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Toyota Exec on Robo-Cars: ‘Not Even Close’
The Sanity Clause  
1/6/2017   Post a comment
Although honesty in corporate presentations at the CES is typically not treated as the best policy, Gil Pratt, Toyota Research Institute CEO, bucked that trend and leveled with his audience here about the real future of autonomous cars.
Toyota Suddenly Accelerates Fuel-Cell Race
The Sanity Clause  
1/9/2014   (3) comments
Toyota announced at CES that it will put a mass-market hydrogen fuel-cell car on the road in 2015.
When Shangri-La Decides to Secede From China
The Sanity Clause  
5/9/2013   (10) comments
Westerners who paint China as a land of opportunity fail to see the precarious foundation it rests on.
SEC Poised to Endorse Corporate Hypocrisy (Again)
The Sanity Clause  
5/2/2013   Post a comment
Companies, bless their stony hearts, are telling their shareholders that they can take their concept of open information and shove it.
Japan’s Semiconductor Malaise... & Sumo
The Sanity Clause  
4/24/2013   (11) comments
What does the Japanese DRAM business have to do with sumo wrestling? More than you'd think.
The Gap Between Politics & Common Sense
The Sanity Clause  
4/18/2013   (11) comments
Like the casual baseball fan who doesn’t understand the infield-fly rule, normal voters – with bigger fish to fry – don’t enjoy the arcana of politics.
Price of Freedom Is Higher Than Minimum Wage
The Sanity Clause  
4/11/2013   (7) comments
An economic model that places the lowest possible value on its highest-value component -- the toil of human beings -- is bad news for everyone.
The Costs & Perils of an Underpaid Labor Force
The Sanity Clause  
4/4/2013   (5) comments
Offshoring to low-wage countries isn't slavery, but it's not good for capitalism either.
My All-Time Dream Lovers. Who Are Yours?
The Sanity Clause  
3/28/2013   (11) comments
Take this water-cooler diversion: Who are your top beauties, male or female?
America: Rich? Broke? Or Maybe Just 'House-Poor'
The Sanity Clause  
3/21/2013   (13) comments
Both the federal government and the average family survive, thrive, and serve the greater good by embracing the concept of a substantial and prolonged deficit.
Tickets to Mars, Starting at Only $500,000!
The Sanity Clause  
3/14/2013   (6) comments
The big red planet looms large in the imagination and big government can help.
Rust Belt Reflections
The Sanity Clause  
3/8/2013   (5) comments
A politician's vote echoes through a lonely, dying part of the country.
Who Is That Dame & Why Is She on TV?
The Sanity Clause  
2/26/2013   (2) comments
One-time HP CEO Carly Fiorina is back in the public eye. Why is she talking about politics?
Want Energy Innovation? Think Tarpaper
The Sanity Clause  
2/19/2013   (9) comments
Often the best solutions attack the problem by coming through the side window.
How to Save Money in Washington? Ask Gibbs
The Sanity Clause  
2/8/2013   (8) comments
If government really wants to reduce the deficit and debts, it could look in some areas where programs are currently being duplicated.
The Perils of Moral Confusion
The Sanity Clause  
1/30/2013   (4) comments
EBN's favorite myth buster goes off topic to tackle the question of morality, equality, and fairness in our society.
USPS: Courier Extraordinaire
The Sanity Clause  
1/23/2013   (4) comments
The US Postal Service continues to deliver great service even though it's been hobbled by Congressional mandates.
Spectrum: The Invisible Grand Canyon
The Sanity Clause  
1/11/2013   (1) comment
No free market anywhere operates prosperously without the benevolent massage of government regulators, and TV spectrum isn't different.
Need a Reminder? Prohibition Doesn't Work!
The Sanity Clause  
1/3/2013   (29) comments
Prohibition has been tried many times for various things, but it's never been an effective deterrent to something society doesn't like.
Is Apple Second Rate Without Jobs's Star Power?
The Sanity Clause  
12/19/2012   (40) comments
Can Apple, under the conventional leadership of Tim Cook, launch a second renaissance as the company every other company wishes it were?
The 'Ponderous Chain' That Keeps Jobs Overseas
The Sanity Clause  
12/11/2012   (7) comments
It was easier, it seems, to move the electronics supply chain to Asia than for companies like Apple to bring it back to the US.
Shadowed by Process Rather Than Substance
The Sanity Clause  
12/5/2012   (4) comments
The truth about economic, political, and other world events is often clouded by failure to grasp the full implications of such developments.
