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Arizona College Students to Compete in 9th Annual Avnet Tech Games

PHOENIX — More than 185 students from Arizona’s community colleges and universities will gather for the ninth annual Avnet Tech Games to compete against other teams and tackle projects encountered by employees at leading technology companies. Student teams from Arizona State University, Chandler-Gilbert Community College, ITT, Mesa Community College, Paradise Valley Community College, Phoenix Community College, Scottsdale Community College, University of Advancing Technology, and University of Arizona are expected to compete in this year’s competitive events, where thousands of dollars in scholarship money and honorariums will be awarded to the winning students and faculty members. Over the course of the past eight years, nearly $260,000 has been given to students and teachers.

The Avnet Tech Games also feature virtual competitions, open to students nationwide. Those competitors will have their work displayed at the event and the winners will be announced during the award ceremony for the onsite games. The virtual games expand the breadth of the onsite Avnet Tech Games by allowing students to compete on a national level without having to attend the onsite games.

6 comments on “Arizona College Students to Compete in 9th Annual Avnet Tech Games

  1. BrianHanski
    October 26, 2017

    That's great news. I'm so inspired and glad to see students who want to compete and do it. Tech Games is a such sort of event that must encourage freshmen to be more active during college period. They don't put off their education and it deserves praise.

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