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EBN@C-Level: SAP Ariba President Speaks to the Evolution of Strategic Procurement
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
8/17/2018   (3) comments
We sat down with Barry Padgett, president of SAP Ariba to find out a little more about his company and ask about the most exciting trends in the procurement software market.
Talking to a Rising Supply Chain Star: Elizabeth Richter, Flex
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
5/8/2018   Post a comment
Elizabeth Richter, who is currently serving as chief of staff for the chief procurement and supply chain officer at contract manufacturer Flex, describes her current job as “supply chain heaven.” We decided to find out why.
Talking to a Rising Supply Chain Star: Conor Quarry, IBM
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
4/27/2018   (1) comment
We sat down with Conor Quarry, winner of the 30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Stars recognition program to get his thoughts on the evolving role of analytics in the supply chain as well as to find out more about his thoughts on the modern supply chain and the career potential of the supply chain field.
6 Inspiring Women Empowering Digital Transformation
Erich Hoch  
3/7/2018   (3) comments
Six female industry veterans at Jabil offer their perspectives about the digital revolution and what it means for the high-technology manufacturing industry.
The HP Garage: An Armchair Travelers Guide to Where the Innovation Began
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
8/31/2017   (7) comments
Take a private tour in pictures of where technology giant began, in a tiny garage in Palo Alto, CA.
Consolidation Continues to Rewrite Chip Vendor Rankings
Dylan McGrath  
5/15/2017   (1) comment
The unprecedented wave of semiconductor industry consolidation skewed comparisons and continued to redraw the rankings of vendors by sales.
EBN@C-Level: Talking to Jamil Nizam about the Evolving Identity of Master Electronics
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
4/26/2017   Post a comment
After 50 years in business, electronics distributor Master Electronics has learned a few things about staying relevant. We sat down with president Jamil Nizam to learn the secret to their success.
From the Moon to Mars: Space Exploration’s Rich Past and Uncertain Future
Suzanne Deffree  
6/10/2016   Post a comment
A Space Shuttle veteran and International Space Station mission commander speaks with Design News about the past achievements of and future viability of US space exploration, why man hasn’t walked on Mars yet, and the role of commercial spaceflight.
Talking to a Rising Supply Chain Star: Debbi Wan, Cisco
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
3/30/2016   (2) comments
EBN talked to Debbi Wan, strategic sourcing manager, Global Manufacturing Operations for Cisco Systems, about her experiences in the electronics supply chain, as well as for her advice on other young professionals who might want to enter the field.
Talking to a Rising Supply Chain Star: Amy Georgi, Fluke Electronics
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
3/23/2016   (1) comment
Amy Georgi, a program manager in supply chain acquisitions and integrations with Fluke Electronics, shares her experiences in the global electronics supply chain.
Talking to a Rising Supply Chain Star: Christian Goehring, Avnet
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
3/16/2016   Post a comment
We sat down with one of Avnet's rising supply chain talents to ask him his thoughts on the electronics industry and the opportunities that a career in the supply chain provides.
Nokia Networks Leads in Supply Chain Operations Excellence
Susan Fourtané  
8/25/2015   Post a comment
Learning from global leaders' supply chain management increases your chances to get supply chain operations planning right. Nokia Networks shares its journey towards excellence in supply chain operations.
Apple Drives Growth in High-Resolution Smartphone Displays, IHS Says

Latest Research  
8/4/2015   Post a comment
LTPS TFT LCD display shipments grow, while overall smartphone panel demand slows.
Shadowed by Process Rather Than Substance
The Sanity Clause  
12/5/2012   (4) comments
The truth about economic, political, and other world events is often clouded by failure to grasp the full implications of such developments.
Hurricane Sandy, Eat This!
The Sanity Clause  
10/29/2012   (37) comments
Hurricane Sandy barrels towards New York, but New Yorkers aren't worrying to much about it, as our resident blogger affirms.
Vallee Boosted Distribution's Investment Profile
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/14/2012   (3) comments
Avnet's retiring executive chairman, Roy Vallee, helped redefine the distribution market and elevate its profile with investors.
Freescale Forum: More Useful & Relevant Than CES
Semico Spin  
6/29/2012   (4) comments
Freescale Semiconductor's annual technology conference is much more relevant for analysts and investors than the Consumer Electronics Show.
Shrinking Steve Jobs Back to Human Scale
The Sanity Clause  
5/3/2012   (15) comments
Tech buyers have canonized late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, but, in time, even this larger-than-life character will begin to look more human.
Contrarianism of the Ostracized Engineer
The Sanity Clause  
4/30/2012   (21) comments
Why do so many engineers, despite their rigorous training, tend to be anti-liberalism and sometimes even reject the theory of climate change?
India's Promises & Drawbacks
Bolaji Ojo  
3/20/2012   (11) comments
India can play a bigger role in the high-tech industry, but it needs to do a lot of legal and procedural housecleaning and improve infrastructure.
Underestimating Uncertainty
Anna Young  
10/12/2011   (11) comments
The global economy faces a range of uncertainties, and electronics appears to be caught in its vortex. McKinsey suggests solutions.
Country Watch: Indonesia Carves a Stable Niche
Marc Herman  
8/26/2011   (6) comments
Indonesia produces metals that start the electronic goods supply chain, and it buys end-products, but it's not involved in the manufacturing process.
A Glimpse Into the Future: Self-Driving Pods
Logical Link  
8/18/2011   (26) comments
Transporters are welcoming a self-driving vehicle as electronics continue to make inroads into all areas of human activities.
It's About Time
Barbara Jorgensen  
8/2/2011   (7) comments
Vicor rolls out tools to help OEMs move quickly through the design process to production.
