Professor Wants to Change Engineering Education

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Re: what is engineers career path
Tati   6/12/2019 5:46:40 AM

At some point, the question arises before us: On whom to send children to study or relearn themselves, in order to have their own piece of bread and butter in the future or to improve their status in society - amblesideprimary.com/essay-help

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Re: what is engineers career path
AnnaCallaway   12/13/2018 5:35:23 AM

very interesting article

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Re: Learning has to be enjoyable and encouraged
jerryyrhodess   9/27/2018 5:33:19 AM

Completely agree with you. I also welcome any changes in the education system. I believe that education becomes obsolete day after day. Teachers who bring at least some changes in their curricula are just heroes of our time. An elementary example of this is our teacher Mr. Norman. Many people had problems with writing an introduction to research papers. And he advised reading articles in blogs on sites about similar topics. For example, I had help with an article on WoWGrade.com. With its help, I wrote my research work and introduction to it very quickly. I really liked the idea of such blogs, so sometimes I write articles for similar blogs myself.

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Not very simple
Haretson   6/26/2018 2:30:53 AM

I wanna say that the event won't go so quickly as we want. First that we need to learn it is difficult to research papers for all students. Many thanks to paperell.com that helped me a lot with this routine. Secondly, you need to keep in mind that students always hard to endure changes. And the third point it is quality of the education for other members of the educational system at all. 

Susan Fourtané
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Learning has to be enjoyable and encouraged
Susan Fourtané   11/7/2014 12:48:11 PM

I welcome any change in today's archaic education systems. This is not only in engineering but in general. Most educators and most educational institutions of all levels haven't updated their syllabus and teaching procedures for decades, or more. 

The fact is that what maybe worked in education decades ago doesn't work today.

And it's true, if first we are talking about getting more people and more women and more everybody into science and math, into engineering, but then it happens that those people are discouraged and treated as if they had to be survivors instead of enjoying the fact that they are learning interesting stuff that will make them brillian engineers in the future things are being done wrong. Like those "weed-out courses," what kind of encouragement is that?  

Learning has to be enjoyable not something terrible one has to go trough. It's great that someone is doing to change this. 


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what is engineers career path
Himanshugupta   11/7/2014 8:49:15 AM

There is a misconception that engineers and scientists are two different sets of peoples. Traditionally, engineers are those who work on the factory workshops or assembly lines or fix things and scientists are those who invent new things and work on complex problems. So main problem is branding as most of the engineers go for higher education and get PhDs or MBAs so branding should happen with a more holistic view about the career paths which bifurcate to Management and Technology roles later.

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