipping Offers Big Opportunties, Big Challenges
5/23/2014   (13) comments
We asked Ronald Kleijwegt, Hewlett-Packard's director of logistics for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, for his take on major shipping trends of the past decade.
The Age of the Machines
3/31/2014   (3) comments
The robotics revolution has transformed industries from cars to electronics. Now it's optimizing a supply chain near you.
Identify Your Sources of Conflict Minerals
6/21/2013   (14) comments
Conflict minerals research expedited by third-party services and tools will become as essential as the polluted air you breathe.
Conflict Minerals: A PR Opportunity
6/12/2013   (10) comments
Companies fighting conflict mineral rules face an uphill battle. By embracing these rules, they can rebuild the public trust and please investors.
Save Money on Rentals With RFID
6/3/2013   (18) comments
Radio frequency identification device technology is rapidly gaining interest by assuring the integrity of supply chains through rules-based management.
New Ships Can Carry 22,000 Containers
5/30/2013   (22) comments
Increasing carrying capacity with giant oceangoing freighters can reduce shipping cost per 20-foot container by as much as 40 percent.
30,000 Drones May Watch Americans by 2020
5/28/2013   (40) comments
Its reasonable to assume that tens of thousands of drones are coming soon to a neighborhood near you. How will they affect your privacy?
22-Fold Rise Predicted for M2M Devices by 2016
5/23/2013   (37) comments
Machine-to-machine technology is growing so rapidly that one report says there could be 10 billion connected devices by 2016. That's a big market opportunity.
The Robotizing of Man: Future Schlock
4/12/2013   (38) comments
Our machines are turning us into themselves. How did we get here?
Games, Grandkids & the Supply Chain
4/10/2013   (12) comments
Games can teach kids a lot about life; so too can we learn about the supply chain from them.
Fight Counterfeiting With Handheld DNA Sequencing
4/5/2013   (20) comments
We used to think it might be two to four years before a portable DNA sequencer might become available. Suddenly, it's here and affordable.
RFID Sparks New Supply Chain Demand
4/3/2013   (9) comments
RFID makes it possible not only to increase the quantity and types of products streaming through the supply chain, but also to build higher-level products and services.
DropTag: A Logistics Dream Come True
3/20/2013   (1) comment
It's been almost impossible to pinpoint product damage during shipment until now.
Houston, We Have a Supply Chain Problem
3/11/2013   (4) comments
How can you describe danger in the supply chain? One word: VACUUM.
Trade Secrets for Sale
3/8/2013   (10) comments
Recent government reports tell us that North America is losing a fortune to IP theft, much of it involving China.
Apple iPad: iThink iWon't Upgrade
3/6/2013   (19) comments
There aren't a lot of compelling reasons to upgrade from today's iPad, or other devices for that matter.
Design-for-Test: Product Lifesaver
2/28/2013   (8) comments
A straightforward approach to test methodologies today will save heartache tomorrow.
Counterfeiting as an Art Form
2/28/2013   (17) comments
Imagine the counterfeiter's pride as he manages to reverse engineer and duplicate an Intel processor requiring millions of transistors with multilayer interconnects.
Improve the Supply Chain? Learn From Home Refinance
2/22/2013   (10) comments
A home refinance experience sheds light on how the supply chain can get quicker and more secure.
Design-for-Assembly Is Crucial to Design Success
2/19/2013   (15) comments
When products are being designed, the engineers must also consider product characteristics beyond functions, user interfaces, appearances, or operating conditions.
Design for Manufacturing
2/13/2013   (17) comments
When it comes to choosing a contract manufacturer, forewarned is forearmed.
ZigBee Transforms the Supply Chain
2/13/2013   (22) comments
Any new technology, such as the ZigBee wireless protocol, can breathe new life into supply chain best-practices.
Anti-Counterfeiting DNA Marking Gets a Boost
2/11/2013   (11) comments
The practice of marking goods with DNA is headed for ubiquitous adoption across many industry sectors, especially in electronics.
Technology Transfer Fuels Counterfeiting
2/6/2013   (19) comments
Stopping counterfeiting has been made more difficult by technology transfer and the availability of sophisticated cloning systems.
Will US-China Trade Reform Put Technology at Risk?
