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To Reshore or Not to Reshore
Peter Buxbaum  
10/8/2013   (8) comments
Electronics companies considering bringing operations back to the US should consider the total costs of overseas operations, including duties, freight, and longer lead times, not just wages and per-piece prices.
Predictive Analytics Takes Its Place in the Electronics Supply Chain
Peter Buxbaum  
9/17/2013   (6) comments
A new class of products is emerging to aid in supply chain management that applies predictive analytics to help forecast shortages; overstock of electronic components; and optimize manufacturing, sourcing, and logistics processes.
Court Upholds Conflict Minerals Rule
Peter Buxbaum  
8/21/2013   (14) comments
A recent court ruling shows that companies stalling on conflict minerals compliance have to get moving.
IECQ Launches Anticounterfeit Certification Program
Peter Buxbaum  
8/14/2013   (17) comments
The idea behind the anticounterfeiting certification program is that manufacturers and distributors can promote their products and services as adhering to a recognized program to combat counterfeiting.
Reduce Lead Times & Slash Inventories
Peter Buxbaum  
7/3/2013   (7) comments
Cutting systemic lead time out of the electronics supply chain can drastically reduce inventories.
Manage Your Suppliers, Protect Your Brand
Peter Buxbaum  
6/25/2013   (20) comments
There are a number of steps electronics manufacturers can take to avoid Apple's fiasco with Foxconn.
A One-Country Supply Chain Won’t Work
Peter Buxbaum  
6/20/2013   (12) comments
Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs says it wants to develop on in-country integrated mobile handset supply chain. Not such a good idea.
DoD Issues Electronics Counterfeit Rule
Peter Buxbaum  
6/13/2013   (8) comments
The US Department of Defense has issued a proposed rule that would require DoD contractors to implement counterfeit electronic part detection systems as part of their approved systems.
Conflict Minerals Compliance Offers Opportunities
Peter Buxbaum  
6/5/2013   (5) comments
PricewaterhouseCoopers says a conflict minerals compliance program can help optimize electronics supply chains and enhance company brands.
Time to Saddle Up on Conflict Minerals
Peter Buxbaum  
5/23/2013   (12) comments
Companies waiting to implement a conflict minerals compliance program -- and apparently many are -- until after an appeals court rules on its validity should be getting themselves in gear in light of a recent decision by the same court in a similar case.
Combating Counterfeiting
Peter Buxbaum  
5/6/2013   (12) comments
How to counter counterfeiting in the electronics supply chain? Apply component identification techniques that are themselves difficult to counterfeit.
Generating Buzz With Social Media
Peter Buxbaum  
5/3/2013   (7) comments
Social networking is up and coming in the B2B electronics space.
The Conflict Minerals Rule: Unintended Consequences
Peter Buxbaum  
4/15/2013   Post a comment
Opponents of the SEC's conflict metals rule say it doesn't advance Dodd-Frank's objective of weakening armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and has in fact caused a de facto embargo of Congolese minerals.
Conflict Metals Compliance: An Overview of Web Resources
Peter Buxbaum  
4/12/2013   (2) comments
Where on the web to find about whether, when, and how to comply with the SEC conflict minerals rule.
Time to Think About Korean Contingencies
Peter Buxbaum  
4/9/2013   (12) comments
If North Korea attacks the south, electronics supply chains are going to feel the hit.
How to Recycle E-Waste: Emulate Nokia
Peter Buxbaum  
4/2/2013   (8) comments
Recycling programs can yield social benefits, helping the environment and the company. But implementing them isn't easy.

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