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How to Develop Your Supply Chain 6th Sense

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Re: I believe in the sixth sense
bolaji.ojo   2/11/2013 1:30:11 PM

FreeBird, Experience gives one the mentality of expecting the unknown and preparing for the unusual. It can offer quick reaction to events less experienced individuals are seeing for the first time. That's the positive part of experience.

Experience has its negative side, too. It can make one reliant on "trusted and tried" methods and processes that may be ineffective for new situations. Plus, experience has been known to make people believe they've seen it all.

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Sixth Sence
Jacob   2/11/2013 9:13:49 AM
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Gerry, there is no doubt that past experience will be an added advantage to create a sixth sense in supply chain. Forecasting can help to make the decisions more accurate. But I personally feels the sixth sense may not be feasible always, especially with unexpected calamities.

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I believe in the sixth sense
FreeBird   2/8/2013 9:02:54 AM

Gerry: I think experience is all you need to develop a sixth sense. In spite of technology advancements in supply chain management, you can't always trust data. We all know that there has been double-ordering in the past (we might welcome that these days...) but even a casual observer knows that when disaster strikes, people hoard. Understanding human nature is that qualification you can't really quantify, but I'll bet more often than not an experinced buyer has saved the day for an OEM

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elctrnx_lyf   2/7/2013 11:48:52 AM

I think every business.needs a good number of qualified and passionate people to learn about the history and to plan for the future, supply chain strategy should always take into account all the possibilities that could jeopardise the normal situation.

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