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Making Sense of Supply Chain Sustainability

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Re: prefect example of innovative thinking
prabhakar_deosthali   6/30/2014 3:15:09 AM



I agree with you.

Waste management has to become part of the design phase itself for any new product design.

So when a new product is designed a complete thought to be given on what material is selected , what are the environment effects of using that material and associated manufactruing processes, define the recycling process for the product etc.

We can aslo think of how to use waste products for energy generation  without polluting the atmosphere.


So material recovery from the waste ( especially the precious metals) and use of waste for energy generation can help a great way in reducing carbon footprint of a product and indirectly help in supply chain sustainability

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prefect example of innovative thinking
Himanshugupta   6/30/2014 1:21:24 AM

Airline and railroad examples are perfect for innovation as a problem solution. In today's world if we want to combat global warming problem then instead of only thinking about the carbon footprint by reducing the use to technology we should instead start thinking about how to use the technology better. 

Waste problem is another area that requires innovation. Right now most countries dump their waste into far away areas but we need permanant solutions that do not harm the environment and are sustainable.  

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Hospice_Houngbo   6/29/2014 7:22:43 PM

"In the end, promoting sustainability in the supply chain comes down to a question of desire. ". That is right! Where there is a will there is a way. But the challenging part is to understand the business value of sustainability promotion in the supply chain and be willing to take time to look for a sustainable solution.

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