Marketing Is Warfare, Not Number Crunching

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Brian Fuller
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Re: Investment and ROI
Brian Fuller   3/6/2013 12:29:22 PM

No cheap shot at all, Ford... instead a really good point: Most component companies will admit to you that R&D is supported from the sales of a minority of their successful products. The rest are a nice to have, a defensive sell, or a big-customer favor.



Ford Kanzler
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Re: Investment and ROI
Ford Kanzler   3/5/2013 9:31:54 PM

Thank you Brian! And warfare takes place in the (analog) mind of the market, not just on the web, so  everything can't be simply boiled down to digital metrics. There are many analog marketing battlegrounds.

Certainly agree with engineers running companies being "loath to invest in product nurturing" aka marketing & promotion as well as Marketing being warfare, not analytics. I've more than ample professional evidence of that.

For the sake of controversy, wonder if engineers have ever run the ROI on R&D. Engineering is quite notorious for coming in later than originally planned with their inventions. :) Yeah, cheap shot but then marketing often has to make up for the lateness.



Brian Fuller
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Investment and ROI
Brian Fuller   3/5/2013 8:37:21 PM

Ford, great piece and a good wake up call for our industry.

There are a couple of other challenges:

1. Engineers tend to run many companies in our industry. They understand ROI but are loathe to invest in product nurturing outside of R&D (not all, but many).

2. As we shift to digital marketing and integrated campaigns, we can actually see clear metrics for how campaigns perform. But I think the industry is still in transition mode, with some camps buying into digital analytics and others not so much. 

The story continues. 


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