ST's Q3 Results Signal Broader Market Problems

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Jennifer Baljko
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Re: Europe outlook
Jennifer Baljko   10/31/2011 7:32:53 AM


Thanks for the posts. Like FlyingScot heard in China, Europe's manufacturing picture is down as well, based on preliminary PMI reports. This week, I'll be following up on exactly that topic: What's happening in Europe and what's the electronics/manufacturing picture looking like for the 4th quarter.



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China outlook
FLYINGSCOT   10/26/2011 10:57:51 AM

Travelling around China just now discussing silicon fab loadings and outlook with almost everyone reporting downwards just now.  I reckon we are in for a lean period.

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Jay_Bond   10/26/2011 7:15:28 AM

ST should be able to ride through this downturn and survive. Hopefully this is a small segment of what’s to come and not a broad picture that all chip makers are going to have a bumpy road. I'm sure all the companies will need to tighten their laces and prepare for a bumpy road, but if overall forecasts are correct, the road shouldn't be too bumpy. Intel's recently released numbers are a good sign that things aren't too bad for the overall market.

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TIOLUWA   10/26/2011 4:48:50 AM

The bumby part of the journey is always scarry, especially at high speed, but i'msure ST can make it through.

I'm not a market expert and i don't know how often this bumps occurs, but i think the part of the electoncis market companies like ST and TI focust their products determins alot. I just thinking that the smart metering and smart grid sector, as well as the automotive sectors are in rapid growth and change now, and investment in products in this area should guarantee growth.

This is why the boom in the tablet market has driven Intel to develop products in that line also, so that they can stay relevant even if PCs start to suffer from the tablet boom.


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STM results
Eldredge   10/25/2011 9:16:31 PM

STMicroelectronics earnings are not a good sign for the semiconductor market, at least in the short term. Hopefully demand for semiconductors will improve, and give STM a shot in the arm.

Ms. Daisy
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Market problems
Ms. Daisy   10/25/2011 8:05:53 PM

Good post! Your statement  "it appears most companies will be strapping in their seatbelts and bracing for a bumpy ride" is similar to the call I made post Japan sunami. The current environment in the electronic market is obviously a representation of the global economy. The general slowdown in demand that is creating the need for inventory correction in the semiconductor sector is part of the global uncertainty, my hope is that the corrections in Europe will become more permannent to give the general market some confidence and an improved global economy. 

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