Death of the News
The Sanity Clause  
11/27/2012   (10) comments
News isn't a product, nor is it reliably popular enough to generate the sales that assure profit and reward insatiable shareholders.
It Pays to Advertise, or Doesn't It?
The Sanity Clause  
11/21/2012   (22) comments
Apple's huge growth creates the view that advertising has become superfluous, and the 2012 election campaign reinforced this perception.
The Rise & Fall of Tom Thumb
The Sanity Clause  
11/13/2012   (3) comments
With the emergence of touchscreen tablets, the era of the blazing thumb -- and its ignorant prose style -- might be declining.
Who Are Those Guys?
The Sanity Clause  
11/5/2012   (3) comments
Companies do a lot of things in the name of shareholders, but often, executive actions benefit only management and not investors
Hurricane Sandy, Eat This!
The Sanity Clause  
10/29/2012   (37) comments
Hurricane Sandy barrels towards New York, but New Yorkers aren't worrying to much about it, as our resident blogger affirms.
The Unattainable Computer
The Sanity Clause  
10/22/2012   (17) comments
There are few machines in current vogue that respond intuitively to human purposes in human terms, and Windows 8 is not an exception.
The Romney Tax Plan in Short Form
The Sanity Clause  
10/10/2012   (2) comments
It isn't really that complicated explaining presidential contender Mitt Romney's tax plan, and someone should have spelled it out.
The Anti-Science of Anti-Regulation
The Sanity Clause  
10/2/2012   (2) comments
Governments and companies clash frequently on business regulations, as demonstrated by recent developments in the oil and gas industry.
'Market Forces' Can't & Won't Protect Public Interest
The Sanity Clause  
9/24/2012   (18) comments
Public interest cannot be protected by market forces, as demonstrated in the failed results of self-regulation in many industry sectors.
You Can't Tell a Candidate by the Resumé
The Sanity Clause  
9/18/2012   (8) comments
The history of the US presidency shows the most successful leaders cannot be determined solely on the content of their curriculum vitae.
Can Corporate Hands Guide Public Education?
The Sanity Clause  
9/12/2012   (16) comments
Evaluating teachers using ratings systems used by businesses sounds right, but even corporate records may not support this strategy.
Labor Day or Arbor Day: Who Cares?
The Sanity Clause  
9/4/2012   (15) comments
When union leaders can't count on almost two-fifths of their members, it's safe to conclude that organized labor ain't organized any more.
What the Apple-Samsung Case Wasn't About
The Sanity Clause  
8/27/2012   (6) comments
Apple won against Samsung because of its innovation and not because it invented the wireless phone. That credit belongs to others.
The Politics of Business Responsibility
The Sanity Clause  
8/23/2012   (6) comments
Businessman/politicians who seek to embrace both Adam Smith and Ayn Rand are deluding themselves – and the electorate.
The Paradox of Corporate Cleanliness
The Sanity Clause  
8/13/2012   (2) comments
Imagine how things might look if we matched the cleanliness profile of a company's head office with that corporation's pollution record.
Banking Gloom
The Sanity Clause  
8/7/2012   (2) comments
In order for the economy to rebound strongly, banks will have to resume traditional financial services, but it doesn't seem likely.
Why Manufacturing Matters
The Sanity Clause  
6/14/2012   (12) comments
Anyone who doubts the link between production and technology knowhow should recall the hard lessons of American TV and steel manufacturers.
Counterculture: Slash & Burn May Not Save HP
The Sanity Clause  
6/11/2012   (12) comments
Is HP being properly served for long-term growth as it prepares to lay off almost 30,000 employees, or will it come to rue this decision?
Where Did the Money Go?
The Sanity Clause  
5/15/2012   (10) comments
US companies and the investment class are hoarding and wasting much of the productivity gains that fueled the economy's growth.
Flying the Dysfunctional Skies
The Sanity Clause  
5/9/2012   (21) comments
Problems in the US airline market are hitting, not just passengers, but also businesses in the high-tech and manufacturing sectors.
Shrinking Steve Jobs Back to Human Scale
The Sanity Clause  
5/3/2012   (15) comments
Tech buyers have canonized late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, but, in time, even this larger-than-life character will begin to look more human.
Contrarianism of the Ostracized Engineer
The Sanity Clause  
4/30/2012   (21) comments
Why do so many engineers, despite their rigorous training, tend to be anti-liberalism and sometimes even reject the theory of climate change?

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