Atmel Hooks a Big One

{complink 520|Atmel Corp.} recently struck a deal to provide touch screens for Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1, placing the company in a positive position to move into other consumer electronics sectors also adopting the technology, such as cameras, cars, printers, and netbooks, according to analysts.

Increased success means added attention, but for Atmel, it translates immediately into a “higher than average” increase in traffic on its Website, as well as online and offline sales — a conversion process I'm sure engineers fully understand.

The uptick in Website traffic prompted Atmel to ink a deal with the three-year-old marketing software provider Optify to drive traffic to its Website from search engine optimization (SEO) and social media, according to Brian Goffman, Optify's CEO and cofounder.

Goffman calls Atmel's Web strategy unique for a business-to-business electronics company, but it could be adjusted easily to fit other tech companies. Atmel gets “a surprising amount of Website traffic, mostly from very focused visitors doing research to make major purchasing decisions,” he explains.

Other electronics companies selling to original equipment manufacturers could implement the same strategy with similar success. Optify's technology, which qualifies Website visitors on a landing page, works to determine their potential for turning from a looker to a buyer before attempting to convert them. It also automates data collection to track return on investment (ROI).

Atmel's strategy starts simple — gaining even more traffic for its Website — but will get more complicated with each phase. Developing a keyword strategy comes next. Atmel's marketing department will generate a list of keywords and phrases that buyers searching for products might type into the search box. For example, a buyer looking for a touch screen might type “mobile electronics applications.” Those pages, when optimized correctly, will serve as the first page of the search engine result page query (SERP).

Optify's software analyzes the optimized and non-optimized pages for specific keywords and phrases. The software also can identify and analyze the type of visitors who come to the site and the content they seek. Goffman said the semiconductor industry can become very successful in SEO, because a diversity in keywords adds value to the strategy.

The next step is to customize communication between site visitors and Atmel's sales team, as well as with other potential customers. Optify's software can create scores prioritizing specific Website visitors and provide email alerts to the sales team. Communication through Twitter about repeat visitors could give Atmel reps suggestions on what they should do to connect offline and online sales. As part of connecting search with social media, Tweets serve up in search results on Bing and Google.

Engineers should at least have an idea of how social media and online communities continue to play an important role in the business-to-business buying process for tech companies. Forrester Research said data from its first quarter 2011 US and European B2B Social Technographics Online Survey For Business Technology Buyers suggests that strong adoption rates, better tools, and accelerating tech market growth can create the landscape for tech marketers to gain a competitive advantage. They can do it by tapping into social behaviors and differentiating the company's social media strategies based on customer roles and engagement preferences.

Power brokers

Marketers for technology companies also can target buyers in social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+. Social media can reach wide audiences, but technology marketers should start painting more detailed social media pictures of their customers through targeted ads. Google's new Google+ social network has yet to implement ad targeting, but it still drives considerable traffic to Websites, considering its young age.

Optify expects to roll out features in the coming months that not only will strengthen the traffic to Atmel's Website from search engines and social networks, but also will improve the company's quality score and authority in the search engines. These two attributes, among many, determine where Websites and pages fall in search engine query results.

9 comments on “Atmel Hooks a Big One

  1. Eldredge
    August 2, 2011

    No doubt, many other companies will follow Atmels' example and implement similar social media based strategies.

  2. elctrnx_lyf
    August 2, 2011

    Certainly a great deal for Atmel. But I really doubt do Atmel need help of optify. I think what they need would be lower cost higher performance products. I agree that websites are important but not without good products to offer for the customers.

  3. mfbertozzi
    August 2, 2011

    I agree, absolutely: Laurie has very well outlined key factors for Amtel success and how they have revised internal strategy for increase market leadership and business results. I am also convinced the editorial is in line with other discussions in progress here at EBN: we have discussed recently about how should be important to be humble for analyzing own mindset and deep undestanding possible new heights to achieve. Amtel did it; have other players got similar attitude?

  4. t.alex
    August 3, 2011

    I am wondering if companies like Atmel is having great sales thanks to social media like facebook, linkedin or google+. Linkedin perhaps?

  5. eemom
    August 3, 2011

    This is a great initiative for Atmel.  Market research show that optimization of internet traffic increases your sales.  If engineers are looking for product and through search engine optimization are directed to Atmel, they will more likely call up Atmel to get the product they are looking for.

    I do agree though that for this to succeed, Atmel should have the key products engineers are looking for.

  6. Laurie Sullivan
    August 3, 2011

    Editorial does have a key role in search engine optimization. On, the quality score of a company factors into where Web sites or Web pages fall in search query results. Some of that is based on original editorial content. 

    It's interesting how the electronics industry has begun to adopt online marketing activities, and equally interesting how the online ad industry has begun to adopt technology that companies in the electronics industry have used for years such as predictive analytics for ad targeting.  

    If you work at an electronics company using search engine optimization techniques, please, speak up. We would all like to hear your feedback on the process. 

    Is anyone using search engine optimization, yet, for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets?

  7. mfbertozzi
    August 3, 2011

    Laurie, as you mentioned, SEO is a new science bringing strong impact (in a positive sense) on business for companies which have decided to adopt that path. Right choise on SEO technology is strictly related to contents then to company's activities. Imo, I can report and share here at EBN, maybe Zinadoo, as alternative mobSEO to others most famous (from Google  for instance) could allow to achieve right outstanding for on line marketing purpose. Whole Internet community is speaking about Zinadoo features and potential.

  8. JADEN
    August 11, 2011

    It is indeed a big one for Atmel making use of this strategy.  Social media marketing is extremely cost effective with high returns on investment, business promotion on social networking sites and many online communities is absolutely free of cost.

  9. Anne
    August 12, 2011

    This is a good strategy for Atmel, getting huge amount of web traffic to their onlines businesses will in turn lead to greater number of sales leading to greater returns of investment if the technique is applied correctly.

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