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Houston, We Have a Supply Chain Problem

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Production Synthesizer
Immediate Order Confirmation
AzmatMalik   3/13/2013 5:34:47 PM

In this day of instantaniety (new word) order acks should be immediate.  We did that 10 years ago with all semicondutor orders (as a supplier), and I expect it today from Amazon and even the smallest online bakery box suppliers. If the system is not such that you will get an automated response, then the least one should do is to have the order echo'd back verbally .... the basic tenet of good communications.



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FLYINGSCOT   3/13/2013 10:41:14 AM

I like this term VUCA.  I had not heard of it before but it perfectly describes my experience of raising 3 teenage kids ;-)

Douglas Alexander
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Re: Approved vendors for specific parts
Douglas Alexander   3/11/2013 9:15:19 PM

_hm, the example I gave was the result of human error and not supplier overall integrity. One employee having a bad day can give the entire company a bad name. I ask for email confirmations to catch a human error problem before it lands on my desk.

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Approved vendors for specific parts
_hm   3/11/2013 7:11:08 PM

@Douglas: If you have approved vendor supplier list for specific parts, why do you need to follow this strange procedure of immediate Order Acknowledgement and like?


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