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Why We Need More Chip Startups
Brian Fuller  
3/30/2014   (4) comments
The semiconductor industry needs to make big changes to ensure success.
How to Boost Solar Cell Efficiency
Brian Fuller  
3/29/2014   (2) comments
If it's going to be mainstream, solar just has to get more efficient.
Infographic: The STEM Challenge
Brian Fuller  
2/15/2014   (12) comments
Today's students are tomorrow's engineers. Here's a look at the history of the effort to get students into STEM.
The Basic-Research Challenge
Brian Fuller  
2/14/2014   (7) comments
A quick conversation with a leading engineering educator about a couple of hot topics: the state of basic research and aircraft innovation.
Want to Innovate? Try Spending Some Money
Brian Fuller  
1/19/2014   (79) comments
If innovation is going to be more than just a buzzword, you have to put your money where your mouth is.
The Car of the Future
Brian Fuller  
1/18/2014   (6) comments
Automotive design is having a huge impact on the electronics industry.
How Embedded Electronics Elevates Winemaking
Brian Fuller  
12/30/2013   (14) comments
Wine & technology come together in winning ways.
The Automotive Electronics Revolution Is Here
Brian Fuller  
12/27/2013   (5) comments
Open standards are helping quicken the pace of automotive innovation and at the same time are giving OEMs and car manufacturers an opportunity to move their R&D dollars into new and exciting areas.
Building a Culture of Innovation
Brian Fuller  
12/15/2013   (1) comment
If you build innovation, great ideas will come.
Key to Innovation? Onshoring Manufacturing of Course
Brian Fuller  
12/14/2013   (6) comments
A new study hopes to revitalize American innovation by better understanding how design and manufacturing are symbiotic.
Measuring, Drop by Drop
Brian Fuller  
11/24/2013   (101) comments
Droplet Measurement Technologies makes it its business to ensure even safer skies and calmer passengers.
Faster (& More) Signaling on the Same Channel
Brian Fuller  
10/31/2013   (1) comment
FPD-Link has been in existence for almost 20 years; it's improving like fine wine.
The Future of Demand Response Technologies
Brian Fuller  
10/30/2013   (1) comment
UCLA engineering professor Rajit Gadh talks about research in smart grid systems and how consumers can benefit from demand-response technologies and programs.
The Manufacturing-Plus Strategy
Brian Fuller  
9/29/2013   (6) comments
S.U. Moon loved manufacturing so much that a decade ago he set out on his own to start a contract manufacturing business.
Is Innovation Dead?
Brian Fuller  
9/28/2013   (30) comments
The argument’s been put forth that civilization has hit an innovation wall.
How 8 Engineers Designed the Future Electric Vehicle
Brian Fuller  
9/24/2013   (22) comments
A key part of any stop on the year-long Drive for Innovation was interacting with engineers either examining our Chevy Volt or driving it around. Everyone has a design suggestion.
The Sounds of Silence Redux
Brian Fuller  
9/12/2013   (12) comments
Apparently electric and hybrid-electric vehicles are too quiet, at least for the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.
The Future of Demand Response Technologies
Brian Fuller  
8/29/2013   (16) comments
A look at power generation and smart-grid management, and a future that commonly includes “automatic” demand response, in which the consumer has signed on to let the utility manage the household’s energy use during peak times.
Forward, March
Brian Fuller  
5/17/2013   (2) comments
Improving our leadership skills is a goal to which we all can aspire.
Supply Chain's Unintended Industry Impact
Brian Fuller  
5/16/2013   (13) comments
An evolved global supply chain is causing more frequent cycle swings in the semiconductor industry, one CEO argues.
Top 25 Global Components Distributors
Brian Fuller  
5/13/2013   (5) comments
Our Top 25 Global Electronics Component Distributors list shows not too much changed amid the electronic components distribution landscape in 2012.
Distributors Eye Consumer Business Longingly but Warily
Brian Fuller  
5/13/2013   (1) comment
Topping the list of the world’s biggest electronics distributors were Avnet and Arrow,followed by WPG Holdings, Future Electronics, and WT Microelectronics.
What Business Are You In?
Brian Fuller  
5/8/2013   (7) comments
Our business changes relentlessly. It behooves us to rise above our daily tasks to figure out just what business we'll be in next year.
Infographic: A Snapshot of Transportation Logistics
Brian Fuller  
5/7/2013   Post a comment
A look at the breadth and depth of the UPS supply chain infrastructure.
Memory, Displays at Risk if North Korea Goes South
Brian Fuller  
5/6/2013   (11) comments
Tensions on the Korean Peninsula have quieted a bit, but that doesn't mean the electronics industry isn't too exposed on certain technologies there.
Infographic: Traceability Issues in the Supply Chain
Brian Fuller  
5/3/2013   (4) comments
Research highlights concerns, challenges, and plans to overcome the challenges inherent in managing recall processes in the supply chain.
