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Imaging Goes Hyperspectral

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new image based applications
prabhakar_deosthali   2/12/2014 8:33:00 AM

THis is quite an interesting new area of imaging technique which can find many applications.

Way back in 1992, we had used a simple CCD camera and software to design an automatic geometry alignment system for the Television manufactruing.  The system would get a digitised image data of the fixed geometry pattern displayed on the TV being aligned and the software would measure the non-linearities in the pattern captured and tune to deflection circuit parameters ( in the DSP) to get the correct geometry.

Visula inspection systems on the shop floor parts inspection are already in use.

This new technology cameras will add more functionality to such systems, in my opinion.

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Re: new image based applications
t.alex   2/13/2014 9:12:30 AM

As hardware is getting more and more powerful, such as ASIC, FPGA, and multicore processors, it becomes more feasible to make advanced imaging modules nowadays. This is definitely very promising field.

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