Israel, Barcelona, & High-Tech Glory
Logical Link  
7/27/2011   (15) comments
What advantages does a location get from being considered a high-tech hub, and how can the industry tap these for product innovation?
The Post Capitalist Society
Ken Bradley  
7/6/2011   (8) comments
Regulations are good, but they can also stifle innovation, so companies and governments must find the middle ground.
Celebrating 40 Years of Email & Ray Tomlinson
Al Maag  
6/23/2011   (20) comments
The email that has become a ubiquitous part of our lives had its beginning 40 years ago in the efforts of New Yorker Ray Tomlinson.
Nokia Plans for Growth Despite Dropping Sales
Susan Fourtané  
6/17/2011   (38) comments
Nokia is facing sales pressures, but it is proceeding with plans for a manufacturing plant in Vietnam to support future growth expectations.
Felix Zandman: The Man Who Wouldn't Quit
Bolaji Ojo  
6/6/2011   (8) comments
Felix Zandman, chairman of Vishay Intertechnology, has passed away, but his legacy remains strong and worthy of emulation.
Rebranding a Distribution Icon: Newark Becomes Element14
Barbara Jorgensen  
5/25/2011   (17) comments
Premier Farnell and North American unit Newark are rebranding their business element14 to intensify focus on the engineering community.
Ode to Electronics Industry Moms
Al Maag  
5/10/2011   (12) comments
Women in the electronics industry have helped to build the sector, and the moms at Avnet have contributed to making it a leading competitor.
4 Steps to Reviving Cisco
Alexander Wolfe  
4/18/2011   (12) comments
Here are four suggestions for how Cisco can spark growth again in its operations and successfully complete its restructuring
China Asks Industries to Cut Energy Consumption
Bolaji Ojo  
4/11/2011   (16) comments
High-tech companies stand to benefit as China pushes manufacturers and telcos to improve energy consumption and optimize manufacturing
Japan Will Rebuild, Part 1
Bolaji Ojo  
3/22/2011   (9) comments
Japan is reeling from the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, but it will rebuild and recover as it has from past disasters
Calling All Component Distributors
Bolaji Ojo  
3/11/2011   (8) comments
EBN is compiling our annual list of the world's electronics component distributors: Sign up
Apple in Its Castle, Google in Space: Where's MeeGo?
Marc Herman  
3/7/2011   (14) comments
Everyone but Intel seems to have written off MeeGo as Apple iOS and Google Android establish strong market positions
Analog Devices on a Hot Streak
Bolaji Ojo  
2/21/2011   (5) comments
Analog Devices is getting a warm embrace from investors and analysts as the company's financial performance continues to improve
Apple's 'Coolness' Haunts Mobile World Congress
Marc Herman  
2/21/2011   (11) comments
Apple was sorely missed at the Mobile World Congress showing how much the industry is now defined by a single company
The Problem With Nokia
Bolaji Ojo  
2/10/2011   (22) comments
CEO Stephen Elop details in an internal memo why Nokia is losing market share and the challenges ahead for the mobile phone maker
Engineers Can Do Public Relations, Too
Savvy Tech Marketing  
2/9/2011   (18) comments
Bringing engineers into high-tech marketing communications can be a valuable part of demonstrating a company’s core competencies
Supply Chain Guru at Apple’s Helm
Logical Link  
1/21/2011   (14) comments
Tim Cook, Apple's top executive during Steve Jobs's medical leave of absence has his roots in operations, procurement, and supply chain
Anticipating China's Finest Hour
Bolaji Ojo  
1/20/2011   (11) comments
China seems destined for economic and political greatness, but what it becomes will be shaped by decisions inside and outside the country
Join EBN Supply Chain Professionals Group on LinkedIn
Bolaji Ojo  
1/19/2011   (4) comments
EBN readers, bloggers, editors, and other contributors are using LindkedIn to advance connections within the industry. Come and join us
What Are We Entitled to Know About What Ails Apple's CEO?
Bolaji Ojo  
1/18/2011   (13) comments
Apple CEO Steve Jobs takes a medical leave of absence, and an old question pops up about what the company should say about his condition
It's Dumb to Bet Against Intel
Bolaji Ojo  
1/14/2011   (9) comments
Intel's strong performance during the last quarter, R&D, capex, and product forecast show why it consistently outperforms the market
To Tweet or Not To Tweet: That is the Question
Al Maag  
12/27/2010   (52) comments
Using Twitter to update customers and suppliers about your company's products and other activities can help in staying competitive
Finally, Investor Validation Arrives for Analog Devices
Bolaji Ojo  
11/23/2010   (12) comments
Analog Devices is a hit with investors again on strong margin gains, production efficiencies, and successful reorganization
Celebrating Jack Robertson, a Reporter and a Gentleman
Bolaji Ojo  
10/26/2010   (3) comments
Jack Robertson, a veteran of the electronics press, has died, leaving clippings dating back to the 1950s – and many awed colleagues and rivals
Richest Tech Firms & the Challenge of Managing Huge Cash Hoards
Bolaji Ojo  
10/22/2010   (9) comments
Cash at the world's four richest tech firms are at record highs, offering opportunities and posing challenges to the companies
Why I Am Cautious About Apple’s Soaring Stock Price
Bolaji Ojo  
10/14/2010   (12) comments
Apple is a great company, but its soaring stock price does not reflect the stiff competition facing the company in all its market segments
The Office Meets Fort Worth
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/12/2010   (18) comments
TTI's spokesperson contest, 'The Big Job,' is a lesson in social networking, business, and why mimes make bad mascots
Turning Good Into Great at Analog Devices
Bolaji Ojo  
10/8/2010   (8) comments
Analog Devices reorganized operations even when business was strong and is benefiting from difficult changes initiated in good times

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