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A State of the Hard Drive Address
Jim O'Reilly  
4/23/2018   (3) comments
Solid state drives are pushing hard disk drives into potentially being just a technology in our memories.
Hybrid Modules Create Next Chip Packaging Revolution
Jim O'Reilly  
12/4/2017   (1) comment
The industry is looking to new schemes to increase performance and use less power and hybrid modules may be just what the doctor ordered.
Exploring the Brave New World of AI, Robotics & Autonomous Cars
Jim O'Reilly  
11/2/2017   Post a comment
What is the Brave New World of sophisticated technology going to look like? Only time will tell, but we can make an educated guess.
Making the Affordability Case for Huge SSDs
Jim O'Reilly  
9/19/2017   (4) comments
All of a sudden, huge solid state drives are available, for a price. Even before prices go down, they may make sense in certain applications.
Will MTBF Kill Drone Delivery?
Jim O'Reilly  
7/13/2017   Post a comment
When we do the math, failure rates are likely to ground delivery by drone before it ever really takes off.
The Implications of Buying Toshiba’s Flash Business
Jim O'Reilly  
6/29/2017   Post a comment
Toshiba, as a leading developer of NAND technology, makes an attractive target to companies jockeying for position in the coming transition from spinning hard drives to all solid-state solutions.
Trending: New Storage Verticals
Jim O'Reilly  
5/23/2017   Post a comment
The commoditization of storage platform hardware, coupled with the availability of unbundled, powerful storage software is giving buyers more choices.
Finding Flash: A Look at Today’s Memory Shortage
Jim O'Reilly  
5/1/2017   (1) comment
SSD drive prices have risen between 10% and 20% and suppliers are extending lead-times to distributors out into the 20+ week range. Here's a look at the current state of the flash memory market.
Robotrucks: Shifting Electronic Logistics to Autopilot Changes the Supply Chain
Jim O'Reilly  
4/3/2017   Post a comment
Autonomous trucks still need some perfecting, but the reality is that we are just a few years from the capability being solid enough to enter mainstream operations. That's going to shift the entire supply chain.
The Rise of the Robot for Electronics Assembly
Jim O'Reilly  
2/22/2017   Post a comment
Robots in assembly aren’t a new thing but with the cost of wages rising they are likely to take center stage.
On-Shoring Under Trump: The Good, The Bad & the Ugly
Jim O'Reilly  
1/17/2017   Post a comment
The future remains to be seen. Everyone is wondering what might happen in the electronics supply chain if Trump slaps tariffs on China, and what might still happen if he doesn't.
Hardware Technology in 2016 & a Look in the Crystal Ball at 2017
Jim O'Reilly  
1/3/2017   (1) comment
The close of the year is a good time to look back, and forward. Although some technologies and sectors were hit hard in 2016, there are some promising markets on the horizon.
Samsung & Apple: Living in Interesting Times
Jim O'Reilly  
10/19/2016   (3) comments
In the race between Apple and Samsung for market dominance, it's a tough call to say who has the bigger troubles.
Flash has Clearly Won But Can Suppliers Meet Demand?
Jim O'Reilly  
10/6/2016   Post a comment
Solid state storage hasn't taken the place of every hard drive. It's a complex question about why, but there are several driving forces.
Is There Really an Internet of Things?
Jim O'Reilly  
8/11/2016   (2) comments
The problem, across the whole of IoT, is proving sufficient benefit, a pressing need and economic viability.
The Impact of Change on Storage Logistics
Jim O'Reilly  
7/26/2016   (2) comments
SATA drives in the secondary storage are in many ways the last hurrah for HDDs, and while cheaper SSDs are becoming much more reliable, their increasing capacity drastically reduces the drive count in a storage array.
3D Printing Finally Matures & Goes Mainstream
Jim O'Reilly  
4/27/2016   Post a comment
There are serious uses now for 3D printing and it promises to revitalize production by bringing creative designs and small-lot printing to many industries.
The State of On-Shoring: The Problem of China
Jim O'Reilly  
4/14/2016   (7) comments
China has had a good run as a low-cost manufacturer with decent product quality, but labor costs have risen drastically over the last decade making the country vulnerable to re-sourcing decisions that take into account the logistics costs and risks associated with long pipelines.
China's Stock Market Plunge & the Electronics Industry
Jim O'Reilly  
8/5/2015   (4) comments
Big changes in China's stock markets aren't the end of the world. They may signal a new direction for electronics OEMs in terms of outsourcing choices, though.