Mexican Drug Lord's Supply Chain Leadership
Brian Fuller  
5/2/2013   (3) comments
We can learn a lot about supply chain best-practices from a narco dealer with a global network.
Fight Chinese Counterfeiting? Forget It
Brian Fuller  
5/1/2013   (22) comments
All the lobbying in the world won't stop Chinese counterfeiting, according to one semiconductor CEO.
Solving the Supply Chain Talent Crisis
Brian Fuller  
4/30/2013   (3) comments
Recruitment, training, and retention are challenges confronting the supply chain, but help is on the way.
Infographic: Supply Chain's RFID Advantage
Brian Fuller  
4/30/2013   (6) comments
RFID will become an enabling technology across a number of industries.
Infographic: 2012 Electronics Mergers Illustrated
Brian Fuller  
4/26/2013   (10) comments
Nearly 200 acquisitions, partial or complete, took place in the electronics industry in 2012.
The Supply Chain Talent Crisis
Brian Fuller  
4/25/2013   (37) comments
New, multifaceted supply chain skills and how to find them are the subject of an upcoming webinar, April 30.
Supply Chain Meets Design Chain
Brian Fuller  
4/24/2013   (6) comments
The Great Recession pushed savvy contract manufacturers to dive into design services. Here's one example.
Apple's Latest Supply Chain Headache: Foxconn
Brian Fuller  
4/23/2013   (11) comments
Reports are swirling that the consumer electronics giant has returned at least 5 million iPhones to its Chinese manufacturing partner.
Infographic: The Real Cost of Trucking
Brian Fuller  
4/22/2013   (32) comments
Tires and fuel are obviously big cost contributors in the trucking business -- coffee factors in as well.
The FedEx-UPS Duopoly
Brian Fuller  
4/19/2013   (5) comments
The two biggest ground shippers in North America raise prices seemingly annually, which can hurt small to midsized components companies that can't absorb or pass on the increases.
Industry Still Unprepared for Conflict Minerals Reporting
Brian Fuller  
4/18/2013   (3) comments
May 2014 in the deadline to conflict with SEC regulations on conflict minerals; one in three companies hasn't even started the process.
Supply Chain Management Lessons From the Civil War
Brian Fuller  
4/17/2013   (14) comments
How do you build a national army almost from scratch and almost overnight? Ask Montgomery Meigs.
Infographic: Security Threats by the Numbers
Brian Fuller  
4/15/2013   (5) comments
Hacking and malware is a challenge for maintaining secure supply-chain networks, but part of the problem is us.
Digi-Key CEO's Take on Google, Amazon in the E-Supply Chain
Brian Fuller  
4/12/2013   (7) comments
Digi-Key CEO Mark Larson sleeps like a baby when he thinks about Google and Amazon encroaching on his business.
Supply Chain's Information 'Black Hole'
Brian Fuller  
4/9/2013   (3) comments
Nearly half of company information breaches come from the company's supply chain, where more vigilance and tighter processes are required.
Infographic: North Korea's Road to War
Brian Fuller  
4/9/2013   (6) comments
North Korean saber-rattling has the Korean Peninsula on edge. Here's a timeline of recent events in the area.
Supply Chain Heroes: Megan Pedigo
Brian Fuller  
4/8/2013   (1) comment
How the Thailand floods affected one supply chain professional, and made her love her job that much more.
Infographic: Conflict Minerals Impact
Brian Fuller  
4/4/2013   (3) comments
As the clock ticks on SEC reporting requirements on conflict minerals, here's a look at 3TG on a global scale.
Insourcing's Boom
Brian Fuller  
4/3/2013   (4) comments
Heavy manufacturing is coming back on shore by letting people imagine how they would eliminate their own jobs.
Grading the Chain: Atmel CEO Steven Laub
Brian Fuller  
4/3/2013   (1) comment
The head of one of the industry's venerable microcontroller companies talks about turning around a battleship and what he wants from the supply chain.
Infographic: E-Waste – Where Does it All Go?
Brian Fuller  
4/2/2013   (9) comments
In the United States alone, there are 99 million televisions stockpiled or stored. And that's only a fraction of the global e-waste problem.
Supply Chain's Future: A Survey
Brian Fuller  
4/2/2013   Post a comment
How is the supply chain evolving? You tell us. We need your help!
Here Comes the Sun: Chip Demand, Revenue Growth Returning
Brian Fuller  
4/1/2013   (1) comment
The projected revenue increase for 2013's second quarter is in line with a healthy bump expected in the days of inventory (DOI) measure used to track chip inventory quantities.
Infographic: Managing a Global Workforce
Brian Fuller  
4/1/2013   Post a comment
The more engaged your employees and partners are, the better the productivity, but most aren't that highly engaged. How do we fix that?
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