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In Supply Chain, Environmental, Social Responsibility Heats Up

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Michael Kirschner
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Re: inventory headache
Michael Kirschner   3/15/2013 5:19:29 PM

Right you are, t.alex! Category 8 & 9 (RoHS) companies are finding out now just how difficult that is on a large scale, much less the detailed and more frequent scale required as exemptions, such as 7(c)III, expire. It will get even more challenging as restrictions brought to us by RoHS and other regulatory regimens around the world expand.


The more manufacturers know about the composition (and ultimate source!) components and materials they use in their products, the better prepared they will be for the future regulatory reality. Taking a proactive, pre-emptive approach can be a good investment.

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inventory headache
t.alex   3/14/2013 12:21:33 AM

Inteventory of old stocks have to be carefully audited for parts that do not meet the requirements anymore. This is cost and time consuming for companies to go through their inventories while at the same time going through the huge stack of papers!

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