Coming Home from China: Answering the Question of Reshoring
Jim O'Reilly  
7/20/2015   Post a comment
With so much past reliance on China, even if the economics favor assembly in the U.S., can the U.S. find the skills and experience needed for success?
Smartphone Saturation Becomes OEM Conundrum
Jim O'Reilly  
6/29/2015   Post a comment
Smartphone sales are down and OEMs should be worried. Creating new features to enhance brand differentiation is getting harder and harder.
Building U.S. Ownership of IoT
Jim O'Reilly  
6/22/2015   Post a comment
On-shoring sensors may be the most sensible option to meet the needs of the exploding Internet of Things market.
The Changing Face of Computer Storage
Jim O'Reilly  
4/23/2015   (2) comments
For the logistics chain, both upstream of the drive and array makers, and downstream in channels of distribution of their products, the newest storage innovations will change how things are done.
Is the Death of the PC Industry Exaggerated?
Jim O'Reilly  
4/16/2015   (4) comments
The death knell has been sounding for the PC industry for some time now. A look at tech trends reveals whether the current industry is breathing its last.
Tech Fatigue Hits the Mobile Market
Jim O'Reilly  
2/26/2015   Post a comment
Drooping sales for smart phones, tablets, and desktop PCs suggest "technology fatigue" is setting in. What are the facts and implications for electronics OEMs, and can the trend be reversed?
Writing an Obituary for Electronics Retailers
Jim O'Reilly  
1/29/2015   Post a comment
With Radio Shack on life support and online eating up market share, what can retail electronics chains do to survive?
It’s Christmas for Online Stores
Jim O'Reilly  
12/24/2014   (24) comments
A look at results for the Christmas rush, and how well online competed and coped with the load.
Mobile Impacts Logistics More Than the PC Revolution
Jim O'Reilly  
11/14/2014   (4) comments
Mobile changes all of our interactions -- with people and with data. The logistics impacts are immense.
SSD Changes Storage Buying Patterns
Jim O'Reilly  
10/23/2014   (3) comments
Users are tired of expensive storage. The cloud is driving open source, COTS hardware, and a new attitude.
Repurposed Systems Present Growth Opportunity
Jim O'Reilly  
9/18/2014   (5) comments
With system performance taking a quantum leap of improvement, while the cloud targets a four-year lifecycle, what happens to the used systems business?
Designing for That 3D Printer
Jim O'Reilly  
8/28/2014   (18) comments
A look at some tools that are making 3D printing easier.
IoT: Creativity Unleashed
Jim O'Reilly  
6/27/2014   (14) comments
Innovation in high-tech has been stagnant for years, but IoT will open new horizons. The result should be a boom for components.
Onshoring the Robots
Jim O'Reilly  
5/23/2014   (20) comments
With even giants like Foxconn aiming to go robot, why not put them closer to the consumer?
Supply Chain: Both Nimble & Lean
Jim O'Reilly  
1/20/2014   (5) comments
With onshoring, customer centricity, and shorter pipelines, Lean is no longer enough. "Nimble" is the next buzzword.
Saving the USPS
Jim O'Reilly  
12/24/2013   (21) comments
The solution lies in embracing the technological challenges and reinventing the mission.
Delivery by Drone: Logistics Helper or Hype?
Jim O'Reilly  
12/18/2013   (54) comments
Technology can do wonderful things, but will drones solve the last-10-miles problem of product delivery?
The Rise of the Robot
Jim O'Reilly  
11/27/2013   (23) comments
Low-cost, easy-to-integrate robots and improved safety features are changing assembly lines.
3D Printing: Abuses & Odd Uses
Jim O'Reilly  
10/23/2013   (41) comments
3D Printing has generated a burst of creativity, with some odd and occasionally scary results.
Flash Supply Tight & Getting Tighter
Jim O'Reilly  
9/27/2013   (18) comments
With flash chip supply struggling to keep up with demand, prices will rise, and growth will slow down.
3D Printing Gets Beyond Star Trek
Jim O'Reilly  
8/28/2013   (19) comments
3D printing is having a major impact on how we build. However, there is a bunch of hype obscuring the exciting reality.
Hi-Flex Sourcing for Better Inventory Management
Jim O'Reilly  
7/18/2013   (9) comments
More flexible and smarter sourcing reduces inventory risk in high-tech and similar industries.
Onshoring an Option for Electronics Industry
Jim O'Reilly  
6/18/2013   (8) comments
Shifting political and economic considerations make the US a better place for some electronics manufacturing.

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