AspenCore’s 2018 China IC Design Awards Identify Outstanding ICs

Last week, at its China IC Leader Summit, media group AspenCore highlighted the products and companies leading the semiconductor industry today with the 2018 China IC Design Awards.  The awards and summit were held at the Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park Hotel in Shanghai, China. 

In addition, during the summit, industry experts and senior executives from leading electronic design automation (EDA), intellectual property (IP) and integrated circuit (IC) design and manufacturing companies tackled hot topics. Attendees looked at how China’s fast-growing IC industry can leverage the promise of artificial intelligence (AI) and position itself for development in the global market.

Image courtesy: AspenCore

Image courtesy: AspenCore

“The remarkable pace of AI advancement is fueling semiconductor innovations worldwide, levelling the playing field for China IC design companies in the global market,” said Victor Gao, worldwide publisher and managing director of AspenCore. “Meanwhile, the Internet of Things is gradually evolving into the Internet of Me. This means that IC design companies – and the electronics engineering community in general – will need to have knowledge in cloud computing, telecommunications, machine learning, deep learning and even humanities, finance and other cross-domain skills as they embark on continuous innovation.”

As part of the awards, 24 innovative ICs were recognized as Best Products of the Year in eight categories. “With rapid development in capabilities of local IC design and manufacturing companies, China's semiconductor industry has not only gained market share in numerous traditional market segments, but also made breakthroughs in emerging areas such as AI,” said Yorbe Zhang, head of Ccontent and head of AspenCore APAC. “The China IC Design Awards program has witnessed the continuous growth of the industry for more than 10 years, and we believe local fabless will play a much more important role in the global market in the decade to come.”

Winners included:

Best RF/Wireless IC of the Year

  • Smart wireless audio chip/BES2000-X (BES)
  • Embedded Wi-Fi SoC chip/W500 (Winner Micro)
  • RoseFinch7100  (ZTE Microelectronics Technology) 

Best Power Management IC of the Year

  • Reconfigurable Digital Power Management chip/EDP3010 (EASE POWER)
  • 4K/8K HD TV Panel TCON PMU / LP6288 (LowerPower Semi)
  • High-performance and High Voltage Synchronous rectifier control chip/LP35116 series (Chip Hope Micro Electronics)

Best Power Device of the Year  

  • Vehicle IGBT Module/BG600F12LNP6 (BYD Microelectronics Co., Ltd)
  • High performance Super knot applied to charging pile MOSFET/SRC65R041B (Sanrise-tech)

Best Driver / LED Driver IC of the Year

  • Display touch-integrated single chip solutions for reduced design of amorphous silicon panel light masks /FT8006M  (FocalTech)
  • 4K2K Super HD TV Display driver IC/NV2047 (NewVision)
  • Single chip lithium-ion protection solution/PT600X series (PowTech)   

Best FPGA/Memory/Processor of the Year

  • Face Recognition module/DP-1200-F01 (DeePhi Technology Co., Ltd)
  • Embedded Artificial Intelligence Vision processor Journey 1.0 and Sunrise 1.0 (Horizon Robotics)
  • 16Mb asynchronous static random memory with error correction (ECC)/IS61/64WV102416EDBLL (ISSI)

Best MCU of the Year

  • KungFu industrial-grade and automotive diversified market MCU KF8F31XX/41XX (ChipON)
  • GD32F330/350 series (GigaDevice)
  • STC High performance single Chip /STC8A8K64S4A12 (STC Micro)

Best Sensor/MEMS of the Year

  • Fingerprint identification chip in display (GOODIX)
  • Active noise Reduction microphone/MSM381A2718Z9A (MEMSensing)
  • Mobile phone edge touch pressure sensor /PT048 (NDT)

Best Amplifier/Data Converter of the Year

  • SlimPort DP-MIPI Bridging chip/ANX7530 (Analogix)
  • Intelligent Audio Amplifier Smart K/AW87339 (AWINIC)
  • High performance voice pickup ADC/AC108 (X-Powers)

Top 10 China IC Brands                                 

  • Allwinner Technology
  • GigaDevice
  • ISSI
  • SG Micro Corp
  • Unigroup Spreadtrum & RDA
  • VeriSilicon Holdings Co., Ltd.

Top 5 Outstanding Technical Support Companies                           

  • Brite Semiconductor  
  • Cellixsoft
  • CHIPLINK        
  • LowPower Semiconductor                   

Top 5 innovative China IC Design Companies                                  

  • Liisemi
  • Ruichips
  • SINOMCU       
  • Si-POWER      

Top 5 Most promising China IC Design Companies                         

  • Giantec
  • Winner Micro

Outstanding Company of the Year               

  • Outstanding EDA Company of the Year:  Cadence
  • Outstanding IP Company of the Year:  Arm
  • Outstanding Packaging/Test Company:  JCET

Editors’ Choice Awards (selected by AspenCore’s senior analysts team)

  • Outstanding Contributor to China IC Industry:  Wei Shaojun
  • Executive of the Year:  Xiao Hong, NewVision
  • Creative Marketing Executive of the Year:  Andy Yao, STC Micro
  • Special Contribution to China IC Industry:  HUAWEI
  • China IC Design Team of the Year:  Power Components Design Team, Sanrise-tech
  • China IC Marketing Team of the Year:   AWINIC
  • Outstanding Market Performance Award – Smart Devices: PROTRA
  • Outstanding Market Performance Award – IoT: CHIPSEA
  • Outstanding Market Performance Award – Automotive Electronics: Xi'an Semipower Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
  • Outstanding Market Performance Award – AI:  Cambricon
  • Rising Marketing Executive of the Year: Jin Guangyi, GigaDevice
  • Innovative IP Company of the Year: C-SKY
  • Innovative EDA Company of the Year: Mentor, A Siemens Business
  • Breakthrough EDA Technology in China: Huada Empyrean Software Co., Ltd.

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