The Power of Music in Supply Chain

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Re: The Power of Music
tomwoodie   8/1/2018 6:16:55 AM

I realy agree with you, I think people should have more confidence. It can help them to show his talent, open themself! Other should support these people, cause it's good deal.

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The Power of Music
Hank   7/13/2018 1:00:15 PM

Hi Puga, There is a high correlation between musical skills and mathematic/analytic skills. Afterall music in its most basic form is a mathematical language. As a musician matures their ability becomes a mix of mathematic and artistic skills. Being involved in organized musical activities my whole life I am a strong supporter of including music in all aspects of life. 18 years ago while leading the design and buildout of a 500K direct fulfillment center I made sure that the facility had a premium sound system because even at that time it was known that music had positive affects on worker happiness and their resulting productivity. One of my new hires from the University of Tennessee Supply Chain Program who had a musical background was put in charge of building out the music system, which in those days was wired speakers connected to an amplifier. We took music requests. Although not every song played over this facility wide system was everone's favorite, any music was better than no music. So yes, keep looking for ways to use music to improve supply chain performance. Without music our daily lives would be significantly diminished. Unfortunately, one of the first things cut when their is a short fall in school budgets is music. Our education system values math, science, language, and humanities over the arts which in my opinion is very shortsighted and misinformed. Keep your daughter actively engaged in music. She will do better in all her academic endevors and potentially she might help her dad out come college time by securing a music scholarship. You don't have to pursue a degree in music to obtain a music scholarship. Keep on tapping, Henry Canitz

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