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Re: Co-op Biz Dev - Good, Bad, Ugly
HaileyMcK   9/23/2013 8:08:04 PM

Wow, Ford... It's amazing that we haven't run into each other before--becasue i've worked at both those organizations or ones that are eerily like them. It does seem that doing anything well takes a certain level of time, attention, and care. Thanks for the examples!

Ford Kanzler
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Co-op Biz Dev - Good, Bad, Ugly
Ford Kanzler   9/21/2013 9:44:51 PM

My experience is its rarely done or done well. Its complicated managing marketing between two different businesses. As mentioned, a perspective of balanced benefit is essential within both organizations. From that point it still requires structure and planning.

I recall Conner Perpherals (a giant disk drive makera acquired by Seagate) having a program that netted them greater exposure in the retail market. It was well policed. A significant investment was made and the payoff was getting a jump on one of their key competitors within a year. (Little in marketing occurs overnight even though management thinks it will.)

Once upon a time I worked for a very well-funded consumer electronics start-up named Anova Electronics with a breakthrough integrated security product. The attempt was thrown together by sales management without effective controls. Lots of money disappeared without much in the way of results. I was managing marketing communications but not biz dev. Our corporate campaign was suffering underfunded PR and Ad budgets. Seeing the waste I finally got the CEO's attention on the problem but 10s of thousands went down the drain. I'm not typically a control freak but that experience made it clear that sound accounting was key to letting others spend your money. Its a bit like letting your general building contractor run free without clear budget limts at every phase. You WILL go WAY over your cost estimates.

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Fun post!
HaileyMcK   9/20/2013 8:42:37 PM

@Ford, thanks for this post...it's got great information. I'm wondering if there are any examples (good or bad) that you could tell us about epic success or failur in terms of program planning? (You can change the names to protect the innocent.)

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