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Are You Unlocking Value in Your Supply Base?

All suppliers are not equal, some are more important than others to a business. Your supply base represents a wealth of opportunity that can bring significant value and innovation to your organization if you can find ways to unlock it. 

Written by the award-winning author and procurement expert,Jonathan O’BrienSupplier Relationship Management: Unlocking the Hidden Value in Your Supply Base enables organizations to secure vast value from their supply base. This is achieved by determining the suppliers that are important or hold potential and putting in place interventions unique to each of those suppliers, based upon what makes them strategic, to unlock real tangible benefits.

Publishing on 3rd June 2018, this second edition delivers a framework of resources for anyone who manages or interfaces with important suppliers, for contract management, establishing joint, collaborative relationships with the critical few suppliers who can help bring new competitive advantage. Supplier Relationship Management: Unlocking the Hidden Value in Your Supply Base is an ideal companion to Category Management  in Purchasing  and Negotiation for Procurement Professionals , also published by Kogan Page. Used together, these books provide a complete and powerful strategic purchasing toolkit.

Peter Smith, Managing Editor for Spend Matters Europe,  commended the book, saying, “Suppliers play a vital role in the success of almost every organization – not every executive realizes this, but it is indisputably true. O’Brien’sexcellent book, full of useful ideas and clear thinking about SRM, will help any reader and their organization to manage their suppliers better in order to deliver more value and performance. This second edition adds more insight (such as the ‘7 facets of SRM’) to what was already an extensive, well-structured and intelligent coverage of the topic.”

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