Semiconductor Companies Bloated by Unhealthy Business App Diet

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Re: removing the unhealthy ingredients
HaileyMcK   12/18/2014 5:49:55 PM

@Channan, htey call it "penny wise, dollar foolish" for  a reason. Too often, i think the stuff that goes through is the stuff that has a vehement champion in the organization, someone willing to fight for the program.

Chanan Greenberg
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Re: removing the unhealthy ingredients
Chanan Greenberg   12/17/2014 11:26:30 PM

I agree that the process can require an investment which may well entail not just captial investment but also change management which sometimes can cost more than just tools

That said, I have seen Supply Chain investments that cost more and offer lower returns get approved simply becuase they are better understood or even expected and not becuase they carry a better ROI. 

My point is, I am not saying every company should just move forward, I think the best approach is each compamy should invest a little time (a few weeks of 2-3 people either internally or extenrally) to evaluate their current state and determine the value - based on that assesment they can understand the true cost, estimate the value and priortize such an investment compared to other projects.

In my expeirence this process helps uncover the true impact and value lost. In an industry where the average company expects 2-5% organic growth in 2015, finding there could be another 2-5% that is left on the table can mean a huge difference allowing them to outperform the market and reep the rewards in their stock value. 

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removing the unhealthy ingredients
_hm   11/22/2014 5:42:46 AM

Removing the unhealthy ingredients - will it come free? How much an organization to invest to get rid of old tools, get new tools, train all man power?

How much time will it take? Will it have other fall-out? These are tricky circumstances and each organization may needs to tread it very carefully.

I agrree final goal should be what you described. But it is painful and expensive too. 

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