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Moisture-Sensitive Components Need Sensible Handling

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Protective Packaging
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Moisture Barrier Bags
Protective Packaging   11/26/2013 3:07:03 PM

Electro Static Discharge is an issue that is becoming increasingly more of a concern in the computer/electronics industry. Electronic components are composed of micro-miniature traces and structures of alternating layers that may be insulative, conductive or semi-conductive. Rapid electrostatic discharge (ESD) can cause damage to these underlying structures via the traces of the component.

In general, if you are storing ESDS devices for prolonged periods of time (6 months or more) or if the devices are sensitive to corrosion, than you should package these materials in either an MVB (Moisture Vapor Barrier) bag with a desiccant pack to absorb any moisture that was sealed in static shielding bags with a desiccant pack. The difference between an MVB film and a metal-in film is about 1 magnitude in the moisture vapor transmission rate (grams of water/100 in2/24 hours @ 100 oF). Moisture sensitive ESDS devices should only be packaged in an MVB bag.

Than Nguyen


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Re: Re : Moisture-Sensitive Components Need Sensible Handling
t.alex   11/26/2013 1:37:40 PM

No, i think bubble-wrap is mainly for transporting, not for storage.

Michael Allen
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Re: baking process
Michael Allen   11/26/2013 6:55:45 AM

For baking you use an oven which can maintain the required bake temperature at less than 5% relative humidity. The bake oven gently and slowly evaporates or "bakes off" any moisture inside the component without causing damage that the sudden high heat of solder reflow would. The duration and temperature of baking depend on the MSD rating, package type and thickness, and how long the part has exceeded its floor life. There is a detailed chart in the JDEC standard J-STD-033C. Baking does degrade the component, mainly by causing oxidation that can reduce its solderability.

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Re : Moisture-Sensitive Components Need Sensible Handling
tirlapur   11/26/2013 3:47:23 AM

Can bubble wrapping things, especially electrical goods, prevent them from being moistened? Most manufacturers wrap their electrical goods and try to save money at the same time. Most packaged goods only go through a radiation testing and air flow testing. However if the moisture is present in the electrical from beforehand (can happen during an assembly line rollout) then such pieces are generally discarded. 

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Moisture-sensitive components handling
Jacob   11/26/2013 2:02:45 AM
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"As moisture-sensitive components become more prevalent in the supply chain, low- and mid-volume manufacturers need to adjust their materials handling and manufacturing processes to prevent manufacturing defects and early-life failures."

Michael, you are right about the moisture-sensitive components and the way it has to be handled. I know many cases that such components are coming either in a seal broken package (due to negligence in handling)or sharing the package with other similar sensitive components. I personally feels that experts has to handle such sensitive components, otherwise its life can be gone.

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baking process
t.alex   11/25/2013 8:34:18 AM

I am curious to hear more about the baking process. How is it done ? Will it degrade the component?

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