Successful Supply Chain Selling: Campaign Action

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Re: Choices are situation-dependent
HaileyMcK   10/7/2013 8:02:57 PM

@Ford, I like your point about trying things--and taking that leap of imagination. I see too much "me too" in the world of marketing... and then once in awhile a break away. Those are the ones that get my attention. I'm sure the same is true of channel partners.

Ford Kanzler
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Choices are situation-dependent
Ford Kanzler   10/3/2013 6:58:23 PM

In short, no. The tactical mix depends on the strategy being applied, which in turn depends on, available budget, competitive landscape, development stage of the company, skills and talents available within the company or the willingness to invest in external support (see budget above). There are undoubtedly other significant factors.

The marketer's challenge is figuring out both an effective competitive strategy and appropriate tactics to execute. This challenge is quite often underestimated in the tech sector. What worked at another time or place is no guarantee of it being right the next time, even with the same company. Market conditions constantly evolve. Repetitie tactical actions wihtout any changes usually become notable failures. Some tactics concepts may be worth repeating but with changes that make them fresh.

What does work consistently is being creative, trying alternatives, sometimes unconventional ones, measurement to understand what's working or not, as well as not being married to specific tactical actions such as social media, just because its in vogue. (Very many companies are utterly unprepared to effectively apply social media channels. Ones that are, still shouldn't put all their eggs in that basket.) Copying your competition is usually a bad idea. It's essentially saying, "The hell with any strategic thinking," and just spending money and praying. Another bad one is attempting a costly tactic, like a NASCAR sponsorship, without adequate funding.

At this point I'd refer interested readers to Jack Trout and Al Ries' 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, <http://maxnucci.com/the-22-immutable-laws-of-marketing-the-list/> which I suggest are still pretty darn immutable since they're written based on human behavior and we're still dealing with homo sapiens, no matter how digitally ADD they may now be.

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Lots of choices
HaileyMcK   10/3/2013 5:41:57 PM

@Ford, thanks for all this advice and i'll ask for one more bit: In that list of tactical options (and costs), are there certain options that work better in today's global supply chain world? Are there combinations of things that work better than just one or the other?


I imagine that being strategic about the tactical can yield big benefits. :)

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