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Re: Nonsense
Eldredge   11/2/2011 10:23:03 AM

Right. And at the same time, saying that, adjusted for inflation, energy cost is well below where it was 30 years ago? It is an unrealistic economic evaluation to eliminate energy and food from the analysis.

Barbara Jorgensen
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Barbara Jorgensen   11/2/2011 9:18:45 AM

Yikes. Sorry for any confusion on the speaker. This Strauss (William A.) is indeed from the Fed, and his cv lists numerous banking and economic venues. As to removing food and fuel from the PCE, the purpose was to identify the underlying trend in inflation. Becuase food and fuel are so volatile--look at what oil prices have been doing--removing them provides a baseline to measure inflation in what I think are refeered to as "durable goods." I'm not sure if that is a standard practice, but it was helpful in understanding his point.

As for the RHPS, the conference only provided M&Ms during the presentations and those were way to valuable to throw at anyone.


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@Rich and Strauss
FLYINGSCOT   11/2/2011 5:33:26 AM

Sorry I just read the other posts and was reminded by Rich that Strauss is in fact a comedian.   That makes his comments more enjoyable and one should forget my last post.

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FLYINGSCOT   11/2/2011 5:31:22 AM

How can Straus say " If you remove the most volatile components from personal expenditures (food and energy)" when in many countries these are the biggest household expenses.

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Jay_Bond   11/1/2011 7:14:51 AM

Your summary seems to hit all of the right points from this conference. I also agree that while we are using many cloud based services currently, there are still some major flaws and it will take some time before many companies will mainstream. The analysis of the European debt crisis was dead on; Europe can easily do this, assuming they want to. This is a very different situation than what the U.S. was and is facing. 

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Re: Thanks
Tvotapka   10/31/2011 8:43:10 PM

Have been to several of these myself, so when a fellow editor uses the word mezmorizing, it must have been good. For me the best one that stands out was a NEDA conference some time ago that featured Commander James Lovell of Apollo 13 fame. His personal account of that mission was so engaging, you almost forgot to ask about the state of the electronics industry!

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