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4-Wheel Steering Moving Toward the Mainstream

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Re: concern
t.alex   11/14/2013 12:58:49 AM

I agree with FLYINGSCOT. Does it mean we all have to go back to driving school to re-learn this driving system wherein it is partially controlled by the car? Maybe only those who "pass" the tests can they drive this 4W driving systems in the streets.

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Farming too
HaileyMcK   10/31/2013 2:56:38 PM

All sorts of vehicles are being transformed by these types of components.

Technology design firm Cambridge Consultants  just announced a new radar system to help tractors and agricultural vehicles avoid collisions. the traditional farming industry is rapidly changing to incorporate more advanced technology in order to produce more food with less environmental impact. However, as farmers load their tractors with more and more automation technology – like auto-steer mechanisms and GPS tracking for precision farming – the risk of collisions with unexpected obstacles increases.
According to the National Agricultural Tractor Safety Initiative, tractor accidents are the leading cause of death and serious injury in farming in the United States. In order to help tractors avoid collisions, Cambridge Consultants has used its expertise in radar technology to develop a sophisticated alert system to warn about potential collisions.

Cool right?

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FLYINGSCOT   10/31/2013 1:31:59 PM

I like the benefits of this system but would worry about safety, complexity/reliability and lack of feel.  It seems like all the fun is gettnig squeezed form driving as we try to reduce costs and emissions.

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