1/8/2013   (14) comments
If products like microprocessors, microcontrollers, and other advanced components are exported with reduced restrictions, then we may be inadvertently giving up some of our core technologies in terms of development and processing know-how.
Tracking the Disruptions of Technology Convergence
1/8/2013   (7) comments
Technology innovations have advanced to the point where many products are converging and opening even more opportunities for developers.
Logistics Acronyms: Are You Confused Enough?
1/2/2013   (5) comments
The logistics industry is filled with enough challenges for the multi-country shipper. Acronyms have only made it worse.
Greater Role Seen for RFID in Supply Chain
12/24/2012   (42) comments
RFID will soon have an expanded role in the supply chain, and evolving battery technology is fueling this development.
Building the 'Ideal' Supply Chain
12/21/2012   (15) comments
The ideal supply chain is not a transplant but must be specific to a product or organization and flexible for unexpected developments.
Reliability Starts With Process Integrity
12/19/2012   (23) comments
Reliability starts with reliable people and processes. Many companies don't recognize or pay attention to this basic fact.
An Ounce of Review, A Ton of Cure
12/18/2012   (1) comment
Design engineers are vital to product development, but manufacturing success requires the early involvement of the component engineer.
Robotic Revolution
12/12/2012   (34) comments
Robots could be the new top-level worker in tomorrow's factory, driving down operating costs and raising production efficiency.
The Art of Concurrent Engineering
12/10/2012   (5) comments
The discipline of concurrent engineering allows manufacturers to involve stakeholders early to ensure smooth and efficient production.
Where Are the Chinese Buyers?
12/6/2012   (6) comments
China needs to extricate itself from the investment and export-driven growth model, and develop into a consumption-led economy.
Simplifying Design & Supply Risks
12/5/2012   (5) comments
The shorter the supply chain, the more manageable it is, but this length is often determined by strategies implemented in the design operation.
Reshoring the US Economy
11/29/2012   (15) comments
The possibility exists that many US companies may move some manufacturing operations back home from China as its labor costs rise.
Calibrating for Product Integrity
11/27/2012   (7) comments
A design is only as good as the actual measurements can confirm, but the integrity of the process depends also on the equipment used.
China, Solar Power & the Supply Chain
11/20/2012   (24) comments
China is subsidizing solar panel production and hurting other vendors, but the US can still find ways to extract value from the industry.
Dealing With the China Cost Crater
11/15/2012   (23) comments
Lowering costs is one factor that eventually will help Chinese manufacturers outsell local vendors in the TV set-top box market.
Save Those Failed Components
11/13/2012   (9) comments
Valuable information is lost when the same components keep failing without being saved for further investigation.
China's Oversized Clout in My Supply Chain
11/8/2012   (13) comments
China is the world's major center of electronics production, and its influence on the supply chain is growing rapidly as a result.
Leveraging Supplier Sample Parts for Design Efficiency
11/8/2012   (4) comments
Getting the most from your new part or sample part system entails best-practices management procedures. Do you have one?
Critical Skills for Today's Components Engineer
11/6/2012   (5) comments
The component engineer is an important member of a company's supply chain. Cultivating and educating them should be a priority.
Reverse Supply Chain & Our Shared Values
10/30/2012   Post a comment
A strong reverse supply chain not only helps to improve operations, but it can also reduce costs and add bragging rights.
Procurement Functions a PC Cannot Perform
10/25/2012   (14) comments
The best procurement strategy is to never take humans out of the purchasing operations. That will take a company right over a cliff.
Building the Efficient Supply Chain
10/24/2012   (10) comments
Any action that can speed up any portion of the supply chain will increase the efficiency of the entire operating network.
Managing Procurement Risks
10/23/2012   (1) comment
There are best-practices that can help identify and avoid problems in advance of a catastrophic procurement mishap. Here are some examples.
Design Practices: Good 'Specmanship' for Optimal Cost
10/22/2012   (2) comments
The formula for success in engineering is to design products that offer optimal cost and yield after meeting all specifications.
Procurement Strategies: Follow-Up Reminders
10/19/2012   (6) comments
We all need reminders from time-to-time. It tightens up business and helps avoid time-critical information vacuums.
Dream Cargo: Inspection-Free Shipment
10/16/2012   (10) comments
Your company's cargo can ship anywhere worldwide without inspection delays, but it requires a level of trust and technology enablement.
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