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How to Boost Solar Cell Efficiency

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Re: Boom and bust cycle for solar
tech4people   3/31/2014 3:52:50 PM


This is easier said than done.

There are Natural Limits for how much Energy you can harness from Sunlight(Laws of Thermodynamics).

If you are ever expecting Solar Power to provide as much Power as a Gallon of Gasoline;It just won't happen ever.

Gasoline/Oil is a much-much more Concentrated Source of Power than Sunlight will ever be(for the same amount of Space and Volume).

What I would really like to see is a change which sees us as a Society use Fossil Fuels only for Transporatation while Solar,Wind ,etc pick up Bigtime for Other Power Needs Globally.


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Boom and bust cycle for solar
Himanshugupta   3/31/2014 1:25:29 AM

Unless countries are serious about the solar research, we cannot go far in making solar a reality. The cost per unit of power and storage are the major challenges. These require funding and more extensive reserach in materials both on photovoltaic and storage. 

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