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ZigBee Transforms the Supply Chain

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Wale Bakare
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Mass Market for ZigBee Eventually
Wale Bakare   2/13/2013 12:21:04 PM

Interesting that ZigBee technology is getting support and market breakthrough from one of the big players in OEMs sector. I would love to see it blooming soon, hopefully.

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Great standard for short-range wireless communication.
Cryptoman   2/13/2013 10:01:46 AM

ZigBee is a really solid technology with built in networking capabilities that allows mesh topology. This feature allows something called "self-healing" where if one ZigBee node fails, the messages can be re-routed via the nodes that are up and running. Unfortunately, ZigBee has not found its deserved place in the IT world yet. If ZigBee modems could have entered the PC hardware a few years back like a WiFi or a Bluetooth modem, this standard would have gone very far by now. Due to the lack of applications and the need then, ZigBee could not make it into the PCs. I am sure there are other political reasons to this as well (but that's beside the point).

In terms of battery life, ZigBee is good but it is not as good as Bluetooth. However, when you compare the capabilities of Bluetooth and ZigBee, I think the extra power requirement of ZigBee is more than justified. Unlike Bluetooth, ZigBee was designed as a wireless data networking technology from ground up whereas Bluetooth has been launched as a "cable replacement" technology and nothing more. Nowadays, with the rise of wireless sensor networking (WSN), Bluetooth vendors are trying to push it as a data networking technology, especially with the introduction of the recent Bluetooth Low Energy. Objectively speaking, ZigBee is much more suitable for data networking, however, whether it will manage to become a dominant standard depends on whether it can be recognised as an IT standard such as Bluetooth. I hope it does.

Companies such as Philips have the power to make ZigBee fly by integrating it into their new generation products. The smart light bulb by Philips is a great product and a good opportunity for ZigBee.


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